BULLCHEF: My Bulalo Chef Experience in Kapitolyo

Here's our last stop in POP Talk's Kapitolyo food trip episode. It's this hip and trendy bulalo place in East Capitol Drive called BULLCHEF which stands for Bulalo Chef.

BULLCHEF Kapitolyo Pasig Pop Talk

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On my POP Talk guesting last year, I got to try a really good bulalo place in Manila. Since then, I've started to become more and more of a bulalo fan, so you can just imagine my delight when I found out that we'll be visiting another bulalo destination for this episode!

BULLCHEF Logo Pop Talk BULLCHEF Kapitolyo Dining Area at Second Floor
BULLCHEF's second floor dining area
Unlike other bulalo places I've visited before, BULLCHEF possesses a youthful charm not only with its dining space's lighting, but also with its walls donned in photos and notes from patrons and celebrity visitors. And while I usually like simple and less when it comes to interiors, I can't help but just enjoy the positive energy the whole place gives off. Oh, and I also thought of a mission for this trip. I want to leave my own markings too! *wink*

BULLCHEF Special (P210) Bulalo Pop Talk
✓ BULLCHEF Special (P210) good for 1-2, served with 2 rice
We first started off with the BULLCHEF Special which is presented and served in a unique way. Our server first poured the hot and smoking broth from a kettle to our bowl of bulalo. She then whistled and the whole BULLCHEF crew chanted "BULLCHEF" in unison. Now, that's definitely a special bulalo entrance, perfect to amp up our appetite.

As for this bowl of bulalo's taste, I'd say "sabaw pa lang, ulam na" as the broth was really flavorful. A serving has good amount of meat and vegetable fillings too. And of course, there's a really rich, buttery and fatty piece of bone marrow that I gladly took care of.

✓ asimBULL (P225) good for 1-2, served with 2 rice
I was already satisfied with just the classic bulalo, but after getting a taste of this serving of asimBULL which is bulalo in sinigang broth, I suddenly had a change of heart. This instantly became my favorite! I've had bulalo in sinigang before, but this is by far the most flavorful of them all. It was so concentrated, so tangy and so thick that it makes every spoonful a beautiful explosion of sinigang flavors that perfectly complemented the bulalo.

BULCHEF BULLusok (Mini P125; Big P149)
✓ BULLusok (Mini P125; Big P149)
Fellow bulalo lovers can also enjoy a different take on bulalo like this BULLusok which is a sizzling bulalo rendition served with garlic rice, gravy and vegetables. While I love the hearty and comforting classic bulalo with broth, I really appreciated this BULLCHEF item as it's definitely a perfect viand and rice pairing. The beef pieces were tender and very savory, and there's a bone marrow piece (not in the photo since it was already wiped out XD) which tastes really good with the buttery gravy.

BULLCHEF Estapa (Classic) P98
esTAPA (Classic P98), ✓ TAPA don't preach (Spicy P98), and ✓ TAPA ko mahal ko (Sweet P98)
Aside from bulalo items, BULLCHEF also offers tapa which comes in 3 different flavors -- classic esTAPA, spicy TAPA don't preach, and sweet TAPA ko mahal ko, and are served with egg salsa, garlic rice and soup. Among these 3, my favorite is the sweet version as it has a good blend of sweet, savory and succulence. I also like the spicy one as it has a really nice kick after the savory notes. And although the original version wasn't exciting enough for me, I can't deny that it's also good, very tender, savory and succulent.

BULLCHEF Lechon Kawali P105
Lechon Kawali (P105)
We also got try the Lechon Kawali which like the tapa also comes with egg salsa, garlic rice and free soup. But although this item was crispy and quite good, it was far overshadowed by the bulalo dishes we had that day. So, sorry to you lechon kawali dish.

BULLCHEF Wall Pop Talk
Mission vandalism, achieved!
Haha.. Had the asimBULL misspelled pa! Anyway, sharing with you BULLCHEF's menu. Not only do they have good bulalo dishes, their food names are also amusing.

Click menu photos to enlarge.
BULLCHEF Kapitolyo Pasig Menu
BULLCHEF Kapitolyo Bulalo Chef Package and Drinks Menu


BULLCHEF has somehow revolutionized my bulalo experience. Unlike in other bulalo places where the vibe is traditional, my trip to the Bulalo Chef left me with a hip and quirky impression while satisfying both my palate and my stomach. Everything we had was good, especially the asimBULL which is worthy of my continuous returning visits. So if you're a bulalo lover in for a food trip in Kapitolyo, then go visit BULLCHEF!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 3.5/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

BULLCHEF, Kapitolyo
4 East Capitol Dr., Brgy. Kapitolyo,
Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(0916) 338-3898
Facebook Page


  1. waaaaaaaaaah! sizzling bulalo! <3

  2. Wow. I like their Bulalo and other beef foods. It reminds me of Batangus, which was just nearby our house. Unfortunately, they shifted to Singapore foods.

  3. I've been to Kapitolyo only once. Must list this as a place to eat the next time I drop by there! :)

  4. This looks like a good place. I wish it would expand to other cities too so we can try it. I was desperately looking for a good bulalo place when a foreign guest of mine actually looked for it.

  5. The food looks delicious and the price is not that bad either. The restaurant looks like it provides good value for money.

  6. and there you go, kinda missed the price of the dishes last night :) you look great sumi, TV suits you well :)

  7. Feeling so hungry right now. Bulalo is one of my favorite dishes.

  8. YUUUMMM! Asimbull!!! I hope I get to try it soon!!!!

  9. Nice!!! Congrats Sumi. Super happy for you. Bulalo is one of my hubby's fave's. Will try this place soon!

  10. out of all the 3 places you guys went to (nanuod talaga ko and i was fan girling :)) feeling close hahaha!), dito ko pinaka na-intrigue! i really wanna try their asimbull, really interesting eh.

  11. wtf! sizzling bulalo?!? i gotta try that! bone marrow!!

  12. Bulalo my favorite! im gonna visit BULLCHEF and try their bulalo!

  13. tangina nyo may lamok ung soup ko kanina!!

    1. Excuse me po, pero I think it's better to talk to BullChef directly at ireklamo niyo po yan sa kanila.

  14. Never go to this place...Photoshopped ang itsura ng food, ganda sa picture panget itsura at taste pa.. mapapa BULLSHET ka..

    1. Hi Tonio, yan po yung actual food na sinerve sa amin. Possible na they made the food look more presentable dahil TV feature for Pop Talk. Better po to talk to BullChef's management or contact their online accounts so you can air them your disappointment directly.

  15. Ano ang store hours ng BULLCHEF? Yan pa din ba yung prices nila?


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