The Bellevue Hotel: 5-Star Filipino Luxury & Hospitality

If you've been a reader for quite some time now, you probably know that I hail from the northern side of the metro. If I have to count my previous trips to southern Alabang, I'd say it's about 4 times at max. Yup, just a meager 4 times within the my 22 years of living!

Thanks to Mommy Jane of Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice, and Mr. Ryan Chan of The Bellevue Hotel & Resorts, I was able to enjoy a staycation in Filinvest Alabang, in no less than one of most posh hotels in the area, The Bellevue Manila at North Bridgeway Avenue. And take note, this luxurious hotel even boasts of being 100% Filipino-owned!
The Bellevue Manila in Alabang

Last December 28, the beau and I drove our way to the south. It was the first time for both of us to drive to Alabang, and we can't believe how smooth and fast our journey was! Well, except for some hiccups along C5-Eastwood. When we arrived at The Bellevue Manila, we made our way to the parking area located in the Main Wing.

Up! Gingerbread House at Bellevue Manila Pastry Corner at Bellevue Manila
Up! Gingerbread House at the Pastry Corner in the Main Wing
The Bellevue Manila has 2 buildings, the Main Wing and the newer Tower Wing. It didn't take us a while to find our way to the Tower Wing where we'll be staying. We just went past the Pastry Corner at the ground floor, which by the way, caught my attention because of its uber cute Up! Gingerbread house. (One of my fave Disney Pixar movies!)

Lobby and Staircase at Bellevue Manila Main Wing Bellevue Manila Walkway

We then followed the pathway from the Main Wing elevator going to the Tower Wing, passing through the swanky Grand Ballroom lobby...

Enroute to Bellevue Manila's Tower Wing Bellevue Manila Grand Ballroom Wing Escalator

After a few steps, we already found ourselves in the Tower Wing's spacious, stylish, and refreshing lobby with lots of seating areas.

Bellevue Manila Tower Wing Lobby
Tower Wing Lobby
Bellevue Manila Tower Wing Reception
Checking in at Bellevue Manila Bellevue Manila Christmas Tree

I actually wouldn't mind seating at the comfy chairs for a while, but checking in was a breeze! In just under 3 minutes, we were already given our key card, Wi-Fi login details, and 2 stubs for welcome drinks from either the Vue Bar or The Poolside.

Bellevue Manila Tower Wing Elevators Bellevue Manila Tower Wing Hallway
Left: Love the beautifully-lit elevators at the Tower Wing's ground floor
Right: Hotel rooms' hallway
The 18th, 19th and 20th floors in the Tower Wing house 45 signature rooms, and we were really fortunate to have been given a Signature Deluxe Room in the 19th floor -- a 41-square meter room with a super comfy king-sized bed, a bed bench, a lounge chair with footstool, an executive study area, and a panoramic bathroom.

Bellevue Manila Signature Deluxe
Ultra soft king-sized bed with super fluffy pillows and white 400-thread count sheets
Bellevue Manila Signature Deluxe Alabang
Samsung LED cable television for our cartoon-viewing pleasure
Bellevue Manila Lounge Chair Bellevue Manila Bed-Side Table
Couch with footstool and the bed-side table with an iPod docking station
Bellevue Manila welcomes The Purple Doll
Complimentary fresh fruits and a warm greeting
Bellevue Manila Signature Deluxe Working Desk Bellevue Manila special turn-down gift
Executive study area and turn-down gift of fruit cake and overnight bag, with a super cute towel art
Bellevue Manila Welcome Wine Bellevue Manila Complimentary Water and Thermos
We were even welcomed with a bottle of wine!
Bellevue Manila Snacks, Tea and Coffee
Of course, there's also complimentary bottled water, with coffee and tea maker, and other snacks. There's also a fridge which I failed to snap a photo of.
Bellevue Manila Closet with Safe, Hair Dryer, Iron and Bath Robes Bellevue Manila Tower Grand Deluxe Mirror and Walk-in Closet
Closet with hangers, bathrobes, in-room safe, hair dryer and iron
There's also a hallway of sort with a counter and a big mirror. Really handy!
Bellevue Manila Signature Deluxe Bathroom Bellevue Manila Signature Deluxe Toilet Bellevue Manila Signature Deluxe Bathtub
Bathroom with fresh clean towels, clear glass shower room (rain and telephone shower heads), posh and modern levitating toilet seat, and a bath tub with shower
Bellevue Manila Vanity and Grooming Set Bellevue Manila Towels, Shower Gel, Shampoo, Conditioner and Lotion
Grooming and vanity kit, and a complete set of Acca Kappa toiletries (Sossy!)
Bellevue Manila Staycation Chilling at Bellevue Manila Signature Deluxe

With a room this comfortable and elegant, it was so hard to convince ourselves not to stay inside the room and spoil ourselves with wine, fruits, Wi-Fi and cartoons. As much as we love our room, we know The Bellevue Manila has more to offer.

So let's tour the hotel now, shall we?

The Bellevue Signature Club

One of the perks of staying in a signature room is an exclusive access to the Signature Club, a 900-square meter lounge which occupies the Tower Wing's entire 21st floor.

Signature Club Lounge at Bellevue Manila

This is the biggest executive lounge I've ever been to, and I really loved not just how the place looked, but the added privacy, luxury, convenience and service. It definitely upped our whole staycation to new heights. Just check out these photos, and see to believe!

Bellevue Manila Signature Club Lounge Counter
All-day complimentary coffee and tea from 6AM to 10PM
Being a big tea lover, and the beau a coffee lover, we sure used and abused this Signature Club perk! I was suffering from constant coughing then, so sipping hot green tea really calmed my oh-so-stressed throat. The beau was also pleased. He can have his free-flowing dose of caffeine all day, while lounging around and playing on his phone.

Bellevue Manila Signature Club Lounge
Bellevue Manila Signature Club Lounge Spacious Area
Bellevue Manila Signature Club
Bellevue Manila Signature Club Lounge Dining Area

Apart from enjoying the free tea, what I love so much about the Signature Club is its invigorating ambiance. I so dig its homey yet modern design with mustard, turquoise, orange, and violet against wood. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows also lets in this beautiful and refreshing lighting which perked me up even when I wasn't feeling that well.

View from Bellevue Manila Signature Club Lounge

The beau and I also enjoyed this nice view of Filinvest Alabang being seated by the window. Seriously, I would love to stay in the lounge and maybe do some blogging here.

Here's a list of services one can get from the Signature Club:
  • Exclusive check-in and check-out at the Bellevue Signature Club lounge
  • Daily continental buffet breakfast from 6AM to 10AM
  • All-day complimentary coffee and tea service from 6AM to 10PM
  • Unlimited alcoholic beverages during cocktail hour from 6PM to 8PM
  • Strong wireless internet connection
  • Free use of meeting room for one hour per day at the business center of the Signature Club
  • Free photocopying services of up to 20 pages
  • Exclusive access to the Signature Club’s gym
  • Concierge services
Since I've already mentioned it, here's the Business Center at the Signature Club. It has 3 computer workstations free for use, and 4 meeting rooms.

Bellevue Manila Business Center
Bellvue Manila Meeting Room

There's also an exclusive gym at the Signature Club should you not prefer to go to the gym at the Main Wing. (I feel like this exclusive gym is more homey and friendly, than the manly-ish main gym. Haha!)

Bellevue Manila Fitness Center
Bellevue Manila Tower Wing Fitness Center
Bellevue Manila Fitness Center at Tower Wing

While I might not have any use for the business and fitness centers, the lounge alone is enough to convince me to get a Signature Deluxe Room again should I book for another stay at The Bellevue Manila. Seriously! The perks you can get, the ambiance, the free light meals and drinks, the personal service, the added value, these are all well worth the additional cost. Even the beau can't get enough of the Signature Club!

The Gym at the Main Wing

Aside from the Fitness Center at the Signature Club, there's also another gym, a bigger one, at the Main Wing. It was under maintenance when we checked it out though.

Bellevue Manila Gym
Bellevue Manila Main Wing Gym

For some reason, I feel like this gym reeks of testosterone. Okay, not literally! I feel like I'd be too shy to work out here than in the gym at the Signature Club. The beau might think otherwise though since this seems more well-equipped. Now, what do I know? Haha!

The Swimming Pool at the Main Wing

Just outside the gym, there's also the swimming pool on the 3rd floor of the Main Wing. Not sure if it was also under maintenance that time, but there was clearly no one in sight.

Bellevue Manila Main Wing Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool at Bellevue Manila Main Wing
Bellevue Manila Swimming Pool Jing Monis Salon at Bellevue Manila

There's also a Jing Monis Salon on the same floor. Hmm.. Makeover for her, workout for him, and playtime by the pool for the little one? (Pwede, pwede!)

The Swimming Pool at the Tower Wing

Guests staying at the Tower Wing also have their own pool located on the 3rd floor. It's bigger and deeper than the one in the Main Wing at 25 meters long and 4-feet deep.

Poolside Bar at Bellevue Manila

Both pools at the Main and Tower Wings have a Poolside Bar, where you can grab a few drinks after swimming a lap, or just plainly grab a drink.

Poolside Bar at Bellevue Hotel Swimming Pool at Bellevue Hotel
Bellevue Manila Swimming Pool at Tower Wing
Swimming Pool at Bellevue Hotel Tower Wing Showers at Bellevue Hotel
Chairs at Bellevue Hotel Swimming Pool

I was ready to take a dip, but ended up deciding against it. As much as the pool looked enticing, it was really chilly then. And on top of being a bad swimmer, I was also afraid of spreading my cough and colds to innocent and unsuspecting pool swimmers.

Koi Pond at Bellevue Manila
Koi Fishes at Bellevue Manila

The beau and I still spent some time by the pool though. Not swimming, but fish watching. At the entrance from the Tower Wing elevators, there's a koi pond under a small wooden bridge. They were beautiful and definitely amusing!

Mandarine Reflexology & Spa

On the same floor at the Tower Wing, there's a spa which specializes in reflexology.

Mandarine Spa
Mandarine Spa at Bellevue Manila Hotel
Mandarin Spa at Bellevue Manila Hotel Alabang

We weren't able to try their services, but these photos from the website were so convincing! We'll definitely give it a go the next time we check in at The Bellevue Manila. I would love me some reflexology pampering time!

Dinner, Nightcap and the Next Day...

The beau and I were already grateful to have been given a Signature Deluxe Room, and we can't be even more thankful that we were treated to full-board meals starting with a lauriat dinner at the Phoenix Court, the hotel's fine dining Chinese restaurant.

Dinner at Phoenix Court Bellevue Manila
Chinese Dinner at Phoenix Court
Lauriat Dinner at Phoenix Court in Bellevue Manila

I'll be blogging about our sumptuous Chinese dinner (with the stars) separately, but don't say I didn't give you a teaser! *wink*

After dinner, we went straight to the room to freshen up a bit and catch some cartoons, before heading to the 22nd floor of the Tower Wing for a nightcap at the Vue Bar.

Bellevue Manila Alabang Vue Bar
Vue Bar at Bellevue Manila Hotel
Bloggers at the Vue Bar
Group photo grabbed from Mommy Jane
Call the beau and I lame, but we were more than satisfied with our fruit juices and hot water. After all, it's the company that makes every gathering more fun. Right?

The next day, I have to confess that I didn't want to get out from bed. Catching some zzz's in an ultra soft and comfy bed really spoiled me to a good night's sleep. But of course, sayang naman the free breakfast buffet if I'd let the sleepyhead in me prevail.

So at around 9AM, off we went to Cafe d'Asie at the Main Wing!

Yogurt and fruits for breakfast at Cafe d'Asie
Cold cuts, potato salad and kimchi for breakfast at Cafe d'Asie Cafe d'Asie December
Cheese and Tomato Omelette with Bacon
Siomai for breakfast
Soba noodles from breakfast

The breakfast buffet at Cafe d'Asie offered decent variety. As always, I had me some of my favorites -- yogurt, cold cuts, potato salad, kimchi to help with my sore throat, bacon and omelette, some siomai, a hot soup of soba, and about 10 cups of hot tea.

We also checked out the breakfast buffet at the Signature Club lounge.

Breakfast at Bellevue Signature Club Lounge
Treats at Bellevue Signature Club Lounge Continental Breakfast at Bellevue Signature Club Lounge

Variety is less at the Signature Club compared to that of Cafe d'Asie, but I have to admit, I would've preferred to have breakfast at the lounge for the intimacy and ambiance. It was perfect for an invigorating first meal of the day!

Now, not long after we finished breakfast, we found ourselves yet again at Cafe d'Asie.

Lunch Buffet at Cafe d'Asie

I won't delve much into detail as I'm also planning to blog about Cafe d'Asie separately. But to get you (and me) drooling, here's a sneak peek of what I had for lunch.

Sumi's meal starters, appetizers and sushi at Cafe d'Asie
Prime Rib with Gravy at Cafe d'Asie Bellevue Manila

After lunch, the beau and I were supposed to check out since it was past 2PM. However, we were allowed late check-out until 4PM. So after stuffing our faces full at Cafe d'Asie, we first stayed in the room for another hour or so, before heading up to the Signature Club for an exclusive no-hassle check-out and some parting cookies, tea and coffee.

Thank you Bellevue Manila from The Purple Doll

Our overnight stay at The Bellevue Manila was surely one of the highlights of my 2013. The bonding with the beau, with the beautiful Go's, with our amazing blogger friends, the lovely Signature accommodation, the Signature Club lounge, the good food, the Filipino hospitality, and the whole experience was just amazing! The Bellevue Manila left me wanting for another Signature staycation, and I'm sure I'll be back real soon! Thank you!

Hotel Rates:
Deluxe Room - P4,300++
Tower Deluxe - P5,200++
Executive Suite - P7,500++
Tower Executive Suite - P7,500++
Signature Deluxe Room - P7,000++

The Bellevue Manila
North Bridgeway, Filinvest City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1781
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 771-8181; Fax: (02)771-8282
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. Wow baby girl! You were able to go around pala talaga haha every nook & cranny napasok mo. Galing!! \m/ I didn't even get to see the massage area haha tinamad na ako sa laki! :P Thank you so much for this very beautiful feature!! <3 Miss you!! :-*

    1. Haha! Di naman every nook and cranny. I didn't even get to see the Grand Ballroom kahit gusto ko sana maki-usi. Kahiya, parang 2 days may event! XD Hihi~ The spa photos, I just grabbed from Bellevue Manila's website. Next time, papasok na talaga ako! ^^ I miss you too Mommy Jane! See you soon! :-*

  2. Wow! Great pics!!! Will certainly plan a staycation with bellevue in mind! :)

    1. Go achie Jaz! I'm sure Mati and Andrei will have fun at Bellevue, especially if you avail of the Signature room. I can already see your 2 boys running around the lounge! Haha!

  3. So posh! Would try to get a groupon here so I can finally have a staycation. hehehe. :)

  4. Such a posh hotel! I bet the food was superb, too! :)

  5. Sad I was not able to meet up with you guys! It looks like you had a lot of fun!


  6. Whooo. I was able to try their buffet dinner two years ago and I love the food! I didn't know they are more than that. I love the photos and wish to stay here too even just for a night! <3 I can forever stare on the pictures you took!

  7. Ang cute ng blog mo miss kidding na mesmirize ako sa pagkacute nya. Love the color and layout. I love reading this kinds of blogs kase its easy on the eyes and hindi mukhang cluttered. Tapos about food, hotel and dining pa...nakakagutom! :)

  8. What a lovely hotel! I'll suggest this place to hubby on our next staycation. Thanks for the heads up!

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  10. I love the ambiance Wish I could staycation here! My first staycation way back then is Solaire and Casino. :)))

  11. I love the ambiance Wish I could staycation here! My first staycation way back then is Solaire and Casino. :)))

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

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