Wang Fu Chinese Café: Asian Comfort Food in IL Terrazzo

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Although it feels surreal that a year had passed that quick, I'm happy to have been given not only a family to celebrate this milestone with, but also a set of great friends who has always been there for me. And since it's been quite a while since our last meeting, I decided to call for a mini-birthday celebration cum mini-reunion which we held at Wang Fu Chinese Café in IL Terrazzo.
Wang Fu Chinese Cafe Il Terrazzo

I've already seen Wang Fu Chinese Café during my last IL Terrazzo visit. And since I saw they serve a good variety of Chinese-Singaporean fare with very friendly price tags, I just knew it's the perfect place for me and my friends. And I was right. The restaurant may not be really big, but it was conducive enough, with good lighting and comfortable cushioned seating perfect for diners like us who'll be staying and chatting the night away.

The Food

Since there were nine of us in the group, I ordered most dishes in two's or three's. The serving sizes of all the dishes at Wang Fu Chinese Café are definitely good for more than one person. I'd say about two to three people can share the items without a problem. Or, even four if everyone in the group isn't a hearty eater.

Chili Potato Strings P128

First among our orders is the Chili Potato Strings (P128). When I first saw this on their menu, I just knew I'd be getting this item since I fell in love with Mao Jia Hunan Cuisine's rendition of this spicy potato dish. And while Wang Fu's wasn't as crazily spicy as the one I've tried before, it delivered all the qualities I like about this dish. The potatoes were firm to the bite with a spicy yet slightly sour flavor. I think I can finish up to 3 orders of this!

Garlic Taiwan Pechay P128

Next, we had the Garlic Taiwan Pechay (P128). I'm a big fan of garlic and I'm glad that the garlic flavor was prominent in this dish. However, since I'm not that into pechay, this item didn't leave a significant mark on my palate. My friends seemed to have enjoyed having some greens on the table though, to balance off the next dishes to come.

Singapore Mango Fish Fillet P268

We also had the Singapore Mango Fish Fillet (P268), a plate of breaded fish fillet topped with a sweet and tangy mango salad. I ordered this to serve as our appetizer, and it did successfully whet my palate. I can't say there's something special with the fish fillet, but the salad really brought life to the plate, taking the whole ensemble up a notch.

Wang Fu Hainanese Chicken Half P338

For our viand, we got the Wang Fu Hainanese Chicken (Half P338) which is one of the restaurant's specialty. As expected from Hainanese chicken, the meat was super soft, tender and oozing with juices. And when eaten with rice and dipped in the ginger, chili and dark soy sauces, this was one succulent and flavorful bird we can't get enough of.

Black Pepper Beef P268

Another meaty viand we had was the Black Pepper Beef (P268). Sure, the dish sounds simple, but every forkful really had me digging in. The beef pieces were so tender and so succulent, with every cut coated with the rich, savory and peppery sauce. Among our viands for the night, this scored the same spot for me as the Hainanese chicken.

Char Siu Pork P228

We also had some Char Siu Pork (P228). Although I'm generally not a big fan of asado, I quite liked Wang Fu Chinese Café's version. Every piece was moist and tender, and generously coated with the sweet and savory red asado sauce. My friends seemed to have liked this dish as well since it complements the Yang Chow fried rice we ordered.

Yang Chow Fried Rice P168

For carbs, we had the crowd favorite Yang Chow Fried Rice (P168). While this version isn't the most flavorful I've had, it's definitely one of the good ones especially for its price point. It tastes almost the same as the Yang Chow fried rice from other reputable Chinese restaurants I've been to. Everyone in the group seemed to have enjoyed it paired with the different viands too. So overall, this is a good choice for rice.

Tomato Fried Rice P168

I also got an order of the Tomato Fried Rice (P168) since I'm curious as to how a rice item like this would taste like. At first, it was a little odd. The tomato flavor wasn't overpowering, but it was just a little unfamiliar. But after succeeding spoonfuls, I think I kind of liked it. My friends said the same thing. It gets better and better after every bite.

Traditional Ice Kachang Traditional Ice Kachang P98

For dessert, it was really nice of Wang Fu Chinese Café to have given us complimentary Traditional Ice Kachang (P98). It's the Singaporean-Malaysian version of halo-halo with kaong, red beans, corn, strawberry and orange syrups on shaved ice. Compared to our halo-halo and to other ice kachangs I've had, I really dig this colorful rendition since it's not too sweet and has a delicate creaminess and refreshing flavor.

Mango Kachang P98 Mango Kachang

There's also a mango-flavored version, the Mango Kachang (P98). This is as good, although I personally prefer the previous one. Some of my friends say otherwise, though. They liked how this rendition has their favorite mango flavor (syrup) and some jellies.

The Drinks

I used to find it odd that Wang Fu Chinese Café would dub themselves as a café. But upon seeing their beverage selection, I immediately understood. Seriously, they have a lot of drinks to offer. And so, my friends and I all went gaga over them.

Hot Nan Yang Milk Tea P68 Honey Peach Freeze P98

While waiting for my friends to arrive, pre-dinner time, I had myself a comforting cup of Hot Nan Yang Milk Tea (P68). From what I know, they call this Teh Tarik in Singapore and Malaysia, but it has Indian roots. And upon first sip, I can say it's definitely one of the good ones. It's light, creamy and very relaxing on the palate. I also got to try the refreshing Honey Peach Freeze (P98) which doubled as my dessert since it also has shaved ice, but this time, infused with the goodness of one of my favorite fruits, peaches.

HS Friends with Wang Fu Drinks

I didn't take photos of my friends' drinks since I don't want them to suffer from my scrutiny. But they seemed to have had fun with their beverage choices -- Rootbeer Float (P78), Sprite Float (P78), Royal Float (P78), Dinosaur (P78) and Milo Godzilla (P98).


They say good company makes a celebration memorable, but with good food and service, the experience can be taken up a notch or two. And that's exactly what we had at Wang Fu Chinese Café. Everything we had for the night was good. We even had a bonus of affordable price tags, a nice and comfortable ambiance, and a wide variety of both food and drinks. Another thing I really like at Wang Fu is the fact that they serve rice meals. This is a big plus for me since I sometimes dine in restaurants on my own. So Wang Fu, thanks for being part of my birthday celebration. See you again soon!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Wang Fu Chinese Café, IL Terrazzo
G/F IL Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Ave.
Cor. Scout Madriñan, Quezon City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 709-0569
Facebook Page


  1. I love it when you include milk tea's with your meal ^_^

  2. Belated happy birthday :) So how do your friends react when you take photos before actually digging in? :D

    1. Haha! :)) They're quite used to it na. But really, when I'm with family or friends, I only take one shot of every item. It's a different story when I'm with blogger friends though :D

  3. Belated happy birthday dear siobe! Wang Fu is already on my to visit list not only because of the sumptuous food they offer but because one of the owners happened to be family.

  4. A belated happy birthday to you, Sumi. I love Yang Chow :). The other dishes look just as yummy. Looks like everyone had fun :)

  5. what a yummy birthday! :) kakagutom!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday! Wow, the food looks delicious. I can't wait to check this place out. :)

  7. nacurious din ako sa tomato fried rice! i wanna try their Ice Kachang!! :) will try this place with D :)

  8. Char siu pork and Ice kachang look perfect!

    Hmmm.... There's a Chinese cafe downstairs and I'm tempted to go there tuloy. LOL.

  9. And oh, belated happy birthday! :)

  10. All the dishes looked super yummy! But what's really making me want to grab a cup of was the Hot Nan Yang Milk Tea - sounds perfect for a rainy day like this! :)

  11. oh my God! i like the chili potato strings..if i get a chance to go there, i'd surely order that one!=)

  12. Wow! I love the Food. Hope to try it soon! :))

  13. omg! now i am totally craving for some chicken rice! nice to know this place! if ever i get to visit philippines again I knowwhere to go and find the food i lvoe! xx belated happy bday! celebrated my bday as well last feb 5. xx

  14. Oh my! Belated happy birthday! :) Great way to celebrate it in a chinese restaurant :D The Char Siu Pork looks like a sweet and sour beef. Very mouth watering.

  15. Tomato Fried Rice looks interesting :)

  16. I love Chinese foods...
    these are all good stuffs thumbs up!

  17. Just looking at food makes me see my stomach already started craving all thanks to you and your post.

    Vegetarian Restaurant In London

  18. Belated Happy Birthday Sumi!!! Hope you continue to have a fabulous time... I've been to Wang Fu last year and I adore their menu, esp their Hakaw - their dimsum choices are so affordable! will definite be back for more :)

  19. OMG! The dishes are very affordable naman.. at looks yummy! :) I'm looking forward to dining here one of these days... :)

  20. The desserts and drinks look so colorful and intriguing. The Char Siu pork certainly got me craving. :)

  21. Thank you Ms. Sumi! Glad you enjoyed the food. please see us again soon :) - Freda Co, Wang Fu Chinese Cafe

  22. Oi belated Hapi Birtdey SUmi :) interesting yung Black Pepper Beef-- mouth -watering :)

  23. Belated Happy Birthday Sumi! :D It's a mini-celebration pero andaming food! Hahaha :)) I wanna taste that Mango Kachang! :))

  24. Belated Happy Birthday to you! :) when I visit that restaurant in the future, I'm going to try that Hainanese Chicken and Mango Fish Fillet. It's mouth-watering :O

  25. belated happy bday po isa na naman po restaurant na pwedeng pwedeng puntahan upang makakain ng mga masasarap ng menu.

  26. Love my chinese food and they all look so yummy have to try it one of this day if I happen to pass there

  27. Belated Happy birthday..!! Love the foods mukhang masasarap lahat..!!

  28. omg! Black Pepper Beef looks so tempting! love the yang chow fried rice and the Char Siu Pork!

  29. Wow I want to try this...Black Pepper Beef looks so good...I wonder how much of a kick they can make this. I just love Chinese and put an extra spicy kick into it.

  30. Belated Happy Birthday! You all looking good! btw, Singapore Mango Fish Fillet looks delish since I love mango and fish fillet! How was it? I wanna try it! ;)

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  36. OMG! Naglalaway ako sa mga foods! HAHA.
    I haven't tried to go this Wang Fu Chinese Café but upon reading your blog i'm planning to try this oh so yummiest foods. :))


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