WeChat now has a 3-Step Chat History Backup!

Friday, March 14, 2014
In this digital age, there are many mobile messenger apps that can easily connect us to loved ones. One of which I've been loyally using is WeChat. It connect me to friends and the boyfriend, here and abroad, especially when I find myself out of load. Teehee!

You'd think that since I mainly use WeChat to communicate with friends, my chat history would mostly consist of nothing but silly convos. But believe it or not, we also have serious conversations, many of which have important dates and places. And just to be sure I won't lose these valuable information, I take advantage of WeChat's Chat History Backup feature, which saves conversation histories and restores them to any device.

WeChat's Chat History Backup is so simple that it only takes 3 simple steps.

WeChat 3-step Chat History Backup

Just select "Settings" --> "General" --> "Chat History Backup" and then clicking “Back Up” for the conversations you’d like to store.

Saved your important chats? You can also protect them by setting a password!

WeChat Backup Password

To restore your conversations on any device, just log in and tap “Restore” on the Chat History Backup window. The backed-up history will be restored from the server.

WeChat Restore Backup

Where can you possible find use for WeChat's Chat History Backup you ask? Here is a rundown of just three of the several instances when this cloud storage solution by WeChat can actually save your arse.

1. Retrieving important dates

As much as we hate to admit it, birthdays, anniversaries, or just about any date can easily slip from our brains. Even that special day with a special someone can sometimes be unintentionally forgotten. So to give your spatial memory an instant boost, you can refer to your chat history backup for reminders.

2. Keeping lists

Lacking several things for your Kare-Kare? Your mom could’ve sent you a list of ingredients via WeChat. Planning a trip with your barkada? Then don't you ever lose your group chat with them, especially if you're the one tasked to finalize the itinerary!

3. Retrieving work exchanges

Apart from notes and email, many work places now utilize digital conversations via mobile messenger apps. So if ever you missed out on an important detail relayed to you by one of your teammates via WeChat, you can now easily retrieve your file either on your laptop, or even on your personal (not work) phone.

So cool, no? So what are you waiting for? Give WeChat a try!


  1. i will follow this step by step guide,thanks!

  2. I agree with you, a chat history is very useful for both your professional and personal life. Thanks for this entry, it was informative ( :

  3. I am not really into downloading this kind of apps but I might consider downloading wechat :)


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