Pet Angel: Keep Your Furbabies Happy, Fluffy and Tangle-Free

Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other furry animals... They're cute, fluffy and always fun to be around. But while I grew up surrounded by pets, it wasn't until a year ago that I actually began having my own. And it actually changed my world.

Pet Angel and Purple Groom

From sleeping more soundly and just taking care of myself, I now have a furbaby to tend to. He wakes me up at ungodly hours, wants me to be near him when he eats, and pesters me to play conveniently only when I'm working. But I won't have it any other way! Though he may seem needy and high maintenance, he's my furbaby and has me kept my sanity when I was going through a lot in my life.

I know it's surprising how he hasn't appeared yet on any of my posts here on the blog. But today, let me share with you our first blog event together. o(*^▽^*)o

The Purple Groom Pet Salon in California Garden Square
Pet Angel Professional Brushes

With Kitkat, my Persian babycat along, we attended a pet-pampering session at The Purple Groom Pet Salon in California Garden Square, Mandaluyong City where we were also introduced to Pet Angel.

Pet Angel Bronze
Pet Angel Pearl Pink

Pet Angel is an innovative and unique grooming fur detangling brush suitable for most pets. It has patented undulating bristles to firmly but gently brush wet or dry coats on cats, dogs and other furry animals to deliver pain-free, effective grooming.

Available in Bronze and Pearl Pink colors, Pet Angel also boasts of having anti-bacterial additives infused into its bristles to not only groom, but also kill 99.9% of bacteria. So Pet Angel is not only a kinder and more effective way of grooming pets to perfection, but is also ultra-hygienic and safe to use.

Apart from the regular-sized brush, Pet Angel also comes in a smaller, mini version which my Kitkat oh-so-loves. But first, he was treated to a bath and grooming session, before he had his coat brushed with Pet Angel

Kitkat's first grooming experience at Purple Groom
Kitkat's first grooming experience at The Purple Groom
Kitkat after grooming session at The Purple Groom
All clean and fluffy!
Truth be told, bathing isn't as easy with most cats -- Kitkat included. He'd usually freak out and cry whenever I give him baths. But it's impressive how the staff at The Purple Groom managed to bathe him extra thorough and extra clean. They even had him enjoy a blow-dry session, which he usually hates. Yay for Kitkat's first successful pet salon experience!

Apart from Kitkat, there were also other adorable cuties at The Purple Groom. So let me share some of the shots I've snapped at the event. You're welcome! v(*’-^*)-☆

Other pets at The Purple Groom
Other cuties at The Purple Groom
Other furbabies at The Purple Groom

After Kitkat's grooming session, it was time to immortalize the moment through a photoshoot! And to match my clean and well-groomed furbaby, I was also glammed up by Inglot Philippines. Then, we were off for the camera!

Sumi and Kitkat by Pet Angel, The Purple Groom and Inglot Philippines
Sumi and Kitkat

These photos look amazing, and I'm so happy to have proper photos of Kitkat and I taken. However, it wasn't easy to take these shots... Especially since Kitkat was already acting up right after his grooming session. And since he loves being brushed, we decided to give the Pet Angel Mini a spin even before the shoot. Brushing him calmed him down a LOT! After the shoot, another brushing session had him purring in bliss. (๑*౪*๑)

Again, our heartfel thanks to #PetAngelPh for KitKat's new Pet Angel Mini -- his new favorite face massager-and-brush, The Purple Groom for KitKat's dashing, freshly-bathed fur, and to Inglot Cosmetics Philippines for my transforming, photo-ready makeup.

And as a pet owner, I just want to remind fellow furparents that apart from love, attention and noms, it's also important to have our fur-babies groomed regularly. They may hate it now, but seriously, they'll thank you for it! (*^∀゚)ъ

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