Momax iPower Milk: Even your gadgets need milk!

Before 2013 ended, I received a couple of gadgets and accessories for review. So while I'm not a total expert, let me put on my tech blogger hat and share with you what I think about this quirky external battery pack from Momax, from a layman's point of view.
Momax iPower Milk 2600mAh

I used to be contented with my old Nokia C3 despite the advent of smartphones. But of course, I welcomed the change when I got the chance to upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos. And more so when I was given a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. Even if I was initially happy with just using the text and call functions, it didn't take me long to get hooked on surfing the net on my phone, using various apps, and playing different games.

But as much as I love the new world the smartphone opened up for me, there was one big issue. BATTERY LIFE. It also didn't help that my dad got addicted on playing Candy Crush on my phone. Despite the good change, I really felt the difference. Back when I was using my Nokia C3, I don't even need to charge the battery for 2 full days. Now, I need to recharge everyday. Sometimes, even twice a day. And more often than not, when I'm out, my phone's battery level gets drained even before I arrive home.

That's why I was so happy when I received an external battery pack. And not just any external battery pack. It's a cute and quirky Momax iPower Milk!

Momax iPower Milk 2600mAh cord and manual
Contains 1) iPower Milk external battery pack; 2) 20cm Micro USB to USB cable;
3) Instruction manual and warranty card
The Momax iPower Milk comes in 3 cheerful colors that goes perfect with its cute fresh milk carton design: white, pink and blue. The casing is made from high quality plastic material with a matte finish, and it comes with a "100% Fresh" sign that doesn't only scream with high doses of quirky, but also wouldn't rub off anytime soon.

Momax iPower Milk Back of Box

As happy as I am receiving a cute and pink Momax iPower Milk external battery pack that looks and feels perfect for dainty me, I think the best pros of this gadget accessory doesn't just rely solely on its design, but more on its functionality.
  • Comes in a pocket-friendly size with a really cute design
  • Has 1.5A USB output compatible with most digital devices: smartphones, PDAs, iPods, iPhones, iPads and tablets
  • Has a 2600mAh power capacity making your battery life last a whole lot longer
  • Easy to recharge; just stick to a computer

Momax iPower Milk sockets Momax iPower Milk standing
Micro USB and 1.5A USB output
Momax iPower Milk when charging
Blue Light: iPower Milk is charging
Green Light: Battery capacity of iPower Milk is 100% (fully charged)
Red Light Flashing: Remaining battery of iPower Milk is too low (low-batt)
Momax iPower Milk Connected
Red Light: iPower Milk is charging a device
I've tried charging my phone when it was half empty, and the Momax iPower Milk successfully charged it full. I haven't tested it yet with an almost empty battery phone. But I bet, if Momax iPower Milk is 100% charged, it'll deliver the 100% fresh milk your phone needs! It can probably even charge your other phone, iPod, iPad or tablet after!

It has surely saved me from emergencies. When I need to check something on the net, or need to use a certain app, or need to call or text someone, but my battery is almost dying, I can just plug in the iPower Milk, wait for a few minutes, and do my business.

Momax iPower Milk charing a Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty

And nope! That's not my phone. It's my little sister's Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty. I just thought it'd be cuter and daintier to use her phone for the photos. Pink and pink on pink!

Momax iPower Milk retails for P1,250.
It's available at Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, and Digital Walker nationwide.
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  1. Replies
    1. Yup! Even if my iPower Milk has been with me for almost 2 months already, I still can't get enough of its cuteness! :D

  2. SUPER CUTE!!! <3 Heading on over to digital walker ASAP!!! :)

    1. Super cute like us noh, Mommy Jane? XD Yes, get one for you and for your babies! I'm sure they'll love this! ^^ Btw, there's another cute design. Juice box naman!

  3. So cute! I think I saw this on one of your posts either on FB or on instagram. Not sure though. This is super cute. I'll check out the stores I hope they have purple. Haha!

    1. Hihi.. Both on my FB and IG actually, ate Nessie! :D Cross-posting. Haha! PS: Colors available are white (with blue), pink (with white) and blue (with white) only. Sayang nga no purple. >.<

  4. Awesome! Looks really cute. I like this pink color but I would also like to check out the blue. Thanks for this great post!

  5. It's so cute and I love the color and what's amazing about this is its not so expensive too.

  6. So girly. haha.. this would be great for my sister!

  7. The selling point is how cute it is hahaha and yes its that milk that my gadget need super cute!!! thanks for this review will purchase soon!!

  8. you are also good on tech-blogging, the important thing is facts and figures =)
    I think this power bank is a must-have and a good present to my sister because her Samsung s4 battery drained so fast.

  9. So cute. I wish I had one for our iPad since we use it all the time! :) This device is a savior for my gadget! :)

  10. love this one, ive been searching for powerbank for my phone and i had also problem with the battery of my phone

  11. Its pefect for my smartphone and tabelt coz im always on the go i needed this one.

  12. i just want to ask if it was able to charge an almost empty phone? thanks :)

    1. It can charge an almost-empty batt phone, but it won't charge it full. On my Galaxy Mega 6.3 it can charge up to about 60% when almost empty. :)

  13. I really need powerbank cos I use my cellphone everyday, every hour and every minute..thanks for sharing this so cute and affordable power bank!

  14. I am looking for a powerbank and I think this one would be perfect.
    Thank you for the review

  15. This is cute powerbank. The manufacurer might target the younger generation of customer because of its design and color. Actually this is a must to us. I always bring ypowerbank in my bag so when emergency low batt in my travel, I can easily stick it in my cp without worrying.

  16. Aw.. this one's really cute.. Not just the design but the concept as well. Very creative! Got to have one.

  17. omg,,,i love the colors,especially the color pink,i really need a powerbank

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