Crown Spa: World-Class Spa Experience at Crown Towers

Back in college, a friend who knows a thing or two about massages told me that my shoulders and neck are so tensed and stiff. And the first time I had a body massage, my therapist also said the same thing. Fast forward to 2014, every massage therapist I came across with shared the same comments. So when I got the chance to visit Crown Spa at Crown Towers Macau, I immediately knew I have to try their body massage!

The Spa at Crown Towers Macau

While I'm no spa virgin, I have to admit that this is my first time at an upper-class spa. Unlike the other spas I've been to, Crown Spa is revered as one of the most luxurious spas in Macau, winning the World Luxury Spa Awards for four years straight from 2011 to 2014. It was also bestowed with Five-Stars by the Forbes Travel Guide earlier this year. So knowing the spa holds all these prestigious titles, I can't deny that I held really high expectations (despite lacking experience) upon going in. However, I was surprised, and still am, that amidst the expectations, Crown Spa managed to blow me away.

Crown Spa Macau
The Spa Crown Towers Macau
Crown Spa Macau Forbes Travel Guide

Located at the third floor of Crown Towers in City of Dreams Macau, Crown Spa greets its guests with a serene and relaxing ambiance. Upon entering its doors, our group was ushered to a waiting area. We were given a questionnaire to fill up. And don't worry, it was nothing like a pop quiz! The form lets you disclose if you have any illnesses or conditions. It also gives you the chance to choose the pressure you want and which part of your body you want your therapist to focus on.

Of course, even without much thought, I chose neck and shoulders!

Tranquility Room at Crown Spa Macau
Tranquility Room
After submitting the form, I was introduced to my therapist, Nora. Woot, no need to hold back! I can be as chatty as I want since my therapist is Pinay! Nora then ushered me to the Tranquility Room, one of the eight luxury treatment rooms at Crown Spa.

Tranquility Room at Crown Spa
Crown Spa Crown Towers Macau
Essential oils and lava shells for the massage
Complimentary Tea at Crown Spa Crown Towers
Complimentary tea
Aptly named, the Tranquility Room felt so relaxing and serene, with warm ambient lighting and simple yet pretty touches here and there. A couch with the tools for feet-soaking also comes with complimentary fruit platter. And of course, there's the massage bed which looked so inviting especially with my rock-hard shoulders.

Private Bathroom at Crown Spa
Changing room with heated floors
Toiletries Crown Spa Macau
Vanity area with skin and body-care products plus other amenities
(Shave kit, hair ties, comb, shower cap, disposable undies, cotton pads, etc.)
The Purple Doll Crown Spa at Crown Towers Macau
Selfie before the massage
Even though I was already itching to jump straight on the massage bed, I was first brought inside the changing room. Here, you can store your clothes, watch, jewelry and shopping bags inside their spacious locker, use the toilet, take a quick shower, and prep for the pampering session. Good news to contact lens wearers like me too! You can ask your therapist for lens solution should you need to remove (or rehyrdate) your lenses.

Lomi Lomi Massage at The Spa Crown Towers Macau
Crown Shell Massage (90mins; MOP 1380)
"An indulgent full body massage treatment that helps release deep-seated tension and nourishes the skin. Heated lava shells massage incorporates Swedish and Lomi Lomi techniques that result in deep relaxation and weightless balance throughout the body."

Gosh was the massage heavenly! My therapist Nora started off with long strokes, massaging the whole back, arms and legs. Then it was time to get to business as serious knot-breaking soon followed. I didn't have an idea how long Nora massaged my shoulders and neck, but it took about 70% of the whole time, along with the back. Normally, when I get massages, I don't fall asleep. I like chatting with my therapist or keeping quiet to just feel the knot-breaking action. However, with Nora's massage, I found myself dozing off a few times. It was certainly the best massage I had to date!

Crown Spa Macau

Of course, I'd be lying If I didn't mention the massage indeed had painful points. I guess it was as divine as it was as painful. There was a time I asked Nora if she can stop massaging my shoulders since I was already feeling uncomfortable. (I have decent tolerance for heavy-pressured massages, mind you!) However, she said there's still some knots she needs to work on. And I'm sure glad Nora didn't heed my small request. This is a perfect example of "Customer doesn't always know best." Nora knows what I need, what my shoulders need. And while my shoulders felt quite sore (or lamog) until the next day, when the soreness was gone, it was like I had a new pair of shoulders!

Even until this very day, my shoulders are free of tight knots. No more ugly shoulder bulges too! Nora is definitely the best massage therapist I ever came across with!

Crown Spa Suite at Crown Towers Macau
Villa Couples Room (Add MOP 380)
Jacuzzi at Crown Spa Macau
Vitality pool in the wet area
For couples wanting a private healing sanctuary they can be together in, there's a Villa Couples Room available. And for extended individual rejuvenation, both the male and female wet areas have vitality pools, saunas, Hammam steam and experience showers.

Crown Spa Salon at Crown Towers
Hair and beauty salon at Crown Spa
Aside from facial, massages and body treatments, Crown Spa also has its own 6-seat hair and beauty salon offering cut, shampoo, styling, color, perming and straightening, hair treatments, make-up, male grooming and manicure and pedicure (including gel).

Crown Towers Manila Crown Spa
Crown Towers Manila
After experiencing a luxurious mind and body-healing massage at Crown Spa, I think I'll have a hard time adjusting my expectations when visiting other spas. It also doesn't help that serious planning, arrangements and moolah are needed should I want to recreate the experience at Crown Spa Macau... If only I were super rich, I'd seriously fly to Macau every time I'm craving for a really good massage by Nora from Crown Spa!

Fortunately, we'll have our very own Crown Spa in Manila later this year. I haven't seen photos of Crown Spa Manila yet, but I'm sure it'll be just as luxe. Now, I can't wait for City of Dreams Manila to finally open! I'm definitely reliving my Crown Spa experience!

Crown Spa, Crown Towers Macau
Level 3, Crown Towers, City of Dreams Macau
Estrada do Istmo, Cotai, Macau, China
(853) 8868-6883
Crown Spa Macau Website
Crown Towers Macau Website
COD Macau Facebook


  1. I have stiff shoulders and neck all the time because I spend a lot of time focused on the computer screen and sitting down in the office. Haiz I really need a great body massage! Crown Spa ambiance looks amazing and classy. :)

    1. Hope you get your well-deserved body massage, Roch! It's not too good to keep stiff shoulders and neck all the time. >.< And yes, Crown Spa is one really classy spa! :D

  2. I like the classy place and I think its cool for a soothing massage.

  3. This looks really great!! I love thye Crown Spa ambiance!

  4. Your so called massage therapist goes by the reflexologist before. We have a regular one who does the same right in our bedroom. The results are the same but, of course, the ambiance is very different. :)

    1. It's good to have a "suki" reflexologist or massage therapist who can do home service. :) My parents have one too, although I still prefer going to spas. I just love the change of environment and the wet area. Haha!

  5. I agree, the Tranquility Room has a very ambient and serene atmosphere. Great spa experience talaga Sumi. Sana nga mag-open na rin sila ng branch sa Manila. BTW, so nice to see you again.

    1. They will, Papaleng! Konting antay nalang 'cause from what I know, Crown Spa in City of Dreams Manila will be opening late this year. :) So nice to virtually see you again too! ^^

  6. The ambiance is just so superb that I would think twice if I should enter! :D

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of having a massage since I prefer to just lie down in my bed. But a back massage will do. :)

    1. Actually, I was quite hesitant to mess the room's setup 'cause everything just looks perfect and well in place. XD But of course, you won't get to enjoy the amenities if you won't use them. Haha!

      And I used to be content with just lying down and relaxing... Until I got a taste of good massage, that is. :D

  7. Wow! Everything is just so sosy but really expensive!

  8. It's expensive especially for us earning in Philippine peso or any currency with lower value. But it's still good to indulge once in a while, kahit once in a year or two lang. Yung mga rich lang talaga ang keri na madalas. XD

  9. I love a good massage! It's one of the luxuries I miss so much since living in the US because it's crazy expensive here. I miss my blind masseuse suki in Paranaque who visits me every weekend. The last time I had a massage was during my Pinas last year.

    That spa in Macau looks very high-end and glad you had a fantastic experience!

    1. Hope you visit the Philippines soon then, so you can get your well-deserved massage! :) Anyway, you made me remember my sister who's now based in SG. She always makes sure to get a facial, mani-pedi and massage whenever she's here in Manila, 'cause it's more inexpensive here daw. ^^

  10. Just seeing how refreshing the place is, I'm already relieved. This is a good way to earn some well deserve pampering.

  11. The Crown Towers look fantastic! If I had the money I would definitely stay here haha, Nice review of the hotel.

    1. Ummm.. I didn't review the hotel... Just the spa.

  12. Fascinating view!
    Looks like you enjoyed your stay here. The spa looks fab in and out.

  13. Massage is really one of the simple joys of life and to have it done in a very relaxing atmosphere like this is heavenly.

  14. That is super indulgent spa! I love it!

  15. What a wonderful treat! This spa looks posh and luxurious, but relaxing at the same time. I'm envious! :)

  16. This is the perfect place for me and my friends! The photos are inviting me to visit the place asap :) Talagang made for instant relaxation :)

  17. I have really stiff shoulders and neck too! Only had a massage once and they said the same thing! So a massage is the solution then?

  18. We have the same problem area. The spa that you visited in Macau was grand, I want to visit it when I go back ; )


  19. Wow, looking at the pics, I really want to go here! It looks really relaxing. Hope one day I can go here :D

  20. We have the same problem, my left shoulder is always stiff. The therapist calls it frozen shoulders. I also like trying out massage services abroad. Thai massage is my favorite.

  21. Wow the place really looks so relaxing. I think that this is the perfect place for anyone who loves spa. Great ambiance and all

  22. Korean spas are known for their popular treatment which is their body scrub or commonly referred to as the akasuri scrub. 토닥이


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