Blog Anniversary Giveaway #10: Pepper Lunch

Back during my pre-blogging days, I was able to try Pepper Lunch and got myself hooked! And while it's been over a year since I've blogged about my Japanese fast-steak experience at Pepper Lunch's SM Mall of Asia branch, there's no denying that I've been paying it a visit from time to time. Nothing wrong with regularly getting my pepper rice fix.
Beef Pepper Rice P198

The first dish I've ever had at Pepper Lunch was their Beef Pepper Rice (P198) which was priced at P215 back then. Aside from the amusing fact that they had a price roll back in a world where price tags constantly increase, I'm glad that quality and taste are still the same and were never compromised. The beef pieces are still tender and succulent with beautiful silvers of fat, while the rice still remains to be the flavorful explosion of butter, pepper, corn, green onions and seasonings that always leave me craving for more.

Mixed Pepper Rice

Actually, just their pepper rice alone already tastes good. Even without the meat, I think I can down 2 to 3 orders of this Pepper Lunch favorite, especially with a few drops of their honey sauce and garlic-soy sauce. However, it's a sin not to try their other offerings, so let me share with you what the beau and I had on our recent Pepper Lunch trip.

Teriyaki Chicken with Egg P325

Although we've eaten at this fast-steak house for quite a few times already, I still haven't tried any of their chicken items. So for our visit, I got myself an order of their Japanese Classic Teriyaki Chicken with Egg (P325) which also comes with some greens and corn. As expected, this plate was oozing with flavor and made my taste buds giddy. Price tag for the serving was undoubtedly on the steeper side, but quality was excellent.

Beef Sukiyaki with Udon P460

The beau on the other hand, had the Beef Sukiyaki with Udon (P460) served with vegetables, aburaage (deep-fried tofu pockets), tofu and egg. Even when this plate was served raw, I can't help but already drool at the sight of this colorful ensemble. The beef cuts looked marvelous, and more so after it was cooked through on the cast iron plate.

Mixed Pepper Rice P85

Of course, our trip won't be complete without the Mixed Pepper Rice (P85) which is actually our first love at the fast-steak restaurant. This exact order is served with the Pepper Rice menu items. But since our orders didn't include rice, it was a must that we get this on a separate serving. It was already mixed on the bowl though, but you'll still get the same flavorful goodness, just without the experience of mixing this yourself.

Shake Shake Seaweed Salad P99 Shake Shake Seaweed Salad

Another thing I make sure to always get at Pepper Lunch is their Shake! Shake! Salad. However, this time, I decided to try their Seaweed Salad (P99) instead of my default order of Kani Salad (P99). Both have lettuce, udon noodles, corn, bonito flakes and roasted sesame dressing in a cup which you have to shake and mix before enjoying.

The New Menu

While we've just recently visited Pepper Lunch, I think we might have to pay another trip soon as they have new offerings like the Teppan Pasta. They also added more desserts as they welcome 4 ice cream flavors on the menu to make for that perfect, sweet ending.

Pepper Lunch Menu
Click the menu photo to enlarge.

The Pepper Lover's Card

Aside from additional items on their menu, Pepper Lunch also offers a loyalty card called the Pepper Lover's Card retailing for P250. This is a definite Pepper Lunch fan must-have which gives you exclusive privileges such as the ability to collect and redeem points every time you dine at Pepper Lunch. (Check the photo below for mechanics.)

Pepper Lover's Card Pepper Lover's Card Mechanics
Click the mechanics photo to enlarge.

The Giveaway

Since you already know my love for Pepper Lunch, it's just fitting to share with you the goodness of the original Japanese sizzling fast-steak restaurant. So for this blog anniversary giveaway, we'll be giving away P300-worth of Pepper Money (gift certificates) and a Pepper Lover's Card (worth P250) with P200 credits to 3 lucky winners.

Pepper Lunch Giveaway

Prize: (3) winners of P300 Pepper Lunch GCs & a Pepper Lover's Card w/ P200 credits.

Guidelines to enter the giveaway raffle:

  1. Be a Metro Manila resident or someone (even not within Metro Manila) who can actually use the prizes, or have a person you'll give these prizes to in case you can't personally use them.
  2. Free shipping to Metro Manila addresses only. Non-Metro Manila winners can opt to shoulder the shipping fee. (Really sorry about this.)
  3. Follow the Rafflecopter mechanics below to join.
  4. Make sure you do all the first seven mandatory steps to be eligible.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway raffle will run from today, January 21 until February 4, 2013. The winner will be drawn the next day and will be contacted on or before the 6th. So join now and experience the original Japanese sizzling fast-steak restaurant, Pepper Lunch.

Disclaimer: Prizes were provided by the good folks from Pepper Lunch Philippines.
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