Wrong Ramen: How can this wrong be so right?

While I may not be the biggest fan of ramen, I can't deny that I still have an undying drive to scout both the old and new ramen places sprouting in the metro. My most recent visit was a trip to a really unique ramen house in Bonifacio Global City. What's unique, you ask? Just the name, Wrong Ramen, was so unusual that it seriously piqued my interest.
Wrong Ramen First Floor

Tucked within Burgos Circle in the BGC area, Wrong Ramen is probably the quirkiest ramen house I've ever been to. Where can you ever find a ramen joint proclaiming itself as something wrong? That's just crazy, right? And aside from the name, the overall feel that this place gives off is a combination of wits, humor and creativity in large doses.

Wrong Ramen Burgos Circle Wrong RamenPhilosophy
"Right ramen is made by Japanese cooks.
Wrong ramen is made by idiots who think they're better than Japanese cooks."

Just look at Wrong Ramen's mantra! That sounds so wrong, yet so right and so funny at the same time. My friend Vernice and I just loved it the moment we saw that framed philosophy. And whenever we had our eyes accidentally glance on it, we can't help but smile. While the two-floor restaurant is really small and quite cramped for my personal preference, there are other pieces here and there one can take some interest of.

Wrong Ramen Fatty Ramen Here
Digging the scrabble tile statement decor.
Wrong Ramen Second Floor
Tables have removable dividers for your (un)wanted privacy.
Wrong Ramen Only thing hotter than our ramen
And here's another one I oh-so-love!
Wrong Ramen Salt Pepper Battery Shakers
Trivial I know, but I really find these salt & pepper shakers cute.

Basically, Wrong Ramen is that ramen joint where you can just lay back, be casual and be amused as you take your fill. And speaking of which, let me share with you (before I go off-topic) what my friend and I had for our weekend lunch session at Wrong Ramen.

Japanese Oyster Kushikatsu P290

To start off our meal, we had these Japanese Oyster Kushikatsu (P290) -- a pair of Japanese breaded and fried kebabs served with arugula and your choice of dipping sauce among soy ginger, chili soy ginger, tartar, and curry mayonnaise. And while I usually prefer my oysters raw or baked with cheese, I can't deny that I loved this one to bits! The outside was crispy while the inside was just creamy and buttery. Yum!

Bacon Katsu P260

Another starter we had was the Bacon Katsu (P260) which are pieces of crispy bacon stuffed with cheese then served with alfalfa sprouts and sweet wasabi. While I'm a fan of anything bacon, I somehow seemed to prefer the previous appetizer than this plate. Don't get me wrong though, these are tasty. However, I feel like it was the sauce and the alfalfa adding spunk to the ensemble. The breading wasn't as crispy as I expected either.

Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu P385

For ramen, we first had the best-selling Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu (P385) -- a bowl of rich, milky and lip-smacking pork bone and chicken broth served with sliced chashu. This one was really a good fill for a hungry foodie. Since it comes in a big bowl, it can be good for sharing especially for light eaters. The noodles were firm yet chewy too, and the chashu pieces were juicy and oozing with a nice roasted flavor. Comfort food!

Wrong Ramen Tantanmen P395

My friend and I also shared an order of Wrong Ramen Tantanmen (P395) -- a bowl of bold, nutty sesame broth with a mild spicy kick, served with shredded chashu and ground pork. Now, while the previous bowl is probably good for someone with PMS, this one on the other hand is perfect for those wanting to excite the taste buds. Every slurp was an explosion of flavors, and seriously, I'll order this again the next time around.

Crispy Pata Ssam P980

We were already full at this point, but we didn't dare miss the Crispy Pata Ssam (P980) -- crispy and juicy pork leg cooked for 5 hours and served with lettuce, cucumbers, onion slices, pineapples and ssam sauce. I know, this is so Korean. I guess this is what makes Wrong Ramen wrong, but in some way right too since they did this dish right. Wrapping the tender meat and crispy crackling in lettuce and eating it Korean style wasn't only interactive and fun, but this method brought out a nice combination of flavors too.

We might have missed the dessert since we were seriously so full to the brim, but on my next visit to Wrong Ramen, I'll make sure to try their F.U. Ramen (P425) -- think breakfast in a bowl with black pepper Spam, bacon, cheese and fried egg, as well as the Sea Men Ramen (P345) which is an infamous bowl not of anything carnal but of seafood. And of course, I won't forget to have the Poop of the Gods (P130) next time!


Wrong Ramen might be a ramen playpen which will entertain and make you giggle. But aside from the concept and witty aspect behind this ramen joint, I can say that food is actually good. If you're looking for an authentic Japanese ramen house, then this is definitely not the place for you. But if you're up for a bowl of unconventional flavor combinations with a siding of cool, witty and creative humor, then make sure to give Wrong Ramen a visit soon and experience something wrong made right.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Wrong Ramen, Burgos Circle
Burgos Circle, Forbestown Rd.,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 823-8249
Facebook Page


  1. Not a huge fan of ramen too, but the whole concept of this resto intrigues me enough that I want to give this a visit..soon! :)

  2. This post made me hungry. I love ramen! <3

  3. bacon katsu looks so yummy!! i would love to try this ! I guess humor is another thing that feels goodi n this resto xx

  4. Now that you mentioned it, I really want one now. I hope one of these days we get a break from all of this heat and experience a rainy day. Ramen then would be the perfect choice while you're cooped up watching TV or something

  5. I'm no fan of Ramen eather, but I like the name Wrong Ramen. :)

  6. At first glance reading the title I thought you ate a wrong ramen and something bad happened to you sis. Hahhaha...it is the name of the restaurant. What a weird name. Hehehehe. Anyway about the RAMEN? Oh la la.. I super duper loves ramen.

    1. Reading again your post. I've found out that their Bacon Katsu is very different from the Katsu I've known here in Davao Japanese Restaurant.

  7. Great looking food! yummy! I've seen a friend post on FB about the "Wrong Ramen" but I thought he was making fun of a ramen restaurant :P

  8. Cool name and very unique! My hubby is a fan of ramen and I think this will definitely satisfy his cravings. Looks really inviting!

  9. Dito sa Singapore, I always frequent this "ramen" place kung saan nagtumpukan ang iba't ibang klase ng ramen shops from Japan. Sana maging ganoon din diyan sa lugar nila para mas medyo maging mura ng konti ang prices ifever man. So that mas maraming makakatangkilik ng ramen nila.

  10. I like how they come up with an ingenious name like that!! and the pepper and salt container looks nice..

  11. Ohh food craving late at this hour! I haven't tried any ramen. :(

  12. hmmm... love the looks of the place. and the name of the place is so catchy. Haha! Will definitely try this soon.

  13. Wrong ramen seems so right! :D

    The food looks soooo delicious but it's not price-friendly. We also have 1 resto here in Davao. It's called Lyndon's Worst Ribs and Awful Chicken! Reverse psychology works like magic! :D

  14. What a very interesting name for a ramen restaurant! It would surely peak my curiosity had I passed by the establishment. :)

  15. Whoa the ramens look delicious..I love ramen and I would love to try their ramens soon...The philosophy is hilarious too.


    I need to check this place out soon.

    On another note... how have we still not met properly??


  17. I love the second philosophy though! Food looked so good, yet pricey!

  18. wow.. i havent tasted a ramen that is milky. maybe it will take a while to try eating there as BGC is too far from my place. feeling lazy. hehe

  19. Bacon Katsu!! and oh I so love their interior design.. very elegant and sophisticated but still has that accent of Japanese..

  20. I'm not a huge fan either of ramen but their food looks delicious and the place looks fine.

  21. Love the idea of this food place. Looks so catchy and great!

  22. Ramen + Crispy Pata = my kind of combo! :)

  23. the restaurant name is eye catching and they really looks promising. i love all the food in the photos.

  24. I have never eaten a ramen before but I'm curious with how it taste. Now I'm even more curious because of the pictures you have posted and how you described them.


  25. the crispy pata and the oyster looks yumz, I'm not much a fan of ramen but this looks like a nice new foodie place to try. thanks for sharing!

  26. Oh my gosh! RAMEN!!! Feeling ko ako si Naruto siguro na mag-eenjoy jan! Ang kulit ng wall arts nila. HAHAHA :))

  27. My friends just visited this place and they seemed to have enjoyed the experience. And by the photos here in your blog post, I am guessing that they have a great, if not unique, concept!

    And everything looks good in the photo. But, the prices are hurting my eyes. Haha!

  28. I could not get the Meaning of the name "Wrong Ramen" .Those starters seem nice especially "Bacon Katsu (P260)".Hey I have never visited the resto. but would definitely love to give it a try.

    I am sure they could offer me some good prices.:)

    Mississauga Indian Restaurant

  29. Ang sarap naman niyan. Sana matry ko rin soon.:)

  30. Hubby's craving for ramen. We might try this some time. Thanks Sumi! :)

  31. Very interesting. never heard of this place before. hahahaha

  32. I love you review for the wrong ramen! Very interesting, need to try this place soon! Thank you!

  33. I'm not a fan of ramen but this place makes me wanna try ramen soon! I think this will be a good starter if I need to relax and unwind especially on a rainy day! Thanks for the review, Sumi!

  34. I want to try this soon! The food loks yummy!

  35. Not all wrong taste wrong, I found this review right for me to give it a try!


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