8Cuts Burger Blends: Meat the Serendra Branch

Burgers and I have a weird relationship. Normally, I'd prefer pastas and pizzas over burgers. However, when I crave for burgers, I yearn for it really badly. Like a mad man who needs his doze of bacon at once! And since I've been eating nothing but beef broths for the past month or two, the burger craving had hit me. And it hit me badly! Luckily, I was extended an invitation to check out 8Cuts Burger Blends' newest branch.
8 Cuts Burger Serendra

The timing of this invitation couldn't be any better! Not only were we (my family and I) really going to Bonifacio Global City that day, but the invite served as a friendly push for me to try to eat normal people food. (Even when my skin was already improving, I was still scared to eat for fear of the attack of the itchies.) It was also a good change of pace.

8Cuts Burger Blends Serendra

Replacing Brazil Brazil's old spot in Serendra, this 8Cuts Burger Blends branch is the 5th and the newest store of this really unique burger concept by the Moment Group (who's behind 'Cue and Manam among others). And while they already have Burger Bar in Greenbelt 2, it's nice that they still developed 8Cuts Burger Blends which is more accessible for many people (like me) since it has branches in different parts of the metro -- UP Town Center, SM Megamall, Trinoma, Rockwell, and now, Serendra.

8 Cuts Serendra
8 Cuts Burger Blends

Like the other restaurants from the Moment Group I've been to, 8Cuts in Serendra also welcomes hungry diners with a quirky and playful interior. It's somewhat industrial-themed mixed with 60s diner. Colorful, retro-ish, yet modern and very trendy. And I just love how witty their slogan is! By the way, I'm not sure if this tip jar can also be found in Serendra, but I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it in 8Cuts Trinoma!

8Cuts tip jar

Meat Their Blends

Now, what makes 8Cuts Burger Blends special, you ask?

8Cuts Burger

I say, it's the 8 cuts of beef used for 8Cuts' custom blend beef patties -- short rib, ribeye, chuck, flank, hanger, brisket, sirloin, and oxtail. And while I may not be a butcher's daughter, commonsense tells that using different cuts (which have varying textures and flavors) will give off different burger experiences. So, you can choose from the following:
  • House Blend (short rib + ribeye) - meaty, juicy, classic
  • Beef Bomb (chuck + short rib) - fresh, well-balanced, great all-around
  • Ox Blend (flank + oxtail + ribeye) - umami, intense, beefy
  • Big Game (hanger + brisket) - gamey, bold, aged beef flavors
  • Steak Cut (sirloin + chuck) - rich, loves sharp & tangy toppings, no nonsense

8Cuts Burger Blends
Can we all agree that these are 3 very beautiful burgers?
Now that I think I've teased enough the burger lover in you, let me finally share our burger experience at 8Cuts Burger Blends in Serendra.

The Burgers

It's funny how usually, my family is very fast in deciding which dishes to order, but at 8Cuts, it took us a while to take our picks. We wanted to make our own burgers, but the pre-designed ones in the Tributes section were just so enticing... So we gave in.

The Piggy (P245; Double Patty P345)
Piggy (P245; Double Patty P345)
I chose to go with the Piggy, a quarter-pounder beef bomb blend patty with crisp-fried bacon strips, house-made bacon jam, mozzarella, lollo rossa, tomatoes and garlic aioli sandwiched between a sesame seed bun. I had to take the tomatoes off since I can't eat them without getting itchy, but the whole burger was so enjoyable, it successfully satisfied my burger craving. And the beef bomb blend is the bomb! Succulent yet not too intense, it's definitely a beef patty that can work, work, work with all kinds of toppings.

The Q-Daddy (P295; Double Patty P385)
✓ The Q-Daddy (P295; Double Patty P385)
My dad decided to go with The Q-Daddy, and you can guess why. This burger has a quarter-pounder ox blend patty with yellow cheddar, fried onion strips, crisp bacon, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, jalapeño ranch and sweet-savory BBQ sauce on a sesame seed bun. This is a burger of excesses, I tell 'ya! Onion strips and bacon, and two kinds of sauces in a single burger? My dad didn't even know how to start eating this! But, it all works. And after the first bite my dad let me have off this burger, I just can't have enough!

Four Cheese (P245; Double Patty P345)
✓ Four Cheese (P245; Double Patty P345)
The most modest-looking burger on our table was the Four Cheese which was my little sister's pick. However, this is definitely far from humble-looking through a cheese lover's eyes! Crusted with parmesan, this quarter-pounder of beef bomb blend patty is topped with yellow cheddar, aged gruyere and mozzarella, on a bed of sesame seed bun with arugula and garlic aioli. From just a single bite, I can already see my lil sis foodgasming in front of me! And when I took a bite for myself, I understood. This burger is sooooo good! Probably the best one among our orders. By the way, my sister has had 3 of these since this visit. She was THAT impressed! (8Cuts, you have a customer-for-life here!)

The Sides and Drinks

I personally wanted to try the starters and a lot more sides, but my family reasoned with me. So since we're still off for dinner at Niu (Blog post soon!), we settled for 2 kinds of sidings as recommended by our server.

Sweet Potato Fries (P65)
Sweet Potato Fries (P65)
Since I'm currently on an AIP diet, I'm not allowed to eat potatoes (They make me itchy too!). So to compromise, we had the Sweet Potato Fries which is what I'm currently living off (as my main carb). And I'm so glad our server recommended this. I know how sweet potato fries are supposed to taste like. And usually, I'm keen on dipping them in a sauce. But these babies were perfectly seasoned that dips are unnecessary.

Onion Rings P65
✓ Onion Rings (P65)
While I love my kamote, my heart and palate instantly went with these Onion Rings. Light, crisp, big and boldly seasoned, these onion rings are the best onions rings I've had to date. As a friend puts it, when you bite off the rings, you really get to bite off the onions. The onions don't wither and limp on you unlike in most places offering this bestselling side. And the taste... It's like a pack of addicting, savory chips, but slightly healthier. We loved these onion rings so much that we ALWAYS order some for take-out whenever we're in the area with an 8Cuts branch. Yup, it's our guilty pleasure! (~˘▾˘)~ ~(‾⌣‾~)

By the way, both sides were far from greasy that you'd think they were baked!

Lemonade (P60 Glass; P95 Bottomless) and Iced Tea (P60 Glass; P95 Bottomless)
Lemonade (P60 Glass; P95 Bottomless) and Iced Tea (P60 Glass; P95 Bottomless)
My dad and sis didn't want to get too full. I, on the other hand, still can't tolerate sugar and dairy. So even though I wanted us to try the milkshakes, we ended up choosing the healthier option -- Lemonade and Iced Tea which were both house-made and tasted light, zesty, refreshing, and with just the right sweetness. (The lemonade tasted tangier, of course.) Actually, they're perfect to cut through the richness of the food.


While the burgers at 8Cuts Burger Blends are on the heftier side when it comes to price tags, I can definitely guarantee that you get what you pay for and more. The beef patties are big and chunky, and you even get to pick what kind of patty blend you like. Of course, your experience will heavily depend on your order. But from our experience, going with 8Cuts' "Tributes" burgers is a surefire way to make your visit not only safe, but a blast. Oh, and if you don't hate onions, please do yourself a favor and try their Onion Rings. I've had some of my friends try them, and they've become hooked too! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

8 Cuts Burger Blends, Serendra
G/F One Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 550 1964
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  1. Wow looks so delicious..
    Nice review..

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  3. The place looks great,so as their burgers also.

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  5. 8 cuts burger looks really delicious. It also has a lot of flavors.

  6. They're really good in making their burger patties but usually it's blend of sirloin, chuck and short rib meats. Well, experimenting other meat parts will do but sometimes availability is the problem.

  7. Curious enough to know why it's called "8Cuts" has led me to find out that it is a combination of 8 different patties out of different beef preparation.

  8. wow the Piggy and the onion rings make me so hungry!


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