Silk Road Thai Bistro: Fine Thai Dining at The Fort

A year or two ago, I wasn't sure if I'd love Thai cuisine as much as I adore other Asian creations. However, 2013 has sealed the deal. I really did fall madly in love with Thai fare, thanks to the Thai restaurants I've tried, most especially to Silk Road, the gorgeous Chef Cecille Chang's newest baby located at the ground floor of the Net Quad building.
Silk Road Thai Bistro

Prior to visiting Silk Road, I wasn't sure how it differentiates itself from its sibling, the Thai Bistro at Robinsons Magnolia. When I checked out other reviews for Silk Road, I saw photos of dishes that look fairly familiar. However, I was very glad when Chef Cecille, the Chef in Stilettos, invited me to try out her new creation. Of course, what better way to know more about Silk Road than experiencing the restaurant for myself?

After stepping foot inside Silk Road, it was evident how it has a totally different identity than Thai Bistro's. Posh ambiance, dimmer lighting and an elegant bar.. Definitely finer, more upscale and more mature compared to its sibling which is more family-friendly.

Silk Road The Fort
Silk Road Accent Wall Silk Road Bar
Silk Road BGC
Silk Road Interior Silk Road Thai Ornaments

While I always have issues with dim lighting (my #1 food photography enemy), I have to say it gives the place more sophistication. And I love it! It also has just a soft yellow tint, so I didn't have to worry that it'd make the food look too hepatitic on camera.

The dining space at Silk Road can sit about 40. But if you're keen on privacy, there's a private room at the mezzanine which can sit about 16.

The Drinks

When dining in Thai restaurants, I always, ALWAYS get a glass of Thai Milk Tea. Call me old school, but I still love my milk tea even though the fad has been long stagnant. And nope, Thai Milk Tea doesn't taste the same as milk teas from Taiwan or Hong Kong. It's spiced with star anise and crushed tamarind seed, so it's more awesome!

Thai Milk Tea (P130) Noni Kiss (P295) - White Rum, Amaretto, Half Cream, Noni Syrup and Red Candy Shavings
Thai Milk Tea (P130) and Noni Kiss (P295)
If you'd like something with a kick, you can choose from Silk Road's wide selection of wines, cocktails, beers and other alcoholic beverages. Just look at how pretty this Noni Kiss is! It's a concoction of white rum, Amaretto, half cream, Noni syrup and red candy shavings. There's also a line of Thai Cocktails which I'll definitely try on my next trip!

The Food

Upon checking the menu, Silk Road does have dishes which are similar to what they offer at Thai Bistro. However, there are other special items that can only be found here.

Mieng Kham (P195)
✓ Mieng Kham (P195)
I first got to try this at Thai Bistro and loved it! Here, the presentation is definitely better with the Betel leaves tucked inside these adorable cuplets. (Okay, cuplet isn't really a word, but it sounds so cute!) Mieng Kham is considered a traditional Thai appetizer with shallots, chili, garlic, ginger, peanuts, shrimp and coriander drenched in a sweet sauce. It's for the more adventurous eaters, but I highly recommend you give it a try! *wink*

Soft Shell Crab Roll (P360)
Soft Shell Crab Roll (P360)
We also had a taste of the Soft Shell Crab Roll -- healthy, refreshing yet still savory bundles of soft shell crab, mustard leaf, rice noodles and herbs wrapped in thin rice paper, and served with a sweet dipping sauce. It's not as interesting as the Mieng Kham, but another great meal starter as it successfully whets the palate for more.

Siam Chicken Wrap (P345)
✓ Siam Chicken Wrap (P345)
Although it looks like something from a Chinese restaurant, the Siam Chicken Wrap, a sweet, savory and spicy dish of minced chicken, crispy noodles and chili served with lettuce for rolling, definitely pleased my spicy food-loving palate. And since my friends Jonel, Marj and Doc Gelo aren't too keen on anything spicy, there was more for me!

Pad Thai (P340)
✓ Pad Thai (P340)
To officially mark the start of the main course, we had the Pad Thai -- one of my most favorite noodle dishes made with springy rice noodles with tamarind, lemon juice, fish sauce, eggs, shrimps, beansprouts and crushed peanuts encased in a beautiful egg net.

Pad Thai at Silk Road
Silk Road's Pad Thai up-close and mixed
This serving of Pad Thai also comes with 4 condiments -- chili, fish sauce, vinegar (or lime juice?) and sugar. As expected from Chef Cecille's creation, we didn't even need to add any condiment (perhaps some chili for me) as the taste was already perfect. Sweet, savory, tangy and heavenly with every forkful... The epitome of beauty and taste.

Chicken Basil (P295)
✓ Chicken Basil (P295)
This was Chef Cecille's viand for the night, but she was kind enough to let us sample it too. And while I'd usually say no (para di masyadong kapalmuks), I just had to try it. Why not? This serving of Chicken Basil is Chef Cecille's favorite. She even shared with us that if she had to eat something from Silk Road's menu every single day, it would be this dish! And while an order of minced chicken with string beans, holy basil and fried egg may look simple, each mouthful explodes with savory, spicy and herbaceous goodness.

Lamb Shank Massaman (P120 per 100g)
✓ Lamb Shank Massaman (P120 per 100g)
We then had the Lamb Shank Massaman, a serving of super tender lamb shank slow-cooked for 8 hours and infused with Massaman curry and Thai herbs, then served with crispy noodles, sweet potato chips, and shallots. Yup, that check symbol marks how we loved devouring this dish. I can still remember that foodgasmic night like it was yesterday... That oh-so-succulent lamb and that beautiful combination of earthy flavors.

Siamese Pork Ribs (P310)
✓ Siamese Pork Ribs (P310)
As if things couldn't get any better, these Siamese Pork Ribs served on an adorable charcoal grilling box, was brought to our table. While my photography didn't do these glorious pieces of meat justice, I can confidently say that this is my favorite dish that night. Coated with cinnamon-caramel, these pieces of pork were so tender, so juicy and so flavorful, oozing with sweet, savory, earthy and smoky notes. Yum yum yum!

Chocolate Pudding with Mango Ice Cream, Mango Sauce and Kaffir Butterscotch Sauce (P240)
Chocolate Pudding with Mango Ice Cream, Mango Sauce and Kaffir Butterscotch Sauce (P240)
For a sweet ending to our fine Thai meal, we had this dessert of Chocolate Pudding which is more of a chocolate lava cake for me. Served with mango ice cream, mango sauce and kaffir butterscotch sauce, every spoonful gave off an enjoyable blend of hot and cold, firm, soft and creamy, rich and subtle, and bittersweet and refreshingly sweet.

Takhoo Thai (P190) Takhoo Thai at Silk Road
✓ Takhoo Thai (P190)
While I'm still processing why good things must come to an end, we were already served with my favorite Thai dessert, the Takhoo Thai -- cups of tapioca pearl pudding topped with coconut custard and red water chestnuts. Although I slightly prefer the usual serving of takhoo in pandan leaf cups, these treats didn't fail to make me ooh and ahh in delight. I love every teaspoonful of it! Soft and creamy, and in a nutshell, bliss in every bite!

The Second Visit

Just a few weeks after my first visit, I went back to Silk Road with the beau in tow.

Tom Yum Kung (P320)
✓ Tom Yum Kung (P320)
Since we wanted something hot to fight off the chilly December bed weather, we had the Tom Yum Kung, a Thai hot and sour prawn soup with lemon grass, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, chili peppers, coconut milk and other fragrant herbs. Every spoonful was very comforting, and I'm so glad we had enough for our fill since a serving is good for 3.

Thai Ravioli (P330)
✓ Thai Ravioli (P330)
Upon my friend Stacy's recommendation, we ordered the Thai Ravioli. This was her favorite from Silk Road, and upon getting a taste of it, I couldn't agree more! While I wish a serving has more ravioli pieces, I have to admit that it was well worth its price. These steamed bundles of ground sesame beef and shitake mushrooms encased in an almost-translucent rice paper were heavenly! Dipped in the lime-fish sauce, every bite explodes with savory and earthy flavors with sweet and tangy peeking in. Definitely a must-try!

Khao Khluk Kapi (P315)
Khao Khluk Kapi (P315)
For carbs, we had the Khao Khluk Kapi A.K.A. Thai Bagoong Rice. Since the beau and I both love bagoong rice, we were stoked that this came in a hearty serving, with egg, caramel pork, green mango slices, shallots, green onions, chilies and lime beautifully arranged around it. Sweet, savory, salty, spicy. Thai bagoong rice done right!

Takhoo Thai and Chicken Basil
We meet again Takhoo Thai and Chicken Basil!
Our viand of choice for the night was the oh-so-flavorful and addicting Chicken Basil. I admit it would've been better complemented by just plain steamed Jasmine rice, but the beau and I still enjoyed pairing it with our bagoong rice. For dessert, we were thinking of getting the Silk Road Dessert Sampler (P295) so we could try more of Silk Road's sweet treats. However, our craving for coconut custard prevailed so we went with the Takhoo Thai which we've always loved. Plus, I got to eat 3 cups of it, so yay!


The buzz with Silk Road doesn't come with no basis. After trying it out for myself, I have to say that I've fallen even more madly in love with Thai cuisine and Chef Cecille's Thai masterpieces. Everything I got to taste and experience at Silk Road was no less than great. From the appetizers (Thai Ravioli FTW!), to the main dishes, to the desserts and drinks, Silk Road will get you hooked as it did with me. So if you're craving for Thai and fancies a modern, posh vibe, then head down to Silk Road! You definitely won't regret it!

Taste - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Silk Road, Fort Bonifacio
G/F Net Quad Corporate Center, 4th Ave. cor. 31st St.,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 824-1678; (0923) 421-8294
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  1. i miss thai food na!! can't wait to visit silk road naman! :) i want to try their thai ravioli! :)

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  3. Oh, I am dying to visit Chef Cecille's newest baby but it's so faaaaar! I love Thai food buti nalang she has a branch in Magnolia ; )


  4. Another exciting resto to try! I'd love to have the Chicken Basil, Lamb Shank Massaman and the Siamese Pork Ribs when we visit this Thai resto soon.

  5. Now I want to try the Thai Bistro muna, coz it's nearer. Foodgasm naman itong post! Love to try that Chicken Basil and pork ribs!!!

  6. thai food is my second favorite cuisine next to pinoy food of course, thai food from what i've experienced its the best i always craved whenever i remembers it but i never try to eat in any thai resto here in the philippines

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