Detalle Bar + Kitchen: A Secret Chill-Out Gem in Ortigas

Thursday, September 11, 2014
Whenever my friends and I want to hangout, we usually prefer establishments with a chill, laid-back vibe. Unfortunately, we end up in noisy bar-restos, or more often than not, in equally loud coffee shops. Earlier this year though, I finally found a perfect spot to bring my friends for our much needed get-togethers. It's a not-so-mainstream, or secret if you may, chill-out gem in the heart of Ortigas called Detalle Bar + Kitchen.
Detalle Bar Kitchen Ortigas

With my friend Ronn in tow, we happily checked out Detalle Bar + Kitchen located in the corner of Meralco and Julia Vargas Avenues. We were really excited to pay it a visit, as just one look at its Facebook page, and we knew we'd love the interior and feel of the place. And know what? Even from the outside, we can already see the clean lines and industrial theme of Detalle that we oh-so-love. So let's head inside now, shall we?

Detalle Bar and Kitchen Ortigas
Bar at Detalle Ortigas
Detalle Bar + Kitchen Ortigas
Detalle Ortigas

Upon entering Detalle, the first thing that greeted us was their bar, completely stocked with colorful bottles of liquor and spirits. Then all four of our eyes panned to the eye-catching Detalle logo against this beautiful wooden wall panel. And although the first few things we noticed really accented the whole feel of the place, the rest of the dining area was kept simple and industrial. Just look at that concrete flooring! You either love it or hate it. (I loved it!) And the table cards... They added a really nice and thoughtful touch!

The Food

Ronn and I definitely dig the whole vibe of Detalle Bar + Kitchen. It's definitely what we're looking for when it comes to the perfect venue for our barkada's get-togethers. However, like any other barkadas, we love good food. So the chill ambiance is just second priority. Now, it's time to get a taste of what Detalle has to offer...

Crispy Pig's Ear (P270)
✓ Crispy Pig's Ear (P270)
For starters, we got to try the Crispy Pig's Ear -- deep-fried offal goodness served with a balsamic glaze and apple goat cheese cream with pickled radish. Call me bias, but I love pig's ear! And if my love wasn't enough, Detalle did a good job turning it to an enjoyable and palate-whetting bar chow. Far from greasy, and crispy on the outside, while tender with a good chewy, cartilage texture on the inside. Definitely an addicting appetizer!

Housemade Ricotta Bruschetta (P260)
Housemade Ricotta Bruschetta (P260)
Next, we had the Housemade Ricotta Bruschetta -- pieces of crisp-grilled bread with orange marmalade, crisp basil and Detalle's homemade ricotta cheese, topped with the salty goodness of prosciutto. Another really enjoyable antipasto that uses a combination of flavors and textures that really works. Sweet, tangy, savory, salty, crispy and creamy.

Las Sardinas (P230)
✓ Las Sardinas (P230)
Oh, the previous dish was good, but my heart and palate belongs to this five-piece serving of Las Sardinas -- another bruschetta antipasto, but this time, with peperonata (stewed pepper, tomatoes and onions) jam, sardines, wild rocket salad and fried quail eggs. While I love cheese, the combination of these toppings really had me oohing and ahhing with every bite. And hello? Isn't the presentation just gorgeous?

Margherita Pizza (P250)
Margherita Pizza (P250)
You can label us as carb-loaders, but no one can stop us from trying out this beautiful pan of Margherita Pizza. Simple and rustic, this crispy and just-rightly thick pizza is topped with the classic combination of mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. And while I like a variety of toppings, the Margherita always hits the spot. And yes, I can also say the same with Detalle's version. Definitely a crowd pleaser, unless of course, you hate tomatoes.

D Burger (P380)
✓ D Burger (P380)
As the carb-loading continues, we had the D Burger, a really nice signature burger creation that Detalle can be very proud of. Tucked between two soft buns is a 300g grilled beef patty with blue cheese, arugula, bacon jam and aioli, served with a side of crisp-fried, non-greasy fries. Okay, the combination of flavors might throw off some. But as weird as I am, I love me a sweet, salty, savory, smoky, blue cheese-y burger. That's how I'd describe the flavors. Very complex, and might not impress everyone. It made me start thinking of bringing my own sweet jam to other burger places though! ;)

House Steak (P680)
House Steak (P680)
Last among our mains was this serving of House Steak served with potato gratin, creamed spinach, onion brûlée and worcester cream sauce. If I remember it right, I think I ordered it in medium doneness, but got an almost-medium well steak. Nevertheless though, it was tender and went really well with its flavorful sides. However, if I have to nitpick, I think a little more seasoning on the steak itself might not be too bad.

The Rooftop Al Fresco Bar

One of the great things at Detalle Bar + Kitchen is their rooftop al fresco bar just above the dining area. And since Ronn and I were already very full, we decided to ditch the dessert and hop on the second-floor bar to try out some of their homemade concoctions.

Detalle Al Fresco Bar
Detalle's al fresco bar on a Thursday night
Unlike most bars I've been to, Detalle's al fresco bar is very casual and chill. No need to dress up just to hangout in a bar. I can definitely see myself going here with a couple of friends, and just wearing a plain tee. And while the place doesn't look busy when we visited, weekends are a different matter so better call up to reserve. Just to be sure.

Detalle's Holiday Mojito (P280) and The Great Godfather (P360)
Holiday Mojito (P280) and ✓ The Great Godfather (P360)
Since a trip to the bar wouldn't be complete without alcoholic drinks, Ronn and I had these cocktails. A fruity and refreshing Holiday Mojito for me (Loved the garnish. Perfect papakin!), and a sweet and smooth glass of The Great Godfather for Ronn, which by the way, I loved to bits and would definitely order for myself next time!

Detalle Oktoberfest
Oktberfest at Detalle!


Detalle's owners shared that they only asked their consultant for decent-quality food. However, from what my friend and I got to taste, their dishes are definitely above just-decent. The appetizers in itself are enough to make me come back with more of my friends in tow. And don't get me started on that D Burger! Sure enough, Detalle Bar + Kitchen is a great bar-resto that doesn't only offer a chill ambiance, but also good food (especially bar chow) and even greater drinks!

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4.5/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Detalle, Ortigas
88 Meralco Ave. cor. Julia Vargas Ave.,
Ugong, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Facebook Page
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  1. looks cool! I was never a fun of tugstugs bars, will recommend this to my friends :)

    1. Go check Detalle out, Sheena! :) I'm sure you and your friends will have a great time. ^^

  2. I have been here once a few weeks back and I almost got lost. I had to go around the place twice because it was "secretly" located in a compound. Still, My friend and I agreed that we enjoyed the Ricotta Bruschetta when we visited. It really does get full during the weekends so I agree with you that a reservation is a must. =D at umiinom ka din pala... :D :D :D good thing it doesn't affect your condition :D


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