MEZZA NORTE by Mercato Centrale Now Open in Trinoma!

Food markets have been the "in" thing for foodies these past few years, and we have the Mercato Centrale Group to thank for that. However, as you may have noticed, I still haven't blogged about the weekend market or even the Sunday morning market of Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City. I've already visited it twice, but haven't tried as many food and vendors as I would've wanted, hence my inhibition to post about it. But, northies like me can finally get a taste of the premier food market in the comforts of our own area. We now have Mezza Norte in Trinoma's Mindanao open parking!
Crowd at Mezza Norte Trinoma

You may have heard of Mezza Norte opening in UP Ayala-Technohub. But last May 3, 2013, Mezza Norte has made the big move to Ayala Mall's Trinoma. (Yay for this, since Trinoma's actually easier to visit for me!) Every Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 4PM to 3AM, northern Manila foodies can now enjoy a vibrant night food market with over 50 food vendors, a mix of Mercato Centrale and Cucina Andare suki, and budding food entrepreneurs. Of course, I didn't dare miss having my own Mezza Norte experience.

Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs

Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs at Mezza Norte Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs Coney Island Chili Dog P145
Display of Coney Island Chili Dog (P145)
Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs Wagamama P130
Our sample of the Wagamama Hotdog (P130)

One of my favorites that night was the Wagamama from Schmidt's Gourmet Hotdogs. It's a Japanese-inspired hotdog with Japanese curry, Japanese mayo, coleslaw and shredded nori. As much as I love Japanese flavors, I can honestly say that even the hotdog alone can already make me one happy kid. But of course, the addition of the west-meets-east combination of ingredients made this hotdog even more awesome.

Joshua Tree Hawker-Style Asian Noodles

Hawker-Style Asian Noodles at Mezza Norte
Hawker-Style Asian Noodles Bruneian Kon Loh Mee
Bruneian Kon Loh Mee
Hawker-Style Asian Noodles Hong Kong Wet Fried Mee
Hong Kong Wet Fried Mee

I failed to note the prices of these noodles, but I think they were a few bucks over P100 if I remember it right. I got to try both the Bruneian Kon Loh Mee which was a flavorful egg noodle dish with roasted pork toppings, garlic, mushrooms and scallions in an oyster-based sauce, and the Hong Kong Wet Fried Mee which was milder in taste and seemed like e-fu or yi mein noodles. However, my favorite from this vendor would have to be their Malaysian Char Kway Teow which achie Joan had and gladly shared with us.

The Sultry Chef

The Sultry Chef at Mezza Norte
The Sultry Chef's Ivory Yat, 2nd runner-up in MasterChef Pinoy Edition
The Sultry Chef Roast Beef and Chicken
Roast Beef and Chicken (P99 each)
The Sultry Chef Tuyo Aglio Olio, Basil & Meat Sauce Penne and Roast Beef
My sampler of Tuyo Aglio Olio, Penne with Basil & Meat Sauce, and Roast Beef

I've been a fan of the international MasterChef series, so it was really nice to have met a finalist from our very own MasterChef Pinoy Edition. And what's more awesome is I get to taste her food! I only got a small portion of the Roast Beef so I couldn't exactly tell how good it was, but I sure had enough fill of the tasty Tuyo Aglio Olio which was my favorite among her offerings that evening. It was slightly spicy,cheesy and tasted just right.


Roasterrific at Mezza Norte
Roasterrific Herbalicious Lechon and Peking Style Roasted Chicken
My sampler of Herbalicious Lechon and Peking Style Roasted Chicken

Roasterrific! may have already opened a home in Maginhawa, Quezon City, but I'm sure glad they're here at Mezza Norte Trinoma so I can get an easier access to their tasty Peking Style Roasted Chicken and their sinful yet heavenly Herbalicious Lechon, both of which I oh-so-want to top on a hot serving or two of steamed rice. Yum!

Sinangag Trip

Sinangag Trip at Mezza Norte
Sinangag Trip Silog
Eyeing on the Hungsilog, Special Baconsilog and Hungrarian wrapped with Bacon

If I'd have to choose between a continental breakfast and a Filipino breakfast, there's no doubt that I'll go straight for our own brekkie set! I love my silog so much, that's why I was so happy to have seen Sinangag Trip at Mezza Norte. And although I only got a free taste of their Hungarian Sausage, it's already enough to make me come back and try the full order of their Hungsilog and maybe their Hungarian wrapped with Bacon.

Chef Bab's Sizzling Sisig

Chef Bab's Sizzling Sisig at Mezza Norte

I'm a self-confessed sisig lover, so the sight of Chef Bab's Sizzling Sisig offering different kinds of sisig variants was a delight. They had sisig made with chicken, pork, dinakdakan (pork offal), bangus, squid, and even veggie meat and tofu. I only got to try the Veggie Meat Sisig, and while it tasted as meaty as an honest-to-goodness sisig, it was also really spicy which makes it a perfect partner on top of rice and with an egg.

Takoyaki at Mezza Norte

Takoyaki at Mezza Norte
Cooking Takoyaki at Mezza Norte

Now, forgive me for this grave food blogging offense, but I failed to note the name of the business making and selling these Takoyaki. I only realized that I don't know which business this belongs to when I was already sorting the photos. *sobs in the corner of shame* Nevertheless though, we enjoyed munching on these plump pieces. Oh, and I'm sure you'll easily spot them at Mezza Norte should you crave for some Takoyaki.

Carlo's Kitchen

Carlo's Kitchen at Mezza Norte
Carlo's Kitchen Crunchy Belly
Carlo's Kitchen's famous Crunchy Belly

I first encountered Carlo's Kitchen and its famous Crunchy Belly at Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test. And while I'm usually the type who doesn't get impressed much the second or third time around, I can say that tasting another round of these savory, salty and sinful Crunchy Belly was even better than the first time. That really says something!

Merry Moo's Artisan Ice Cream

Merry Moo Ice Cream at Mezza Norte
Merry Moo Premium Ice Cream Flavors P75 per cup
Sea Salt Caramel, Cookie Butter, Earl Grey Tea, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookies & Brownies, Strawberry Basil, French Vanilla, Honeycomb, Coffee Kahlua, Butterscotch Pecan

I've already heard of great things about Merry Moo, but it's the first time I've confirmed the raves. And yes, they're right! Merry Moo's Artisan Ice Cream is one of the best-tasting ice creams I've ever had! For P70/P75 per large scoop, I can say that the taste of this creamy deliciousness is definitely worth it. I got to sample every flavor and my favorites are: Earl Grey Tea, Coffee Kahlua, Sea Salt Caramel and Strawberry Basil.


Mochiko at Mezza Norte Mochiko Red Velvet Mochi

I tried Mochiko before, but I wasn't too impressed since I still prefer Mochi Creme when it comes to mochi ice cream. However, getting a taste of their new Red Velvet (P70) was a game changer. This mochi ice cream, unlike any other has real red velvet cake encased with a cream cheese ice cream. So yes, this isn't just mochi filled with ice cream. It's mochi filled with CREAM CHEESE ice cream, and a REAL red velvet cake!

Edgy's Food Trip & Drink

Edgy's Foodtrip Pineapple Juice, Buko Pandan Juice, Melon Juice and Strawberry Iced Tea
Pineapple Juice, Buko Pandan Juice, Melon Juice and Strawberry Iced Tea;
Also available are Dalandan Juice, Mango Juice and Wintermelon Tea.

Food tripping also calls for having something to drink, and the first to have taken my attention was Edgy's Food Trip. Unlike others who prefer their beverages in a cup, I actually like mine to be in a bottle so I can easily store it inside my bag in case I have the need to. As for the taste, I really liked my Buko Pandan Juice (P35) as it was true to the buko-pandan flavor I grew up to love. However, I highly prefer my friend Berylle's Melon Juice (P35) which was more refreshing and more perfect for a very humid evening.


We were already too full to even attempt trying more food, so I'll just share with you some of the stalls I spotted at Mezza Norte. Maybe I'll try some of them on my next visit.

Chef Anton's U.S. Roast Turkey

Chef Anton at Mezza Norte
I've sampled this from Rockwell's 2nd UTT, and it's really good!

The Cheesesteak Shop

The Cheesesteak Shop at Mezza Norte
Here's another favorite of food market goers!

Chicken Chop

Chicken Chop Taiwan Chops

Mr. Nakamura's Authentic Japanese Food

Mr. Nakamura’s  Authentic Japanese Food at Mezza Norte
I love that the kimono-donning Mr. Nakamura freshly cooks every dish!
Mr. Nakamura’s  Authentic Japanese Food Gyudon P95
Gyudon (P95)
Mr. Nakamura’s  Authentic Japanese Food Yakitori-Don P80
Yakitori Don (P80)

Katsu by Uno

Katsu by Uno at Mezza Norte

Most enticing kebabs (I saw) at Mezza Norte

Big Kebabs at Mezza Norte
Kebabs at Mezza Norte
Again I fail as a food blogger... But these are the most enticing-looking kebabs I saw that night!

Battle of the Grills

Battle of the Grills at Mezza Norte
Lots and lots of choices for the barbecue lovers: PAJ Grill, Mamay's Ihaw-Ihaw, Aloha Grill, [I-don't-know-but-this-is-a-mercato-staple/street-food-with-a-fab-seller] , Giga Bite

Big Bob's Charcoal Grill Burgers

Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers at Mezza Norte
Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers

Happy Chef Baked Ribs

Happy Chef Baked Ribs at Mezza Norte Happy Chef Baked Ribs

Shawarma Fusion

Shawarma Fusion at Mezza Norte Shawarma Fusion Shawarma Wrap, Rice and Ramoza

Little Donkey Burrito Fiesta

Little Donkey Burrito Fiesta at Mezza Norte

Manila Q

Manila Q Bagwang at Mezza Norte

Lecheng Lechon

Lecheng Lechon Lechon and Paksiw at Mezza Norte Lecheng Lechon at Mezza Norte

Juana Bowl

Juana Bowl at Mezza Norte
Juana Bowl US Ribeye Steak at Mezza Norte
One of the most drool-inducing sight of the night

Kitchen Xperience & Zeny's Kitchen

Zeny's Kitchen at Mezza Forte

Domz Food House Ilocano's Best

Domz Food House Ilocano's Best Bagnet Rice at Mezza Norte

Etcetera Mongolian Bowls

Etcetera Mongolian Bowls at Mezza Norte

Green Minded Healthy Sandwiches

Green Minded Healthy Sandwiches at Mezza Norte

Cakes by K

Cakes by K at Mezza Norte
Yummiest-looking cakes of the night

Piper's Pan

Piper's Pan at Mezza Norte
One of the most popular offers, 3 mini-cakes for P100!

Medchef Homemade Cakes, Pastries and Desserts

Med Chef at Mezza Norte

Mio Gelati

Mio Gelati at Mezza Norte
Will definitely try this next time since their branch in San Juan is quite far!


There are a lot of food stalls, so I encourage you to personally visit Mezza Norte to check out for treats you might like. As for me, I sure had fun sampling and roaming around the food market, but I'll definitely be back soon for the interesting items I missed.

Sumi, Aldous and Berylle at Mezzo Norte Trinoma
Thanks Aldous for the invite, and to Berylle for being my pigging out buddy!
Map to Mezza Norte Trinoma

So the next time you're in Trinoma and you, your family, your special someone, barkada, workmates or food buddies want to try a different dining experience, visit Mezza Norte in Trinoma's Mindanao open parking and experience the Mercato Centrale of the north.

For those interested to become food vendors in Mezza Norte or any of Mercato Centrale Group’s food markets, you can send an email to or text (+63 917) 840-1152.


  1. Excited to try this new place. There's so many choices that i would be very hard to decide which food to choose as they all look really yummy. I'm sure it would be a great food trip for everybody.

    1. It surely will! There are a lot of choices so there's something for everyone ;)

  2. omg may mercato na sa trinoma!! wee i wanna visit this! mas malapit kesa sa techno hub :D

    1. Oo nga sis! :D Kahit northie ako, I haven't visited the old Mezza Norte in Technohub. Hirap puntahan eh XD

  3. welcome sumi!! anytime :) il bring Denby here again pag balik nya.. sayang we werent able to try everything last time.. lets schedule another visit! haha! :)

    1. Let's! I'm eyeing the bagnet rice, Jap food and grilled items for the next trip :D

  4. Lots of new start ups nanaman ah. Don't know where to start haha. I want to try the Japanese ones!

    1. Haha.. True! Yun lang wala yung most anticipated vendor ko.. >.< Hopefully magka-Pingu Mushroom Fries dito soon.

    2. Sabi saken ni Ping Gu dadating sila June 14 =)

    3. Nice! :D Will be patiently waiting for them, then.

    4. Thanks for coming, Sumi =)

    5. Stacy, manlibre ka dito! haha :D

  5. That's a lot that you've got covered. Again, thanks for sharing! =)

    1. Thanks sis! I tried, but unfortunately there are still a lot of food stalls I missed >.<

  6. thanks for the info.. haven't tried mezza norte at trinoma. may mga bago na pala but mostly it's the same vendors.

  7. Thanks for the great review of our Hawker Style Asian Noodles, Sumi. I'm glad you liked them, especially the Char Kway Teow. It's our consistent best-seller (though my personal favourite is the Kon Loh Mee which I consider my ultimate comfort food). Hope you visit us again soon. :-)

  8. Great food as evidenced by the photos. But, what really caught my attention are the takoyaki and the grilled burgers. Looking so awesome! :)


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