Just Thai: Thai Cuisine at the Prism Plaza, Mall of Asia

Ever since I got a taste of Thai cuisine, I can't help but crave for more. I guess the complex and refreshing flavors that Thai food offers just hit my palate on all the right places. So when I saw a Thai restaurant at the Prism Plaza in Mall of Asia, I knew I have to visit it soon. And earlier this week, with the beau in tow, I finally got to try Just Thai.
Just Thai Prism Plaza Mall of Asia

From what I know, Just Thai has 3 branches in Metro Manila -- Burgos Circle in The Fort, Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang, and Prism Plaza in Mall of Asia. And while the Burgos Circle branch may have a more Thai-inspired interior based on blog posts I've seen, the one in Prism Plaza which looks simpler but still as elegant, better fits my liking.

Just Thai Interior Prism Plaza Mall of Asia
Just Thai Dining Prism Plaza Just Thai Dining Area Prism Plaza Just Thai Couch Prism Plaza

With only a few tables in the restaurant, Just Thai offers a cozy and intimate space perfect for those like me who prefers a more serene dining environment. There were Thai accents here and there, but the most notable pieces for me are the iridescent hanging lamps and the big mirrors. I like the curtain dividers too as they provide added privacy. However, what really made me felt at ease in Just Thai is not just their interior but the relaxing ranat ek (traditional Thai xylophone) music that turned my zen mode on.

Tom Yum - Hot and Sour Thai Soup (P190)
✓ Tom Yum - Hot and Sour Thai Soup (P190)
As for the food, we first started off with Tom Yum which is a hot bowl of the famous hot and sour Thai prawn soup with lemon grass, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, chili peppers, coconut milk and fragrant herbs. We had our Tom Yum with just mild spiciness since the beau might not be up for a really hot start. But frankly, this soup is still pretty spicy with just the right amount of tartness and refreshing cilantro notes.

Tod Man Pla - Fish Cakes (P290)
Tod Man Pla - Fish Cakes (P290)
Next, we had a serving of Tod Man Pla which are Thai fish cakes served with a sweet and nutty cucumber sauce. While I'm not a big fan of either fish or shrimp cakes in general, I have to admit that I quite liked these fried treats. They were moist, savory and succulent, perfect with the accompanying dipping sauce. If I have to note though, I think this dish tastes more Filipino than I expected, making it a nice viand to pair with rice.

Yam Neua - Beef Salad (P350)
✓ Yam Neua - Beef Salad (P350)
I always go for the Yam Pla Duk Foo (Catfish with Green Mango Salad) or the Yam Som O (Pomelo Salad) whenever I dine in Thai restaurants. So to deviate from my usual inclination, we had the Yam Neua which is a salad with seared marinated beef pieces, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes served atop a bowl of crispy lettuce leaves. While I still love my refreshing Thai salad dishes, this is definitely a good option for something savory with a slight kick of spice. It also comes with an extra serving of the sweet dressing.

Khao Krok Kopi - Bagoong Rice (P250)
Khao Krok Kopi - Bagoong Rice (P250)
For carbs, we had the Khao Krok Kopi, a plate of bagoong rice served with some sweet ground pork, dried shrimps, scrambled eggs, green mango strips and some chili on the side. Being a big bagoong lover, I found the rice in itself a little too subtle in the bagoong department. However, eating the rice with everything else makes it a whole lot better.

Gai ob bai toey - Pandan-Wrapped Chicken (P290)
Gai Ob Bai Toey - Pandan-Wrapped Chicken (P290)
As viand to our rice, we had the Gai Ob Bai Toey which to simply put is a dish of pandan-wrapped chicken. We tried eating the chicken just by itself, and for some reason, we found it a little weird-tasting. It was juicy, succulent and savory, but it also had something different in it that I can't seem to pinpoint. And no, it wasn't just the pandan note. However, dipping the chicken in one of the two sauces makes every bite more palatable, especially in the sweet dark soy-sesame sauce.

Pad Kapron Talay - Mixed Seafood in Basil (P280)
✓ Pad Kapron Talay - Mixed Seafood in Basil (P280)
Although the other viand left me with a mixed feeling, the Pad Kapron Talay which is mixed seafood in a basil-coconut cream sauce, was definitely a great redeeming dish. A serving has a good number of mussels, prawns, fish fillet and even fish cakes in the creamy, herby and refreshing sauce that I oh-so-love. The dish also comes with some crisp-fried basil leaves good for munching or to pair with the whole ensemble. Yum!

Pad Thai (P280)
Pad Thai (P280)
It's probably a sin to miss ordering Pad Thai when in a Thai restaurant. So although both the beau and I were already feeling full, we still tried out this famous Thai rice noodle dish served with eggs, tamarind juice, beansprouts, chili, peanuts, coriander and lime. While I generally find the flavor and texture of this Pad Thai satisfactory, the overwhelming amount of beansprouts threw me off, being a non-beansprout fan. The beau on the other hand, seemed to have really enjoyed every forkful as he's crazy for beansprouts.

Khao Niaow Ma Muang - Mango with Sticky Rice (P260)
✓ Khao Niaow Ma Muang - Mango with Sticky Rice (P260)
To cap off our meal, we had the Khao Niaow Ma Muang, a Thai dessert made up of sticky rice topped with sweet mango slices then served with coconut sauce. I've always loved our local suman with ripe mangoes, but I think I prefer this Thai rendition more. The sticky rice I believe is cooked in coconut milk, and eating a spoonful with the sweet ripe mango slices is just heavenly, more so when you add a dollop of the coconut sauce.

Thai Iced Tea (P80) Brewed Thai Coffee (P90)
Thai Iced Tea (P80) and ✓ Hot Thai Coffee (P120)
As for our drinks, the beau and I both had the Thai Iced Tea which was quite creamy and had distinct notes of star anise and ground tamarind seeds in a strong brew of black tea. It was a little too much for the beau, but I personally enjoyed it. However, it was undoubtedly overthrown by the Hot Thai Coffee which I really loved! Every sip was a smooth, silky and creamy coffee experience. I'm not so sure about the ingredients, but the brewed coffee was definitely mixed with several spices like cardamom and probably cinnamon. It also has either condensed milk or heavy cream at the bottom which blends nicely and adds some sweetness to the whole concoction upon stirring.

Join Just Thai's Photo Contest!

If you're craving for Thai cuisine and planning to visit Just Thai any time soon, I suggest you do it before the month of June ends, to get a chance to win a trip for 2 to Bangkok!

Just Thai Photo Contest
Click the photo to enlarge.
I'm considering to join too. I've only been acquainted to Thai cuisine for a year. However, I already want to know more not just about Thai food, but also about Thai culture. And of course, where else would it be perfect to immerse in Thai food and culture but in Thailand! So Thai food and culture lovers out there, don't let this chance pass!


Like most Thai restaurants in Metro Manila, I feel like Just Thai had somehow adjusted their flavors to suit the Filipino palate. And while I personally like my Thai food the more exotic and unconventional it tastes, I'll always keep Just Thai in mind should I crave for a good bowl of Tom Yum, as well as a serving of Mixed Seafood in Basil, and a cup of hot Thai coffee (which I really, really liked). I also have to note the excellent service we received at Just Thai Prism Plaza. Our server was very friendly, courteous, prompt and alert -- refilling our glasses with water even if they're not even half empty.

Taste - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4.5/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Just Thai, Prism Plaza,
4/L Prism Plaza, Two E-Com Bldg.,
Bayshore Ave. Cor. Harbor Dr., Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 519-8135
Facebook Page


Even if I usually want to keep gift certificates for myself, I want YOU to experience restaurants that I've visited. So if you're an avid Thai food lover, or someone who wants to try Thai cuisine for the very first time, then this is the perfect chance as I'm giving away P2,000-worth of Just Thai gift certificates to one lucky winner.

Just Thai The Purple Doll Giveaway
Prize: (1) winner of P2,000-worth of gift certificates valid at all Just Thai branches.

Guidelines to enter the giveaway raffle:

  1. Be a Metro Manila resident or someone (even not within Metro Manila) who can actually use the prize, or have a person you'll give this prize to in case you can't personally use them.
  2. Free shipping to Metro Manila addresses only. Non-Metro Manila winners can opt to shoulder the shipping fee. (Really sorry about this.)
  3. Follow the Rafflecopter mechanics below to join.
  4. Make sure to do all the first eight mandatory steps to be eligible.

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The giveaway raffle will run from today until July 13, 2013. The winner will be drawn the next day and will be contacted within that week. So join now and get a taste of Just Thai!

Disclaimer: Prize was sponsored by the good folks from Just Thai.


  1. love thai food! i want, i want, i want to win! - odie

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  3. What an array of luscious foods here! You have rated this resto nearly perfect. Probably I would rating it also just what you've done if I have visited that place too.

  4. The foods seems deli. Never tried Thai foods, masubukan nga. A branch
    Molito Lifestyle Center is a jeep trip away from our place. Thanks for sharing. About the giveaway, guess i'll share na lang this post to my wife.

  5. Those curtain dividers certainly add a nice touch for a semblance of privacy in a restaurant set-up. Love Thai food so I'll probably try this when I have the chance.

  6. I also like Thai food especially Chicken Curry and Pad Thai. I agree the place looks elegant.

  7. Oh I thought you would rate this restaurant (overall) fairly high but because 3.5 does not speak anything good to me, I'd rather not risk eating here.

    1. I actually added a rating disclosure on the side bar. 3.5 is between satisfactory and good, so I Just Thai is definitely far from the bad side ^^

  8. I'm not familiar with Thai food and I don't recall if I tried eating any of their food. I'll try this resto you posted here, their food seems good especially that Pad Thai which made me curious to taste it.

  9. I sure love to win that Thai food gift certificate but not sure when I'll get around to using it or if ever I'll be in manila anytime soon :D good luck to the participants :)

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  12. hmmp! the rate is a bit low for me :(. I start to think are the picture just a product of your photography skill or are they really like that. somehow the taste too.. I like thai food had tried it some before in thailand Im curious about this place but I need to think twice.. cause of the rating :)

    1. Haha.. Thanks for the compliment, but the dishes really looked like that :) They were nicely plated. As for the taste, I detailed everything on the post. The rating actually isn't bad, it's between satisfactory and good.

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  17. i think pad thai is the best delicacy among the bunch. i'll visit thir resto soon!:)

  18. now I know where to go we go back in philippines and crave for some thai foods! we love thai foods so much! pad thai and their salads are the best! love how spicy their foods are as well

  19. cool! their interior is so awesome!! the milk tea looks so yummy!!

  20. If I were to pick a place for some private meet ups I will recommend Just Thai. Cultured ambiance for me it is.

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  22. never tried Thai food yet but Im curious I want to taste It loves delicious. I'll eat at this resto one day , their food seems delicious especially that Pad Thai all of them. Wishful to win here!
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  33. The food looks so delicious Sumi, might try Just Thai restaurant soon. :D

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  36. Over all value?? goog enough for me.
    I miss Thai food.. The dishes are really enjoyable.

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  39. Yay! I love Mango with sticky rice. I'd love to visit this place soon-ish. But for now, lemme join the giveaway! :)

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  52. I was greatly amazed by your blog and followed/subscribed not just for the contest. I've been wanting to try thai food since i was a kid. This restaurant looks elegant and their food looks deliciously amazing! Goodluck to the participants including me.

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