An afternoon with Kojie San at La Creperie Makati

While growing up (and growing old), I've become more accepting of all my features (and flaws). However, though I'm a firm believer of self-acceptance, I've always said it again and again that it sure doesn't hurt to strive for self-improvement if it's safe and healthy for yourself and for the people around you.

Probably two of the most common concerns of women in today's society is 'weight' and 'skin tone'. But while I have a lot to say about the former, today, let's focus more on the latter.

Kojie San Event

Unlike our Western sisters who are keen on skin tanning, we Asians (south-easterners like easterners) are very much obsessed with skin whitening. I know our media plays a big role on how we perceive beauty, and mold our set of beauty standards. And as much as we try to deny or fight it, most of us already have this cemented in us.

Although I don't have extremely fair, nor do I have pretty dark tone, I actually have been happy with how my skin color looks. Of course there are times I wish I were tanner to have that sexy, just-came-from-the-beach glow. Other times, I wish I had lighter skin that could rival those of ulzzangs'.

A week ago, I was happy to get invited to Kojie San's event at La Creperie in Makati. There, I got to learn more not only about the brand, but also about skin brightening and how it differs from skin whitening.

La Creperie Kojie San Event
Kojie San Goodies
Kojie San at La Creperie

Skin Brightening VS Skin Whitening

Unlike other brands similar to Kojie San, this 100% home-grown local brand claims to brighten the skin and not whiten per se.

Speakers at the Kojie San Event

With skin whitening, the ingredients and the process are usually harsher, which leaves the skin lighter in less amount of time, but also more sensitive and vulnerable.

Kojie San's skin brightening effect on the other hand, safely helps the skin reach its brightest glow, slowly but surely. It also lets you have the brightest skin that naturally suits you. Not an obviously fake-looking light skin.

Kojie San's Classic Line

And with skin brightening (not instant whitening) in mind, I've actually been enjoying the benefits of Kojie San. I've tried out their Classic Line for almost two months now, and I can say that I've been noticing improvements.

Kojie San Classic Regimen

Of course, I'm not multiple shades lighter than when I previously started. My body has actually been pretty light these past few months, so I'm focusing on brightening up my face in the hope that it catches up with the rest of my skin. And so far, so good! I still have a few more bars of Kojie San soaps to go, but it's not as far as when I first started. I think my face had already brightened up two to three shades!

It's also fairly noticeable how Kojie San's products didn't only help with skin brightening, but also with making my skin smoother. I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to affect the skin, but I don't get blemishes and pimples as often anymore. And when I do, a few washes with Kojie San's kojic soap helps dry it out!

Sumi at KojieSan Event
Thanks to Carizza for this photo!

After this skinsightful afternoon with Kojie San, I left with better understanding of what the brand can do and what type of skin lightening is better overall. Of course, I'm still the same me who's very respectful if you already love your skin tone whatever color it may be. Personally, I don't think I need skin lightening anyway.

KojieSan Products

However, having even skin tone is definitely a lot better! And this is what I'm currently striving for with Kojie San on my side. After going through a few skin issues a while back, I have a lot of unevenness on my legs and feet. And not to mention, my face easily tans when I go out, which leaves me with a body way, waaaaay lighter than my face. Haha!

Either way, if you're in the market to #BringYourSkinToLight, then be Kojie San's IT girl! 'Cause when it comes to your skin, you are your strongest advocate.

Kojie San products are available at leading supermarkets, drug stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide. For more information, visit Kojie San Philipines on Facebook and Instagram

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