Tous Les Jours: Freshly-Baked Breads and Cakes Now in Trinoma

You guys might already know my most favorite cuisine. (Clue: Starts with a J) But if you ask me what my favorite type of food is, I won't hesitate to tell you that it's "carbs". Yup! The type of food almost everyone is scared of is actually my favorite of them all. Whether it be rice, pasta, pizza or breads, it'd be hard for me to resist! So when I received an invitation from one of my favorite bakeries, I didn't think twice and gave a big "Oh yes!"
Tous Les Jours Everyday

This French-Asian bakery called Tous Les Jours, which originated from Korea is no stranger to me and my family. Since I first saw their SM North EDSA branch open back in 2012, I already became a fan, bagging a few breads whenever I'm in the area and even getting myself and my family cute and pretty cakes for several special occasions.

Tous Les Jours Trinoma North Ave Lobby
Tous Les Jours' newest branch opens in Trinoma
Fast forward to 2014, Tous Les Jours now has a total of 14 outlets all over the metro. And while I don't mind crossing to SM North EDSA or SM North Annex to get my TLJ fix and pasalubong whenever I'm in Trinoma, I along with other regular MRT riders, really appreciate that Tous Les Jours finally opens a branch inside this Ayala-owned mall.

Tous Les Jours pronounced as "too-leh-zhoo" means "everyday" in French. And this is what I love about this bakery. Apart from offering interesting cakes, pastries and breads, they guarantee freshness as their products are baked fresh every single day.

Breads at Tous Les Jours Trinoma
Freshly-baked breads at Tous Les Jours Trinoma
Breads at Tous Les Jours
Real Cheese Bread, Double Cheese Bread, Pure Cheese Bread,
Custard Cream Bread, Sweet Red Bean Bun and Croissant
Breads, pastries and cake, brownie mix at Tous Les Jours
More breads, pastries and pre-mixes (brownie, hotcake, castella mix)
Heart-shaped cakes at Tous Les Jours
Heart-shaped cakes
Strawberry and Chocolate Cakes at Tous Les Jours
Chocolate cakes
Fresh Strawberry and Mango Cakes at Tous les Jours
Fresh strawberry and mango cakes
More macarons at Tous Les Jours
Tous Les Jours' macarons at P28 per piece
Macarons at Tous Les Jours
Premium macarons at P38 per piece
Drinks at Tous Les Jours
Juices and milk at Tous Les Jours
There are a lot of products that'll surely catch your attention at any Tous Les Jours branch. Every time I visit a TLJ store, I always make sure to look around for interesting breads I can take home to my family. Of course, I also love checking out the cute and pretty cakes, and even the bottled drinks which I've yet to try.

My Favorites from Tous Les Jours

From the over-fifty-times I've visited Tous Les Jours, I've already grown some favorites. I can't say much about their cakes since I've only tried two. But for their breads and pastries, here are my top picks.

Sweet Potato Cream Bread Tous Les Jours
✓ Sweet Potato Cream Bread (P48)
Sweet Black Rice Bread with Black Sesame Cream Cheese (P48)
✓ Sweet Black Rice Bread with Black Sesame Cream Cheese (P48)
Custard Cream Bread (P38)
✓ Custard Cream Bread (P38)
Double Cheese Bread (P98)
✓ Double Cheese Bread (P98)
Muffins at Tous Les Jours Trinoma
✓ Chocolate Chip Muffin (P68)
Their macarons are great too. And how can I not mention the addicting Espresso Crunch (P98), Dark Chocolate Crunch (P98) and Pumpkin Chips (P68) which my little sister and I can't stop munching once we've opened a pack?

The Old and The New at Tous Les Jours

Despite the Trinoma branch being the newest store of Tous Les Jours, there are things that remain the same. For one, quality has remained high in all branches. If you haven't noticed on the photos above, all their cakes, breads and pastries were baked fresh.

Tous Les Jours Mantra

And as Tous Les Jours stays true to its mantra, more and more patrons flock their stores, especially at 8:30PM on weeknights when TLJ sells breads at 50% off. *wink*

Seating area at Tous Les Jours Trinoma

But as the newest branch opens, we also welcome something new. To be honest, I was surprised when I saw the Trinoma store. It was huge! I'm not sure if this is Tous Les Jours' biggest branch yet, but this is definitely the most spacious from all the TLJ branches I've been to -- SM North The Block, SM North Annex, SM Mall of Asia and Trinoma. And more space also means more seating. Hurray!

Wrapping it up!

It was my pleasure to attend the opening of Tous Les Jours Trinoma last week, August 25. I arrived late so I missed the cake-making demonstration by The Zombettes' Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith, and TLJ's esteemed cake decorator, Kelly Mambong.

Bread samples from Tous Les Jours Trinoma

I enjoyed the bread samples though! Had a taste of my favorites along with the new line of Cheese Breads Tous Les Jours just launched. It was also the first time I got to try Tous Les Jour's coffee. Though I'm not big on coffee anymore, I really liked their blend, so I'll definitely grab a cup again the next time I visit! :)

Coffee and Breads at Tous Les Jours Trinoma

I've already mentioned this on my previous TLJ posts, and I'll say it again. Tous Les Jours had already become and will continue to be a staple in our humble home. Ever since I first bought a few of their breads and pastries, I've always been back to buy more. And with the opening of Tous Les Jours in Trinoma, the TLJ staff at SM North The Block might get a break from seeing my face again and again.

Tous Les Jours Trinoma

Anyway, if you haven't tried anything from Tous Les Jours yet, I encourage you to pay any of their branches a visit. Look around, you might find something that fits your bread, pastry or cake preference! ;)

And if you're also a regular like me, what's your favorites from Tous Les Jours? Let me know on the comments below, 'cause I'd love to give them a try next time!

Tous Les Jours, Trinoma
Lobby Level, North Carpark Entrance (Beside J.Co)
EDSA cor. North Avenue, Quezon City,
Metro Manila, Philippines
Official Website
Facebook Page

Other Branches:

Shopwise Arcade - Cubao, Techno Plaza 2 - Eastwood City, SM City Fairview Annex 2, SM North Annex, SM North EDSA The Block, Glorietta 4, Greenbelt 5, SM Jazz, SM Megamall Bldg. B, Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Southmall


  1. Ooh, what a pretty selection of breads, cakes and pastries. Nice photos!

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  2. Super sarap ng cake esp.yung strawberry nila,tasty and sooo yummy!

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