Jamba Juice: Manila's New Healthy Blend

First of all, let me admit that this post is super delayed. I was supposed to share my Jamba Juice experience at the newly-opened SM North EDSA The Block branch earlier last month. However, I decided to hold back and compile all my Jamba Juice trips to a single post, hence this late entry. (No, I'm not making up excuses.) And as much as I'm left behind for the event coverage of the SM North The Block branch's opening, I'm pretty happy that I'll be sharing with you a food and beverage review of Jamba Juice instead.
Jamba Juice Pastry Pack

Although I've already been to the Bonifacio High Street Central and SM Mall of Asia branches of Jamba Juice, it's their SM North EDSA branch that I always frequent. Located at the second level of The Block, Jamba Juice's store is just along the connecting area of SM North EDSA's main mall and The Block. And just like its other stores, this particular branch is also donned with refreshing colors of orange and lime.

Jamba Juice at SM North Edsa

Aside from the bright and happy color scheme, the crew and baristas at Jamba Juice are very courteous and friendly. They're actually as refreshing and as inviting as their ambiance so this is definitely a big plus especially for first time customers.

Savories at Jamba Juice

When you check out the counter, the first thing you'll see (or maybe it was just in my case) is a selection of breads and wraps. And while I was mostly interested with the beverages at Jamba Juice, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try out their breads as well.

Smokehouse Chicken California Flatbread P140

Throughout my trips, I got to try their Smokehouse Chicken on Flatbread (P140) which had smoked chicken pieces, black beans, red and green bell peppers, and corn toppings. While I didn't expect a lot from this flatbread pizza, I really liked how soft and moist the bread was. It was served warm so it was very comforting. The toppings also made for a subtle yet satisfying ensemble that suited my palate very well. However, fans of savory pizzas might not like this that much as this is definitely light in taste.

Cinnamon Pretzel P85

I also got to try their Cinnamon Pretzel (P85), a soft pretzel with hints of cinnamon flavor best eaten when warm. The first time I bite through it, I thought it really tasted like a soft bread with a little cinnamon. And while some may prefer hard pretzels, I actually liked this big piece of soft one for being so simple yet so comforting.

The Classic & Power Smoothies

(Small 16oz. P135; Medium 22oz. P155; Large 30oz. P195)

I generally like the savories at Jamba Juice. But of course, they're not the main highlights at the store. Their actual bestsellers are their healthy smoothies which even come with a free boost -- a choice from energy, immunity, daily vitamin, soy protein, antioxidant, flax & fiber, and whey protein. So far, among the smoothies, I got to try the following:

Banana Berry Peach Pleasure

  • Banana Berry - Bananas, blueberries, apple-strawberry juice, raspberry sherbet and frozen yogurt (2.5 fruit servings)
  • Peach Pleasure - Peaches, bananas, peach juice and orange sherbet (2.5 fruit servings)

These two are my ultimate favorites as well as the Strawberries Wild flavor -- strawberries, bananas, apple-strawberry juice and frozen yogurt (2.5 fruit servings), which I wasn't able to take a photo of. While they taste very fruity, sweet but mostly tart, they're also very refreshing and not too overbearing for the palate. I guess they're the perfect meal sweeper for me, that drink you can have after you pigged out.

Acai Supercharger Protein Berry Workout

  • Acai Supercharger - Acai juice, blueberries, strawberries, soymilk, raspberry sherbet and antioxidant power boost (2.0 fruit servings)
  • Protein Berry Workout - Strawberries, bananas, soymilk, and soy or whey protein boost (1.5 fruit servings)

These two are more of a pre-boosted smoothie since there's already a fixed boost in their recipe. And to be honest, I'm not so crazy about them. The Acai Supercharger is really tart which might throw people off, while the Protein Berry Workout is too mellowed down for my fruit-craving palate (its protein flavor is strong though).

The All Fruit & Creamy Smoothies

(Small 16oz. P150; Medium 22oz. P170; Large 30oz. P210)

Aside from the classic smoothies, Jamba Juice also offer a more fruity option for those who can't get enough fruit from the classic offerings. There's also the creamy smoothies for those who would want to indulge in thicker and more sinful drinks.

Peanut Butter Moo'd Peach Perfection

  • Peanut Butter Moo'd - Chocolate base, peanut butter, bananas, frozen yogurt and soy milk
  • Peach Perfection - Peaches, mangoes, strawberries, peach juice, and apple-strawberry juice (3.5 fruit servings)

The Peanut Butter Moo'd isn't actually my order, but the beau's. He was curious on how this drink would taste, but he regretted it. It was too thick and too peanut buttery. It wasn't too sweet, but it was like peanut butter in a drink form. I couldn't even taste the bananas! The Peach Perfection on the other hand, was quite good. It's fruitier and tartier than the Peach Pleasure, but I won't be ordering this as frequent as my favorites.

Jamba Juice SM North Opening with Myrns and Cha
With fellow bloggers at Jamba Juice SM North EDSA's opening

Jamba Juice with Ronn
With my fab friend, Ronn

Another feat I really like at Jamba Juice in SM North EDSA is their photobooth. For my several trips, I already got to abuse their camera. There's also one at their Bonifacio High Street Central branch. However, I find the camera in The Block's store better.


Being a fruit lover, I'm quite happy that Jamba Juice has already arrived in the Philippines and had established a store in one of my go-to malls. I'd admit that I'm pretty biased 'cause I regularly drink fruit smoothies (even before Jamba Juice came into the picture). But in all honesty, I can say that their taste is pretty good since you'll really get to enjoy every cup if you're as crazy for fruits as me. When it comes to pricing, I can say that they're priced reasonably. A little expensive, yes, but if you don't have access to certain fruits and ingredients, then it's definitely worth a try. I guess this is now my coffee shop since I'm trying to veer away from coffee due to hyperacidity.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Jamba Juice Branches:
SM North EDSA The Block 2/F
Bonifacio High Street Central West Superblock,
SM Mall of Asia (Near the Ice Skating Rink)
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. Peanut Butter Moo'd was also my first try and I didn't order it again. Great review! :)


    1. Thanks sis! I think it's better to stick to the fruit smoothie options when in Jamba Juice. I'm curious with their Chocolate Moo'd though.. :D

  2. You take great pictures!! Natempt ako pumunta dahil doon haha! :p Gonna visit this weekend and buy the flatbread. Looks really really good.

    As always, great review! :)

    1. Their flatbread pizza's good! Sadly, the bf's not a fan though.. >.<

  3. Wow looking forward to visit this place this Sunday

  4. I love their strawberries wild! Can't wait to visit there again.

  5. Have tried Jamba Juice at Bonifacio High Street and really liked it. So glad that there's now a branch in North Edsa which is just near our place.

  6. A must try fruit juice drink especially the fruit pleasure

  7. Ako na lang ata hindi pa nakakapag Jamba Juice! Will try to drink more healthy smoothies this year.

  8. "A little expensive, yes, but if you don't have access to certain fruits and ingredients, then it's definitely worth a try."

    This has always been one of my justification when it comes to buying (and trying out) pricey goods. :)

  9. I looooooooove Jamba Juice! Especially if your craving for something to slurp without the guilt factor. Puuurfect! :)

  10. Oooh. The cinammon pretzel looks very delicious. Cant wait to try out Jamba Juice soon! :D

  11. I've already taste Peanut Butter Moo'd for the first time and I think it is actually something to die for! I don't know but I think we have different taste buds hehe! Thank you Sumi! :)

  12. yay, i think were gonna be here soon,its much more nearer from our place,gonna love their smoothies...

  13. Jamba Juice at SM Bloc is a favoritehangout-meeting with my business partners hahaha! mango passion for me!

  14. I must give it a try for this year! hahaha.. Never drink smoothies before.. Thanks for this review.

  15. I tried this once. I loved the mango smoothie. Next time around, I will grab a Smokehouse Chicken on Flatbread too. It looks so delicious :)

  16. I tried Jamba Juice, megamall branch :) looking at your pictures, their store looks exactly the same. AS IN. Even though that was in SM north :))

  17. I could sure use some of that smoothie with the summer heat! Good thing Jamba Juice is already present in Alabang :)


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