Dillingers 1903: Steak, Brew and More

Yesterday evening, I met up with two of my college friends along with my date, to catch up over early dinner. Since my birthday is just around the counter, I told them that food is on me. Good thing, I have vouchers for Dillingers 1903 at Greenbelt 3 courtesy of Groupon Philippines.

As a voucher holder, there are some terms and limitations that I have to abide. For the 52% off deal on food and drinks at Dillingers 1903, voucher holders are not allowed to directly walk in but are expected to place a reservation. Our vouchers will also be honored only between 12NN to 5PM. Fortunately, the people at Dillingers 1903 were kind enough to accept my vouchers even if we arrived 10 minutes before the cut-off time. They were also very friendly, treating full-paying customers as well as voucher holders with the same hospitality.

I have seen photos of Dillingers 1903's interior on the internet, but it was really nice to see everything for myself. The restobar exudes a swanky mafioso vibe as if the whole place is taken out from a classic gangster film. There were bricked walls, wooden furniture, book cases, liquor displays and suede-covered seats which well complemented the black hues of the chic modern space. The whole restobar has a really cool and comfy ambiance, perfect for group of friends who'd want to chat the night away.

I placed our orders as soon as we arrived, and it was nice that Dillingers 1903's kitchen was very quick in whipping up our dishes. In no time, we already found ourselves starting our meal with an order of their French Fries (P145).

I love that these fries are big and freshly-cooked. One of my friends really liked it that she kept mindlessly munching on some while sharing a few catch up stories. My date however, thought that these fries lacked a dash or two of salt. But with condiments on the side, these french fries tasted great.

We also got an order of Fish and Chips (P195), a British favorite which my date and I both love. And the good news for us was Dillingers 1903's version did not fail to satisfy our craving. Every bite from the breaded fish was tasty and full of lovely flavors. The fish meat was tender and cooked just right while the outside was slightly crispy and not greasy at all.

I also ordered a Family Platter of Buffalo Wings (P455) for all four of us to share. These wings were tasty and had a good mix of sour and spicy flavors. My other friend and I really enjoyed this dish. My date on the other hand, found it a little bit too sour for his liking. On a side note, I initially thought the solo serving which has 6 pieces of wings is too little for our group. However, the next big serving which is a plate of 18 pieces was too many for us to finish. We only got to eat 10 pieces, and I was happy to take home the rest which if I may add, serves as a great viand when paired with plain rice.

For carbs, our group got an order of the Sausage Fettuccine (P195) which was surprisingly red sauce-based. The dish didn't look too appealing when it was served on our table. However upon my first forkful, I really liked it a lot. One of my friends also dig its sour yet slightly sweet taste, as well as the hints of saltiness from the sausage slices.

For our carnivorous selves, we enjoyed Dillingers 1903's Fillet Mignon (P395) -- a beautifully charred 200-gram steak which was done medium well and served with baked potato. Although I love beef in general, I prefer a slightly fatter cut than a leaner one. Good thing though, this fillet mignon came in wrapped with bacon. The meat was also very tender and tasty.

To satisfy more of our carnivorous craving, I also got us an order of Pepper Steak (P365). Although I love the flavor of this dish, I was quite disappointed that it was cooked well done. The smoky and pepper taste is there, but the texture of the meat was quite dry.

For drinks, my date and I got Mango Juice (P65) and Four Seasons Juice (P65) respectively while both of my friends ordered for Iced Tea (P65). And since we were in a restobar, I ordered some cocktails so we'd have even a little alcohol -- Apple Martini (P165) and Mojito (P165).


Our meal at Dillingers 1903 is quite memorable not only because of the good food, but mostly because of the great service. Servers in the restobar were very attentive and courteously gave in to all our requests. Since one of my friends came in a little late, our server even offered to reheat the dishes. It was more impressive when the reheated food items came out -- they were plated beautifully as if they were new orders.

Although my date and I are not really drinkers, we see ourselves visiting this modern restobar again sometime soon. With reasonably priced food, rich flavors, generous servings, admirable service and nicely decorated place, even without a discount voucher, we will definitely eat at Dillingers 1903.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 4.5/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Dillingers 1903, Greenbelt 3
3/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 621-6790
Official Website
Facebook Page
Twitter Page


  1. That Fillet Mignon surely did make me drool! XD

  2. Food porn! But I must say the prices are quite affordable.

  3. that was a good service, I haven't knew any other service that offer to reheat the food thanks for sharing this

  4. The quality of service can really make or break a place. I love that they were kind enough to usher you in even if you arrived 10 minutes before cut off time :) The ambiance is also interesting. First time I've heard of a 1903-themed restaurant. The food looks all right too though it's very American for my taste. Hehehe

  5. After reading your blog.. I really miss eating FISH and CHIPS. Yummy! :)

  6. most of the stories about vouchers are negative, and since you have a nice experience at Dillinger's and groupon i'll keep my eyes open to grab one too...

    drooling on the fillet mignon...

  7. hindi ka mahilig sa voucher, hehe! nagutom ako sa pepper steak and fish and chips.

  8. Looks like an ENglish pub. So quaint. =)

    I love establishments that have good customer service. =)

  9. Tampo na ako sayo, Sumi!

    You were in Makati.. GREENBELT pa of all places, and you didn't tell me!?!? Plus Dillingers pa! May voucher pa din ako na hindi pa nagagamit!!

    Don't talk to me. EVER.

    Hehe kidding..

    I'm actually glad to get your feedback on the wings because everyone has been raving about it, but I was worried that it's the sour type that i don't like.. Thanks for confirming it.. So i'm scratching it off my list..

    Or thank you to your date that is! hehe

  10. Never ate here but the food does look yummy.

  11. you have a nice experience there.I bet you enjoyed the food.
    looks yummy in the photos.

  12. the food pics look great! so mouthwatering hehe! it's surprising (in a good way) that the prices are quite affordable considering how the place looks!

  13. Know what? I haven't tried steak. :(

  14. Yah thanks to your date its sour taste has been revealed!!! xp I'm never getting that chicken EVAH! ^^

  15. I'm really impressed with restos that have really good service. I like the ambiance, it's very comfy and the foods look nice.

  16. Whoa! i wanna go out of my room and drive to the place if only i am near. Love the photos and ill definitely try that soon!

  17. Oooooo!!! I've been meaning to go to this place also. I never got to buying the groupons since the budget is all allocated for wedding preparations first ;)

    Buffalo wings, here I come :D !!!

  18. The place is awesome and the food looks quite delicious which reminds me that I have a full bunch of frozen chicken wings inside the freezer. I think it's time to thaw it. hehe..

  19. Whoa! 52% off?! You're one lucky gal. :)

    Fillet mignon looks nice. :)

  20. The interior of this resto is rustic, looks very ambient and relaxing!

    God Bless!

  21. You always make the food look so yummy! And you're lucky you bought at Groupon. I bought vouchers in Metrodeal which had been wasted totally. Maybe I'll just stick to buying food next time, not services.

  22. Buffalo Wings and Fillet Mignon!! yummy! :) plus it's in Greenhills - like it!

  23. This is a very good review. I would love to visit the place because odf what I heard from you and from what I saw from your pictures. Thanks! :D
    Advance happy birthday fellow January baby.. :P

  24. @yuuki: I've been buying and using vouchers for several times now and fortunately, I never had a hard time or any inconveniences in claiming them. Or maybe it's just because I only get vouchers for food establishments? XD

    @The Pickiest Eater: Sorry sir Richie! T__T We were really in a hurry to get to Greenbelt since I wanted to use the vouchers before 5PM. Di bale, the next time I'll be in the area which is pretty soon, I'll definitely hit you up.

    @michymichymoo: You should try getting some soon! I totally love steaks and if you're a fellow carnivore, I bet you'll love steaks too! ;)

    @Ray | En Route: That's totally understandable! ;)

    @Aleah | AdventuringFoodie.com: I've actually bought from almost every groupon site.. hahaha.. I just buy vouchers for restos though.

    @blogger RAIN: Actually it's in Greenbelt, Makati :)

    @Sionee: Thanks for the greeting! Belated happy birthday again.. :)

  25. Oooh! Can I have some of those fish 'n chips. I love those! And send me some filetlet mignon as well. I'll be waiting. :D

  26. The place looks nice. Too bad we don't enjoy american dishes that much

  27. Nice ... though feeling ko hindi mafioso vibe but more laidback lang.

  28. You are lucky to have the best resturant in the Philippines. When in Phils ,you 'll never ghet hungry.Fillet mignon looks mouthwatering.

  29. Wow, that fillet mignon looks good! It's so easy to jumpstart my steak cravings. :P

  30. The service in Dillinger's 1903 is the best. Courtesy and due consideration is well tendered to. Though the foods are priced a bit high, but yet the ambiance is almost perfect. You've rated D's 1903 almost 100%. You've treated well your friends in your birthday which is around the counter... :)

  31. Ooooh, everything looks so good! And so affordable, too!


  32. I LOVE Dillinger's. When we discovered them through vouchers I bought too from another site, I didn't expect that much really. But, I was surprised by the service, the quality of the food and the ambiance. And, gosh, the servings were quite big for sharing with 2-5 people even for someone like us who has a big appetite. :))

    This is also why whenever I see a Dillinger's voucher, I promote them along with our review from last year. That's how much I love them. :))

  33. The place and the food? Hmm, amazing - promise! Missing Dillinger's!

  34. What a sinful dinner! Hehe.. but that's for me and guess what... even if I'm on a weight loss journey, I will sure won't say no to an invitation to dine like this at an elegant resto like Dillinger's 1903's!

  35. WOW! it looks so gorgeous and yummy! I'm so jealous that I don't live in the Philippines :( I will definitely check that out when I visit manila :)

  36. Wow the fod looks amazing (thank god I'm about to have dinner...)
    Really wish they had this place in Australia

  37. matry nga din yang groupon na yan nakakaintriga eh.

  38. OMG I sooo missed reading your post and of coure the mouth watering pics! I have gone awol on blog hopping as Ive been very busy and tied trying to clean up at home and only had time to squeeze a blog post. :))

    The ambiance is very relaxing and everything looks well decorated. I wish I can make meals like that!

    Off to comment on the missed days LOL

  39. oh, mother of pearl! ang sarap nang mga dishes...gusto ko ma try yung steak...sarap pa nang ambiance!

  40. Those food makes me hungry especially the buffalo wings! ♥

    I'm one of your newest follower, by the way! :)))


  41. You NEED to try the USDA choice angus Ribeye and Porterhouse

  42. Interior looks really nice, Not "confused" ;) Hahaha. I am very much addicted to fries, and like your date, I want mine a bit salty. :D

  43. I was pondering on the idea of starting my low carb diet tomorrow. But with these pictures, I'll probably move it next month na lang. haha!


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