Dogs and Wellness: Are They Really Related?

Monday, July 10, 2017
There have been a few studies that reveal the connection between owning dogs – or pets in general – and living a healthier, happier, and more balanced life. These studies usually came to the same conclusion, that the presence of dogs can really help make your life better in many ways. Does owning a dog (or dogs) really help with maintaining a balanced life?

The simple answer is yes. There are several reasons why having dogs in your life is a great thing. And we're going to review some of the best ones in this post.

A Different Kind of Affection

Pay attention to dog owners and their dogs and you will be able to see strong bonds between them. Dogs have the unique ability to bond with their humans in such a way that you can almost see a personal relationship there. The way dogs eagerly greet their humans at the end of the day or how dogs can be very playful at other times are signs of a different kind of affection.

This affection is the perfect ingredient for a happier life. Dogs are used in the treatment of depression and other mental health problems for this very reason. Having dogs around will just make you happier in an instant. Building a strong relationship with them will amplify the effect even further.

It is also worth noting that taking care of dogs will also help you take better care of yourself. I’ve seen this first hand with a friend and her dog. Her dog is a cancer survivor thanks to products such as Canna-Pet. The whole experience transformed both of them and they way they connect with each other.

Help with Stress and Allergies

It is also not a secret that dogs can really help reduce your stress level to a minimum. After a long day at work and all the challenges you had to face, seeing your dog wagging its tail and smiling to greet you is the best feeling in the world. At that instant, your body will release hormones such as serotonin, reducing your stress level almost instantly.

The Public Health Reports suggested this effect back in 1980. The study showed that people who are living with dogs live longer, by a big margin too; 28% to be exact. You can’t get the experience elsewhere.

Positive View

Staying positive is one of the keys to living a healthy and balanced life. Negative thoughts can affect the way your body reacts to food and exercise. A lot of illnesses and health problems are known to be caused by stress and constant negative thoughts. Unfortunately, staying positive is not always easy, especially when you have a lot on your mind.

Dogs can help change the way you see life completely. Their naturally affectionate nature and the way they behave around you will give you that extra energy you need to have a more positive view of the world. If the question is whether dogs can influence wellness and the way you live your life, the answer is most definitely a yes.

Honoring Aya, our Beloved Husky

In line with this post, I would also like to take a small space here to honor the life of our beloved husky. An energetic, often mischievous but adorable companion, Aya has been a great family member who brought us smiles and sometimes laughs. She filled our home with nothing but amazing memories with her funny antics and seemingly-speaking howls. When we needed to take a break from human words and emotions, she was there for to celebrate with us, as well as to cheer us up.

Aya, I hope you're happy, running freely and without any pain there in doggy heaven. Your recent passing brought us grief, but we know you wouldn't want that for us. We'll keep smiling and cherish your memories, giving honor to the short life you've lived with us. We could have given you more, but alas, we can't do that anymore. We'll make sure to give your siblings the good life they deserve, in your honor.

Thank you. Good night, Aya.


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