Bag O' Shrimps: Awesome Bag O' Seafood in Tuscany McKinley

When it comes to food, I follow the "bad is good" principle. And no, the food at this restaurant is not necessarily bad for most people. Just for a few like me who continuously fights against persistent seafood allergies. But y'know what? To hell with them allergies! I'll take Claritin any day 'cause Bag O' Shrimps is so worth it!
Bag O' Shrimps at Tuscany McKinley Hill

Whenever Manileños crave for fresh seafood, the top-of-mind destination is no doubt, Dampa. However, for those who are craving for a different fresh seafood experience, look no further as Bag O' Shrimps is here! It's nestled at Tuscany in McKinley Hill and takes inspiration from a restaurant in Southern California. So yes, expect this to be an Americanized way to enjoy one of life's greatest pleasures, seafood.

Bag O' Shrimps Tuscany McKinley Hill
Bag O' Shrimps Interior
Bag O' Shrimps Tuscany McKinley Hill Interior

Unlike in our local Dampa, there's no need to canvass and haggle as Bag O' Shrimps already does these for you. The place looks significantly brighter and cleaner too, with a quirky fishing shack-themed interior ready for a quick snap and posting on Instagram.

The BOS Experience

Seafood restaurants usually have their own way of doing things, and that's very true of Bag O' Shrimps too. Given the name of the resto, it's already expected that their seafood comes in bags. However, there are still a few things you need to know.

Bag O' Shrimps Owners Princess Sunga-Pastoril and Jandrew Pastoril
Bag O' Shrimps owners Jandrew Pastoril and Princess Sunga-Pastoril
Philippine Volcanoes at Bag O' Shrimps
The Philippine Volcanoes at Bag O' Shrimps
Photo from BOS' Facebook
During my visit, I was very fortunate to have shared a meal with the owners, husband and wife duo, Jandrew Pastoril and Princess Sunga-Pastoril. Since it was my first time, they didn't only share with me how Bag O' Shrimps came to be, but they also oriented me on how to get the most out of the BOS Experience.
  1. You eat with your hands.
  2. You'll only be given a plastic bib, napkins and a bucket.
  3. You eat on the table lined with a disinfected sheet of white paper
The photo above sums it all up! However, you can of course request for gloves, utensils and even a plate. I'd advise against it though since it's best to go the Bag O' Shrimps way here because as the saying goes, when in Rome...

The Food

Geared with a plastic bib and with my very own hands, it was time to finally sample the food at Bag O' Shrimps and get a taste of the BOS Experience.

Fried Asparagus (P135)
✓ Fried Asparagus (P135)
To start off, we had the Fried Asparagus for appetizer. It was a surprise to actually find this item on the menu, but it was definitely a hit for me! Coated in what seems like tempura batter and lightly dusted with salt, these crispy, nutty yet grease-less asparagus pieces lets you enjoy the comfort of a meal starter but with less guilt. And really, as simple as it is, this definitely made my favorite appetizers list.

Bag O' Momma Shrimps (P565 per pound)
✓ Bag O' Momma Shrimps (P565 per pound);
With imported sausage and corn add-ons
For the meal's highlight, we had shrimps in Bag O' Momma sauce. Unlike the other sauce options which may sound and taste familiar, this one which is the restaurant's signature sauce is a special recipe concocted by Princess Sunga-Pastoril herself. It has already wowed her family and friends, and it indeed made me ooh and ahh in delight when I got to taste it. Savory, spicy, with a little hint of sweetness and tons of depth in flavor, this is definitely one of the most addicting sauces I've ever tried!

And the shrimps? They're the freshest we can get, cooked to perfection and easy to peel.

Lemon Pepper Clams (P295 per 500g)
Lemon Pepper Clams (P295 per 500g)
We also had some clams in Lemon Pepper sauce. And although I'm not that big of a clam fan than with shrimps, I still found this very enjoyable. The clams were again cooked to perfection. No tough and chewy clam meat here, and the bright and spicier sauce gave a nice balance after every mouthful of the richer Bag O' Momma.

Bag O' Shrimps Shrimps and Clams

I only got to try two of Bag O' Shrimps' sauces, but you can definitely mix and match! Pick your seafood and sauce of choice among these four:
  • Bag O' Momma
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Cajun
  • Garlic Butter
All these four sauce pretty much have heat to them. One tip I learned is to dip the seafood in squeezed lemon juice with some salt and pepper. Yup, they'll provide them!

BOS Experience Aftermath Bag O' Shrimps
My #BOSExperience aftermath
Oh, curious to see how I enjoyed my BOS Experience? Well, this photo can speak for itself. By the way, you can order rice at Bag O' Shrimps. For those trying to cut down on carbs, it might be hard to resist especially when you order the very tasty and perfect-with-rice Bag O' Momma sauce.

And although I'm not really an avid beer drinker, I've found that Bag O' Shrimps has one of the best prices for imported beer in Tuscany, McKinley Hill. *wink*

Bag O' Shrimps Menu 01
Bag O' Shrimps Menu 02


Call me a rebel if you may, but seafood won't be out of my books despite my stubborn allergies. More so, now that I've had a taste of Bag O' Shrimps, my love for seafood got even stronger! And while I'd still visit Dampa when I crave for kilos and kilos of seafood, my tummy and palate are both at ease knowing that there's a reliable seafood place in McKinley Hill I can go to. And if you also yearn for a fun seafood experience with family and friends, I definitely recommend going to Bag O' Shrimps. Eat with your hands and without a plate, have a good time, and enjoy the #BOSExperience!

Taste - 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Bag O' Shrimps, McKinley Hill
G/F RGM Bldg. 5, Tuscany Estates, McKinley Rd.
McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 585-2789; (0917) 823-2227
Official Website
Facebook Page
Twitter | Instagram


  1. Replies
    1. I haven't been to dampa for a while na, so I'm not so sure. But, I think if you won't be eating kilos and kilos of seafood, price is reasonable. It becomes expensive when you take the add-ons into account though. ^^

  2. My girls will definitely enjoy every meal there kaso anlayo namin. Sana magkaganyan dito. :)

    1. Let's cross our fingers. Ako din, I'm waiting for BOS to branch out :D

  3. Delicious Volcanoes, I mean, shrimps. hehehehe. :P

  4. How many people could satisfy 1 pound of shrimps? :)

    1. 1 pound is good for 2 to 3 people na. :) But if you love shrimps so much, hoard 1 order for yourself! Hihi ;)

  5. I love shrimps so this is definitely a must visit restaurant for me. Just a quick question... Do they have a branch in UP Town Center?


    1. I think you're referring to their competitor, Mrs. M. ^^ As far as I know, the one in UPTC is Shrimp Bucket. :)

  6. We haven't really explored the restos at McKinley Hill yet, but hey, this is a good place to start. I'm so looking forward to eat there the BOS way!

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