Relationship Tips: 5 Secrets to Keep the Spark Alive

No offense to the single ladies and gents out there. But as hard as it is to attract a suitable partner, it's actually even harder to keep a healthy, long-lasting relationship. I would know, I've been and still am in one!

Most relationship experts and love and family-related articles would say that keeping it real, respectful and realizing that a relationship is a commitment is key. And as important as the values the couple embrace and develop in their relationship is, it's also important to try new things to keep the spark alive.

Relationship Tips How to Keep the Spark Alive
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I may not be a relationship guru, but let me share with you some tips and tricks that might be able to help keep the flame burning, especially if you're already in a long-term relationship.

1. Miss one another

It might seem counter-intuitive, but to remain wanting each other, it's also important to have enough time apart. Especially if you are always together, giving your partner time to either be with him/herself or with friends, may also give you some quality time with your own friends, with old and new hobbies, or just good ol' me time.

On top of time well-spent, this gives you an opportunity to miss one another -- leaving you both wanting to be with each other ASAP.

2. Try something new

If going to the mall, watching movies or staying in already seem boring, try your hands at something entirely different! Take a dance class together, enroll for cooking lessons, try archery as a date activity, go cosplay your favorite GoT characters, or hike up a mountain if you haven't yet.

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Trying something different does not only have higher entertainment value, but you might even learn something new about your partner that you wouldn't have otherwise.

3. Plan a surprise

Whether it's for a birthday, your monthsary or just a random day you picked for no reason, a surprise however small it may be, is a good way to brighten up your partner's mood and show appreciation. You can go on a surprise date, buy your partner a new shirt, cook his favorite dish, bring her flowers, make him a cup of coffee or leave a sweet note tucked in the least expected place.

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You can go big if that's your style, but even a seemingly small gesture will surely make your partner feel appreciated and happy to be in a loving relationship.

4. Stay active in the bedroom

If you're not in abstinence, it's always a good thing to keep the sex coming. For couples who have been together for longer, the bedroom might not be as exciting as it is the first time around. You're tired, he's preoccupied with work, she's not feeling it today... It may take longer until both of you are exactly on the same page again. Sometimes, you really REALLY can't. But for times that you just don't want to put in the extra effort, do so. It's not always just about how you feel, but also about how your partner feels.

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In case you or your partner needs to simmer first, engage in calm conversation, get cozy and even make a hot cup of coffee to take it slow. For something extra, you can try out Jimm's Cafe Clara with Maca Extract which helps drive cellular functions in the body including sexual and fertility. With a promise of aid in physical endurance and support in healthy blood circulation, a nice convo over a cuppa might just lead to something more.

5. Prepare to put in more effort

The tips above generally entail effort already. But at times, putting in a little more extra than the usual, can make your partner fall more in love with you.

Even if you and your partner already know it, say "I love you" to each other. Despite your busy day, devote a few minutes to catch up and ask how your partner's day went, their thoughts, feelings. If your partner got dolled up, be ready to compliment -- just make sure you mean it. If you fight and you know you're kinda in the wrong, suck it up and initiate to make up.

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There are a lot more aspects in your relationship that you can put a little more effort into. Some things a little bigger, some things a bit smaller. But it's important to realize that a healthy, loving relationship will always need hard work put into it to actually work.

Love that has been softened by time may not be as exciting, but it definitely doesn't need to be stale. Even with a warm and comfortable love, there are many ways to inject some of that old excitement. The question that remains though is, are you willing to put in the effort?


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