Unveil the Princess in You at SM North EDSA!

November is here! And as early as now, the Christmas spirit is already upon us, which also marks the start of the shopping season! With this said, there's a couple of places that gets crazy crowded this time of the year. And one of which is SM North EDSA.

Princess in Me The Royal Christmas in SM North EDSA

SM North EDSA has been one of my go-to malls, being a born-and-bred northie. And people who frequent the mall know that SM North EDSA is a good place to shop and dine. However, this holiday season, there's another reason to visit this supermall. If you, or better yet, your kids love Barbie and princesses, then definitely visit SM North EDSA!

Just last week, SM North EDSA launched its The Princess in Me Christmas campaign that will surely let kids and kids-at-heart experience a Royal Christmas Celebration.

The Princess Tree

The Princess Tree in SM The Block Atrium
The unlit Princess Tree reminds me of bridal dresses...
Lit-Up Princess Tree in SM The Block Atrium
The lit Princess Tree changes in color. My fave is the pink-purple one,
and when there are a combination of different colors. So pretty!
The lighting of the Princess Tree officially marks the start of the Royal Christmas Celebration at SM North EDSA. Located at the Block Atrium, shoppers can witness the colorful and majestic musical lights show of the Princess Tree every 30 minutes from 11AM to 8PM of Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, until January 4, 2015.

SM Bears of Joy

SM Bears of Christmas
Make a child happy by buying a pair of SM Bears !
Princes and Princesses from Child Haus
Princes and princesses from Child Haus were given an early Christmas present. It was really heart-warming to see their happy faces. In God's time, I know they will be healed.
There's also a very sentimental lighting of the SM Bears of Joy Tree. To share the magic of Christmas, you can make other children happy just by buying a pair of SM Bears for only P200. You get to keep a bear and donate the other one to children from various orphanages and charitable institutions affiliated with SM Cares Foundation.

Just drop by the Toy Kingdom booth on the third floor of SM North EDSA City Center (the main building) from November 8 until January 11, 2015.

Fairytale Untold

Barbie Princesses (Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Rapunzel) at 2nd floor SM North City Center until Jan 4, 2015
Photo from SM North EDSA's Facebook Page.
Love Disney Princesses? Then, you'll surely love this special display located at the 2nd floor of City Center, where you can catch a life-sized Barbie as Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and Rapunzel! Have your pictures taken with your favorite Disney Princess. Or better yet, have a photo taken with all of them!

Meet the Disney Princesses

Meet the Disney Princess at Skydome
Click the poster to enlarge.
I don't know about you, but back when I was younger, it was always my dream to meet and greet a Disney Princess. I unfortunately didn't get to do that... But, Disney Princesses fans can have the opportunity of meeting their favorite fairytale character at the Skydome. Have photos taken with Belle, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty on November 16 at 11AM, 1PM, 3PM and 5PM.

Check out the poster for more details. (^ᴗ-)≡★

The Royal Princess Hall

Princess Throne and Barbie Box Photo Booths
Who says the Royal Throne and the Barbie Box Booth are just for kids?
If you've been to SM North The Block Atrium before, you'd know that the place usually has a themed booth and backdrop perfect for photo ops. And this season, the Atrium gets transformed into a Royal Princess Hall where you can't only check out Barbie merchandise, but also pose at the Royal Thone just like what I did! (The prince with the glass shoe's not there anymore though.) There's also a Barbie Box Photo Booth where you can channel your inner Barbie and take home the perfect souvenir photo!

Barbie Collectors Hall

Barbie Collectors Hall

If you're already in SM The Block, why not take a trip to the 3rd level and check out the Barbie Collectors Hall? I assure you it's going to be worth it, especially if you love Barbie and taking photos of dolls and action figures! Just check out my photos of some of the dolls that caught my attention. There are a LOT more Barbies in this exhibit. From dainty to edgy, casual to costume-y, and past to present.

Barbie Collection 01
Barbie Collection 02
Barbie Collection 04

Royal Parade of Stars

I personally wasn't able to witness the parade, but you can catch it on November 30, December 7, 14 and 21 at 5PM where there will be a mesmerizing parade with floats starring your favorite fairytale princesses. ヾ(๑╹ヮ╹๑)ノ”

And here's a banner of the on-going and will-be-happening activities at SM North EDSA.

Princess in Me SM North EDSA
Click the banner to enlarge.
There's definitely a lot going on at SM North EDSA this holiday season. So if you have an inner princess or Barbie in you, or if you have little princesses of your own, then be sure to come down to SM North EDSA to experience a Royal Christmas Celebration! I know you and your kiddos will definitely love it! d=(^ヮ~)=b

And if you think this is only what SM Supermalls have in store for shoppers, then think again! This is only the first of the many festivities to come, as each one of the SM Supermalls will have its own unique Christmas tree, as well as a set of fun and exciting activities and promotions lined up for this season of cheers.

The Princess in Me Royal Ball

Now that I've shared the exciting happenings at SM North EDSA, let me further share with you my experience at the Princess in Me Royal Ball last Friday, November 7.

Tickets to The Princess in Me Launch
Pass to the Princess in Me launch
The Royal Ball was actually an open event where cute little kids dressed like royalty got to be treated to an afternoon of princess-ing. It's not to say though that grown-ups like myself had no place in the event. I seriously had fun bringing out my inner Barbie. I actually even colored part of my hair hot pink just to feel more like a Barbie. Teehee!

Anyway, let me take you through the event with these photos...

It's a Barbie Girl's World in SM North EDSA
I definitely felt the Barbie theme! Love the pink carpets!
Barbie Dolls for Sale!
Barbie dolls for sale at the event
Hair Salon Booth
Hair Salon booth to prettify the already-cute princesses
Nail Salon Booth
There was even a Nail Salon area! So bongga!
Fairy Ushers at Princess in Me Launch
Pretty princesses and fairies in the Royal Princess Hall
Sumi with the Princesses
Of course, I didn't miss the photo op!
Jamba Juice at Princess in Me Ball
Yay for Jamba Juice smoothies!
Barbie-Themed Sweets and Pastries
Barbie and princess-themed afternoon snacks
Sweets ala Princess and Barbie
They were too pretty only to be eaten!
Krispy Kreme at Princess in Me Ball
Krispy Kreme for all the attendees! Woot!
Raymond Gutierrez and Denise Laurel as hosts
Raymond Gutierrez and Denise Laurel hosted the event.
Nikki Gil at Princess in Me
Nikki Gil also graced the event and sang during the fashion show.
Barbie Fashion Show
Barbie Fashion Show featured Pop Princess, Party Princess and Fairytale Princess fashion.
Barbie Fashion Show Kids
The little supermodels were so cute on stage! Oh, and they got swag! ;)
Last few photos were borrowed from Rockstar Momma. Thank you!
So what are you waiting for? Don't miss this Princess-themed Christmas celebration at SM North EDSA. Oh, and as an added bonus, there will also be a Grand Fireworks Display to make the holiday season even grander, Skytacular and fit for royalty! Catch it on November 30 and December 30, 7PM at the Skygarden. See you there!

You also get a chance to win weekly prizes by sharing photos of SM Supermalls' events and activities on your social media accounts, and tagging #MerrySMChristmas. Have a #MerrySMChristmas everyone! ┗( ^o^)┛≡┏( ^o^)┓≡┗( ^o^)┛

For more information, visit www.smsupermalls.com,
their Facebook Page, or follow their Twitter and Instagram


  1. Wow, I need to see this with my daughter! She loves being a princess! Thanks for this incredible review!

  2. what is the price range of the sale barbie dolls? thank you :)


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