PFW: My Dear Friend at Lee National Denim Day

Thursday, November 03, 2011
Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to witness not only Lee's collection for Philippine Fashion Week's Spring Summer 2012, but also to be graced by the works of budding designer-contestants in Lee's National Denim Day -- one of the biggest student fashion design competitions where one of my dearest friends had partaken.

Ronn Wong, a 20-year old Fine Arts student at University of Santo Tomas, is a true artist who dreams big and shoots for it. Even before we went to college, he already exhibits strong determination in pursuing what he truly desires. That's why when he announced his participation in Lee's National Denim Day, we were all ecstatic and excited to see him and his works on the runway.

However, patience is a virtue so we were tasked to wait for the good stuff as Lee presented first its Spring Summer collection.

Anton Del Rosario of Philippine Azkals opened the fashion show with his topless-denim-pants-and-backpack-only ensemble. But it was the entrance of Miss Universe 2011 third runner-up Shamcey Supsup who mesmerized the crowd and left everyone engaged.

Lee showcased different denim styles with themes of urban riders, sexy, dark, funky and even preppy. However, among the different genres, it was the rocker yet glamorous set of outfits that kept me really interested. The tops, especially the ones on the upper left and the lower left, are definitely my style. The denim pants were also chic and sleek.

After a few more models to grace the runway, it was the contestants time to shine. There were a total of 12 contestants from 4 different schools. Inspired by different fashion capitals in the world, each contestant showcased 2 designs. And although I rooted for Ronn, I still applaud each one of their designs for being unique, attractive and well-executed.

Here's a short clip of the entries for Lee National Denim Day on their encore walk.

All of the designs were fabulous, but I liked this dress and of course, Ronn's designs.

I like how fun yet wearable his designs were. The white cropped top, the one on the left, is my favorite! I even joked how I'd love to buy it. Luckily or rather, unluckily though, these creations are now the property of Lee.

Although we were on the sixth row, I was able to take some photos. Not as good as I would if we were seated somewhere nearer, or if I have a telephoto lens (or any lens better than my kit lens for that matter). But you can check my unedited (never touched, cropped nor post-prod) shots here to somehow get a view of what transpired at Lee's fashion show: 1 and 2.

Hopefully, I would still be able to attend any (or better if all) events for the next Philippine Fashion Week. And hopefully, I'd have better shooting skills and levelled-up equipment by then.

See more photos here:
Album 1
Album 2


  1. Cool! I like the fact that Shamcey Supsup walked the catwalk for Lee. I should have known! :)

  2. Very nice! I haven't been to one show and I hope next year I could watch one!

  3. Coolness!

    Shamcey is stunning.

  4. Wow! Congratulations to your friend. =)

  5. Lee short skirts are good love this for my girl friend :) getting more from denim exporters


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