Triple Treats, Triple the Food Trip at SM City Manila

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Just a few weeks ago, I paid SM City Manila a visit to catch its 3-day mall-wide sale. And while I enjoyed scouring the department store for some fashion finds, I was more than excited to find out that SM City Manila's 4th floor will not only be housing boutiques, gadget stores and its movie theater, but also three new exciting restaurants!
Bobby Yan,Glecy Lopez Go, Raymund Magdaluyo, Marvin Agustin & Roselle Nava

Last Sunday on September 16, 2012, celebrities and notable people have been spotted in SM City Manila as SumoSam Tokyo Grill, KungFu Kitchen and Blackbeard's Seafood Island celebrate their grand opening day. Yes, not just one, or two, but three different dining establishments were launched on the same day. That's triple the treat!

Tokyo Grill

First among the three restaurants is SumoSam Tokyo Grill. From the name itself, you'd know that this is brought to us by SumoSam, the leading Japanese fusion resto in the Metro. To deviate from the offerings of other Japanese restaurants though, SumoSam Tokyo Grill debuts exciting dishes such as the Japanese Bibimpap, Japas (Japanese small plates), Tokyo Grill Nachos, Jap Pao (sweetened slow cooked pork), Fried Maki Rolls, and the Sizzling Bento where diners can choose from beef, chicken, pork or salmon to go along with mixed vegetables and Asian rice served on a sizzling bento box.

Kung Fu Kitchen

Then we also have KungFu Kitchen which aims to revolutionize the country's modern casual Chinese dining by combining together two important elements -- fresh and fast. And with a tagline of Feasts of Fury, this Chinese resto promises an array of sumptuous dishes powered with the tempest of the strongest spirit and tamed with discipline sure to knack your senses, but not kick your budget. Some of the notable items from KungFu Kitchen includes one of my favorite dimsum dish of all time, Xiao Long Bao. They'll also be carrying a set meal called KFK’s Boxers with different treats all in one plate.

Seafood Island

Last but definitely not the least among the three restaurants is Blackbeard's Seafood Island brought to us by its parent, Red Crab resto chains. As a big seafood lover, this restaurant has been on my list of must-trys. One of their famous sets is the I am Ninoy (Dagupan) Boodle Feast which has the best of what the Philippine islands has to offer. It has a mix of deep-fried boneless bangus, pork barbecue, steamed white shrimps, grilled tahong, okra, talbos ng kamote, green mango, crispy liempo and bagoong rice perfect to satisfy the whole family or the barkada after a malling session.

With three new and exciting restaurants, SumoSam Tokyo Grill, KungFu Kitchen and Blackbeard's Seafood Island, all in the 4th level of the same mall, you now have three more dining choices when you find yourself in SM City Manila. This is what I call triple the treats, tripe the fun and triple the food trip!


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