Highlands Prime Steakhouse: Steak Dining at SM Mall of Asia

While I've been trying to eat more greens lately, there's no denying that I still enjoy indulging in meat. Of course, having a beau who's equally active in PETA (People Eating Tasty Animals), there's just no way I can keep my carnivorous cravings in control. So one fine weekend, with a discount voucher from Metrodeal in hand, we excitedly headed to Highlands Prime Steakhouse in SM Mall of Asia for a late lunch steak date.
Highlands Prime Steakhouse Mall of Asia

It's been a while since the first and last time I've been to Highlands Prime Steakhouse. Back then, I visited this steakhouse with my dad. I think the place looks different then and now. It used to be a heavy cowboy-themed joint, but I welcome its refreshing change to a country cabin. It has also become more spacious which somehow reminds me of Breakfast at Antonio's in Tagaytay. Of course, it's a different story if you dine at night.

Highlands Prime Steakhouse Interior
Highlands Prime Steakhouse Bakery
In-house bakery and their freshly-baked breads
Upon coming in, we asked for a couch seating by the window. I think the window-side has the best seats at Highlands Prime Steakhouse. You can enjoy a view of the bay during the day, or even catch the fireworks display at night if you visit on a Friday or Saturday evening. Of course, my purpose for choosing this side is mainly for lighting. Gotta have some natural light to help me shoot my food. #FoodBloggerProblems

The Food

It has already been so long since I last visited Highlands Prime Steakhouse. So as expected, the steak sets (with soup, salad, dessert and drink) my dad and I enjoyed, aren't on the menu anymore. Oh well, we always skip the soup and salad anyway.

Complimentary bread and butter
Complimentary bread and butter
After the beau and I placed our orders, we were promptly served with this board of complimentary bread and butter which we graciously enjoyed. Then, I think after about 5 to 10 minutes, our steaks were already served. Kudos for such prompt service!

Our steak orders came in a big platter complete with some sautéed veggies and a portion of grilled corn. It also comes with a siding of your choice: steamed rice, garlic rice, mashed potato, etc., and served with a food cover to lock in the heat.

Prime Rib (10oz P1,430; 14oz P1,800)
✓ Prime Rib (10oz P1,430; 14oz P1,800) with mashed potato
My steak of choice was this Prime Rib cooked medium rare. The boyf somehow cringed at the sight of my reddish-pink steak oozing with reddish juices. I on the other hand, was so delighted at how beautiful my piece of meat looked like. And of course, being cooked less done, every bite was so soft, so tender and oozing with succulence. With or without the gravy, it was so good. I only got the 10oz. serving though, but it was already enough to make me a happy camper. Of course, choose the 14oz. if you're a heavy meat eater.

Rib Eye (10oz P1,380; 14oz P1,750)
✓ Rib Eye (10oz P1,380; 14oz P1,750) with garlic rice
The beau on the other hand, had the Rib Eye Steak cooked medium. Unlike my piece, his has more savor that comes along with those beautiful grill marks. It wasn't as soft as my order, but every bite was very tender and succulent, really perfect with garlic rice. And although I'm not really a big fan of beef fat, I can't deny that I enjoyed the fatty portions on his steak. It was just so much more flavorful than the fat on my medium rare prime rib.

Mango Panna Cotta (P200)
✓ Mango Panna Cotta (P200)
To end our steak date on a sweet note, we had the Mango Panna Cotta which is one of the best panna cottas I've ever had. The panna cotta itself was silky soft and jiggly despite its scars and marks at the bottom. Every spoonful was light and creamy, with just the right sweetness level. I also loved how the mango slices were so sweet, a far cry from disappointing mango panna cottas with the perfect base but uber sour mangoes.

Frozen Iced Tea (P80) and Iced Tea (P80)
✓ Frozen Iced Tea (P80) and ✓ Iced Tea (P80)
I don't usually feature drinks especially when it's just iced tea. However, I think our choice of drinks for that day is post-worthy. Just where do you get served Frozen Iced Tea? It may not be a super novel idea, but it did its job well. I also liked their regular Iced Tea, fresh, zesty and had hints of honey. Definitely better than diluted Nestea in most joints!


I've had a fair share of great steaks in the past few years, but somehow, Highlands Prime Steakhouse has still remained to be one of my favorites. They may not regularly carry Wagyu on their menu, but what they offer is already enough to satisfy my carnivorous tendencies. They know how to treat both their steaks and guests right, and it really shows. Apart from our perfectly cooked (to our liking) steaks, the service we've been given was impeccable -- prompt, courteous, attentive, and staff even take initiative. So with all these, plus a relaxing and spacious ambiance, I'd say the price tags are worth it.

Taste - 5/5
Ambiance - 4.5/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Highlands Steakhouse, SM Mall of Asia
2/F Unit 213 Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Bay Blvd.
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 556-0768; 901-3243; 556-0769
Facebook Page


  1. I just love their steaks mmmm made me crave now uhoh haha

  2. I saw this restaurant last time I visited SM MOA. I might give this restaurant a try when I go back.

    I am drooling this early while reading your entry lol


  3. Oooh, I haven't had steak in awhile! I have been on a green diet these past few months and my inner carnivore is just waiting to be unleashed. Haha! Would love to give this a try one of these days. I'm curious about that frozen iced tea, might just try that as well too :D


  4. I love the place. Super relaxing ng dating niya. The food presentation is great as well medyo pricey nga lang ang kanilang food :O but I want to visit their resto padin :)

  5. Steaks!!! Now I want to run there now. :P

  6. The place is really nice and very spacious! Btw, I'm not really into meat and steaks, more on veges and seafood ang gusto ko. Hihi. :))

  7. i think im gonna like ✓ Mango Panna Cotta ,the place looks cozy and nice

  8. MOA is so far from where I live, although I do think this resto has other branches? Not sure... I'm into steaks though, so this one's worth the travel! :)

  9. I've always loved their juicy, succulent steaks. <3 Was hoping to catch a glimpse of The Beau though haha.. maybe next time I'll be lucky! ;))

  10. Yay! You gave a perfect score for the taste, the food must be really good! :) Would love to try this place on Sunday for a little post-birthday celeb for my mom with a few family friends. :)

  11. Wow it ljust like the one in Tagaytay Highlands but so much more accessible! The steak looks delicious! :D

  12. My husband, a certified meat lover, will surely love that Rib Eye! I'll suggest this place for his upcoming birthday treat.

  13. Oh! The prime rib. I'm craving na at this wee hour. I would love to visit this place when I get back to the metro next month :)

  14. Oh this is the first time I heard of them! :D I like my meat medium rare and some of my friends cringe at it too HAHA but they should know that beef is best eaten that way. XD

    Anyhoo, as usual, great post and photos, Sumi!

  15. Wow! I love the Place their food is great hope to try it soon. :)

  16. I would love to try this restaurant! I'd love to make a verdict whether the hefty price tags fit the taste and quality of their steaks. :D

  17. I love steaks! And I would love to try this soon! Hopefully they'll have a branch up north!


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