Great Ways to Build Up an Appetite in Milwaukee

Thursday, April 19, 2018
If you’re a genuine foodie, there are not many cities better to visit than Milwaukee. Situated on Lake Michigan and home to 600,000 people, this city takes its food seriously. And because it is home to so many different cultures, you can indulge yourself in pretty much any type of cuisine
that springs to mind.

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Before you indulge your taste buds though, why not build up an appetite by taking advantage of some of the many cool and interesting activities and days out available to you in the wonderful town of Milwaukee? Here are some great ways to build up an appetite, before letting go and filling 'em bellies.

Escape Rooms

They say that nothing makes you hungrier than working out the mind, and nothing challenges your grey matter quite like the Escape Room Milwaukee. You are given 60 minutes to solve a mystery involving several tasks that are designed to make even the brightest minds scratch their heads. It’s a lot of fun and can known to cause a few arguments, too! However, once you have worked those brain cells and managed to escape (if you do actually achieve that!), you’ll feel like you’ve been to the gym, and you’ll be ready indulge yourself.

Brewery Tours

Ever find that you are more hungry after you have a beer? Well, if that is the case, you will be starving after taking on one or two brewery tours that are available in the great city of Milwaukee. The Lakefront Brewery is a mouthwatering tour of what goes into making the best
beers in the city, and once you’ve sampled one or two of those brews, your stomach will definitely be rumbling. There’s also a Miller Brewery tour if you’re a Miller Lite fan. Either way, you’ll be thinking ‘what food would go nicely with this pint?’ as you take a sip.

Take a Hike

A little exercise goes a long way to making you hungry, and Milwaukee has some beautiful hikes to can build your appetite. There’s a two-mile walk through Downtown along the river, which is great for views but could be torture if you’re already hungry, as there are bars and
restaurants scattered all around as you walk on by.

If you want to get out of the way of any culinary distractions, you can take the Oak Leaf Trail out of the city. Remember where you parked your car, as there are 116 miles of leafy pathways to get lost in, although the very best is the shore-side walk along Lake Michigan. It’s truly a sight to behold.

One of the most beautiful spots to wander around is the Milwaukee Lakefront trail. It’s a nearly 6-mile loop of Lake Michigan and a superb place to watch the sun go down before heading back to the city and the restaurants and bars. You can fill your lungs with fresh air before you fill your belly with the good stuff.

Once you have built up that appetite, take advantage of any of the many restaurants and bars that Milwaukee has to offer. Whether you’re a taco fan or a burger lover, there is always something for you to please your taste buds.


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