Krazy Garlik: Garlic Overload at Greenbelt 5

If you've been a reader for a while, you probably know that the beau is very picky with his vegetables. In fact, he doesn't even eat the salad sidings included in most of his meals. Fortunately though, there's one veggie he's crazy about -- garlic. So when we found ourselves in Greenbelt one weekend, we headed straight to Krazy Garlik for dinner.
Krazy Garlik

Located in Greenbelt 5, Krazy Garlik is another concept restaurant from The Bistro Group. Unlike most of their chains though, Krazy Garlik is an original concept which stemmed from the Filipino's love for garlic. And while I admit the beau is a bigger fan of garlic than I am, I can't deny that I too love the distinct, mildly savory taste of this glorious bulb. So although it was both our first time at the restaurant, you can bet we're excited!

Krazy Garlik Greenbelt Krazy Garlik Interior

Krazy Garlik's facade looks bright and inviting despite being a little fast food-ish. However, we weren't prepared for the interior when we walked in. While I like the bistro ambiance of the place, I find the tables a little too close to one another making the aisles too small to easily pass through. When the sun had also set, the restaurant's lighting seemed to have transformed into a dark resto-pub's which I find too gloomy for such a fun garlic-themed dining place. Moving on though, we were here for the food anyway so I'll stop nitpicking the interior and get on with what we had for our evening meal.

Stuffed Pechay P295

I told you earlier the beau doesn't really eat a lot of veggies, so I attempted making him have some by ordering this plate of Stuffed Pechay (P295) as both a meal starter and an entrée. And while I slightly succeeded as he got about 3 pieces, it was me who finished off the whole thing as I just dig the creamy and savory coco-chili sauce. The ground pork and smoked fish filling was good too, but it was the sauce that won me over.

40 Kloves Chicken Regular P395

We then had the 40 Kloves Chicken (Regular P395) which is one of the restaurant's bestsellers. Even before we got a taste of this chicken dish, it already garnered a good impression as it smelled so good when the waiter served the plate on our table. And while the skin was quite crispy and the meat was cooked to a moist and tender goodness, I feel like it lacked more garlic. I know, I know, this was already simmered in 40 cloves. However taste-wise, I think it'd be better if it had a stronger garlic flavor.

Hara-Kiri To-Share P375

For carbs, we had the Hara-Kiri Rice (To-Share P375) which is a spicy fried rice with chilies, squid, shrimp and bacon. Although this rice dish seems fairly simple, I loved it to bits! It was savory and hot at the same time. It perfectly goes well with the Stuffed Pechay's coco-chili cream too. Oh, and for non-spicy dish fans, this tastes really spicy when eaten on its own, but becomes far more tolerable when eaten with any viands.

Snowflakes Pizza P495

The beau originally wanted to have pasta but got indirectly discouraged by me. So to make up for it, I just thought we'd try the Snowflakes Pizza (P495) which had a house special creamy base with shrimps, pineapple slices and garlic flakes. Although the beau doesn't really dig pineapples, he loved this subtle garlic-flavored pizza. I myself enjoyed my slices too. The garlic taste wasn't as strong as I would've wanted, but it works.

Now, before I get on with the desserts, let me tell you that what made our Krazy Garlik dinner even better are their condiments. Every table has a garlic-soy sauce, a chili garlic-soy sauce and some crispy garlic bits. I think this is not only meant to make the dishes more flavorful generally but to heighten the garlic taste on every item based on the diner's preference. And you know what, the beau and I both love Krazy Garlik for this!

Crema Catalana P195

For a sweet ending, we first had the Crema Catalana (P195), a Spanish-style crème brûlée with a garlic twist. Yes people, those are 5 cloves of sweetened garlic right there! Generally, this is a good take on crème brûlée. It was soft, smooth, sweet and had that perfect crispy torched top. And while the beau was the bigger garlic fan, he didn't like the sweetened garlic. I found them good though especially when eaten with the custard.

Banana Cream Pie P225

We also got the Banana Cream Pie (P225), the beau's choice of dessert made from bananas, dulce de leche and cream, on a bed of crumbled graham crust, then drizzled with chocolate and caramel syrup. While the beau got totally excited upon seeing his sweet treat served on our table, he wasn't too happy upon his first bite. I too had the same reaction. The flavor was just too mellow and the item lacked more sweetness.

Thai Tea Boba Drink P175 Drink Me Healthy Quencher P180

For our beverages, I had the Thai Tea Boba Drink (P175) since I've recently been into Thai teas so much. While I enjoyed the flavor of this drink, plus chewing on the jellies, it was quite disappointing that none of the bubbles popped as the server had told us. I'm not sure if I was just unlucky or if my drink really didn't have popping bobas.

The beau on the other hand, got the Drink Me Healthy Quencher (P180), a glass of fresh fruit shake made from ripe mangoes and bananas with strawberry purée. At first sip, the beau thought his drink lacked sweetness. Our server was kind enough to offer adjusting the drink. However, he only increased the amount of strawberry purée instead of adding sugar, hence the super red color in the glass. For me, that would've been a good move. But for the beau who wanted his dose of sucrose, it was quite disappointing.


Although we can't declare yet our love for Krazy Garlik, we liked everything we had for the night. To be honest, we find some dishes pricey for its worth. But with the taste and quality being generally good, I guess it's worth the splurge at times. As a restaurant from The Bistro Group, I have to say that service was courteous and prompt as always. In fact, service here was the promptest of all the Bistro restaurants we've visited. So with that, the beau and I are looking forward to another garlic overload session at Krazy Garlik.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 3.5/5
Service - 4.5/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Krazy Garlik, Greenbelt 5
2/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St.,
Ayala Center, Makati
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 501-3752
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. Snowflakes Pizza is one of my faves from here. :) Always too full to eat dessert, but that creme brulee looks interesting. Would be fun to try out for myself how creme brulee tastes with garlic!

    1. Visit Krazy Garlik for dessert soon, then! :D The sweetened garlic is weird at first, but I got the hang of it on my 2nd clove. Haha! Let me know what you think of it when you get to try it na ;)

  2. I love garlic... I should try eating here soon. I'm interested in that pechay dish, hehe!

  3. Haven't eaten there yet but that sounds like a great place to go to! I love garlic as well and like Rowena, I would surely love to try the stuffed pechay. Even without you describing how good the sauce is, it already looks really good. Mmmm I can almost taste it! haha

  4. Another awesome Restaurant! It really says Krazy garlic, which all of the main dishes has pieces of garlic as garnish. would definitely try eating there soon. the snowflakes pizza is the one im eyeing on. ♥

  5. I have yet to try this! My close friends and I went to Bulgogi Brothers instead of Krazy Garlic last week. Next stop namin ito promise :) I'm dying to taste the Snowflakes Pizza!

  6. Hara-Kiri Rice looks really yummy even without any viands! :) Love the sweets, too!

  7. I want to try Krazy Garlik! I love the look of that Cream Catalana! :)

  8. I like what you've said "The ground pork and smoked fish filling was good too, but it was the sauce that won me over." because I also love sauces which has chili on it...

  9. I saw this at Greenbelt... kaso haven't tried eating there yet.. :3 yay! I love their dishes! I hate garlic but this looks enticing! <3

  10. Yummm! That Kloves Chicken had me at hello :)

  11. banan cream pie looks very yummy there!!! my husband and I loves garlic! we even eat it fresh with our pastas hehe xx

  12. Krazy Garlic!! This one slipped from our list last December. Next time... matitikman din kita. The photos look so yum, btw!

  13. I don't like garlic that much! But with your blog, I think I'm gonna like it in this place!

  14. I've tried the 40 Kloves Chicken and the Crema Catalana. But, both didn't leave much of an impression. Like your beau, the sweetened garlic didn't sink well with me @_@ Perhaps I should try krazy garlic again and try the other interesting dishes =D

  15. love this! though i still love pepper lunch first, and bon chon second, and then this..
    i'm so a fan of the bistro group..=)

  16. I generally like Krazy Garlik, too! It's on the top 3 of my fave Bistro restos. I have yet to try their desserts, though. :)

  17. Nakakagutom ka talaga sis magpost! Drooling here!

  18. This is really interesting! Garlic flavored pizza and crème brûlée? Cant wait to bring my beau here! *Evil grin*

  19. Anything that is garlic, Im in, So Krazy Garlic here I come :)

  20. quite expensive yet so tempting... :)

  21. Im not really fond of garlic, the only garlic-y thing i constantly ate is the garlic bread from either Sbarro or Tinapayan. AND the garlic sauce they put on Leylam Shawarma. :) This however intrigues me. . might as well try 'em when im in QC next time. Thanks!

  22. we found krazy garlik at the newport mall by chance (walang mapiling kainan) and it was love at first bite! :)

  23. WOW! I love the Food. Hope i can go their and eat soon.

  24. wow!the place looks good, cant wait to visit that place and use my GC:) cant wait to try their Crema Catalana:)

  25. yummmmy wanna eat there soon!

  26. Food are looks yummyyy and delicious for me!!! I Should have try this... Happy eating!!

  27. Marice de la Costa

    Hope to try Krazy Garlic's 40 Kloves Chicken when I visit Greenbelt 5!

  28. I also would love to try 40 Kloves Chicken, Snowflakes Pizza, Banana Cream Pie and Drink Me Healthy Quencher. It's mouth-watering, most especially that 40 Kloves Chicken O_o

  29. Love to try their food as I love garlic chips and the aroma of garlic in dishes.

  30. i love garlic!! must try this one!!

  31. I wanna try their Snowflakes Pizza . cause i love pizza. is their a Krazy Garlik branch over the south?

  32. the snowfales pizza make me hungry,wanna try this place

  33. Haven't tried Krazy Garlic. I thought everything was just hype but reading your review about the place and the dishes has prompted me to give this resto a try. And yes, I also love garlic and lots of it :-)


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