#SKINvesting at Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations in BGC

Ahhh... Skin talk. This is something very close to my heart after living through my whole life with skin asthma, and the past ten years with worsening eczema. Not a long time ago, I even shared a story of the topical steroid withdrawal I just went, and am still going through. And although the use and abuse of topical steroids as (mis)guided by my previous derma was what drove me to use home remedies, and resort to the more natural ways of healing the skin, it would be unfair to assume that all dermatologists are like her.

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations

So after over five months of not seeing any dermatologists, I have found myself again at the doorstep of another derm clinic. But this time, at the more reputable Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations on the 2nd floor of Mercury Drug Building in Fort Bonifacio Global City.

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations BGC

Unlike the previous derm clinics I've had the pleasure (and displeasure) of going to, Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations has a more welcoming vibe with its dainty and gold-trimmed interiors. If you don't believe me, just take a look at these photos! It may be trivial to some, but with an inviting atmosphere like this, visiting a dermatologist, especially for the first time, need not be an intimidating, or even a scary experience.

Luminisce at BGC
Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations at BGC
Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations Interior

This holistic skin clinic may be young, but it has already been enjoying a buzz both online and off. And with avid SKINvestors like Maggie Wilson, Sofia Andres, Patty Laurel and even Ces Drilon, I was actually more than excited to start my #SKINvesting journey.

If you should know, the natural home remedies worked wonders for my steroid-induced eczema, although I still have some scarring and minor episodes of flares. But after going through an itchy and ugly phase like that, if I can get more safe help -- just without topical steroids involved, then by all means, let's get it on! d(⌒ー⌒)b

My Luminisce #SKINvesting Experience

My visit at Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations started with smiles from the receptionist and therapists at the common area, which is something I really appreciate from any service-driven establishment I go to. And since this is my first ever trip to Luminisce, the friendly receptionist had me fill up a form, asking the usual basic information, along with a checklist of skin problems I may have. Of course, I had a lot! -.-"

I was also served with sandwich and tea. But since I was already excited to get on to #SKINvesting, I politely skipped the snack first and went straight to consultation with Luminisce's London-trained dermatologist and wellness expert, Dr. Kaycee Reyes.

With Dra Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce
With the beautiful Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce
Dr. Kaycee studied medicine at the University of Sto. Tomas, and completed her Diploma in Dermatology and Master of Science in Clinical Dermatology from King's College and St. John's Institute of Dermatology at Guy's and St. Thomas Hospital respectively, in London. She has also served as a visiting fellow in Dermatologic Laser Surgery at the National Skin Centre in Singapore, as well as in the University of Ramathibodi Hospital - Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand. She has also been continuously attending international conferences to further widen her outlook towards treating diversified skin cases.

So if it's credibility you're wondering about, Dr. Kaycee definitely has it.
One thing I love about Dr. Kaycee is how she's very calm and professional when talking with patients. She also explains everything very clearly. For someone who has suffered from atopic dermatitis for a very long time, I already know and have researched a whole lot about my skin. However, I learned even more things after my one-on-one consultation.

Here's the breakdown of my major skin problems:
  • Atopic Dermatitis
    This is my main problem, which is the root of my eczema. It's also probably why my skin is so dry and sensitive.
  • Keratosis Pilaris
    I used to only call this "skin asthma" as what my previous derma told me. But now, I finally learned the proper term. It's a condition where keratin forms hard plugs within hair follicles causing small bumps, usually on arms and legs.
  • Hand and Feet Eczema
    This stemmed from my skin being atopic, and made even worse by environmental and other external factors.
  • Extremely Dry Skin
    Also related to my atopic skin, but this is the second reason next to KP why I used to be adamant about wearing bottoms which show my legs.

I also have problems with my face -- pimple scars, discoloration, black and white heads, and the usual facial enemy of women. However, Dr. Kaycee found it imperative to focus on the skin problems that affect my well-being the most. And she's definitely right! I don't actually give a fudge about my face right now (even though I know there's a lot I need to have treated) 'cause it's very minor compared to the skin problems on the rest of my body.

After the initial consultation, she gave instructions to my therapist, Myca, who led me to one of the private rooms at Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations.

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations Inside One of theTherapy Rooms
Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations Therapy Room
Patients are given treatments in private rooms
I was surprised that inside the room, there was my snack waiting for me. I didn't even remember the sandwich I skipped, but it was very nice of the staff to be this thoughtful.

Luminisce Facial Deluxe and Hydration
L-Top: Deluxe Facial starts with cleansing the face and a relaxing facial massage
R-Top: Deluxe Facial concludes with O2 Jet (oxygenating facial) with Vitamin C
L-Bottom: Facial Hydration starts with moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial mixture application
R-Bottom: Facial Hydration mixture gets more absorbed by the skin by using electric waves through phonophoresis

Deluxe Facial

The first part of my treatment at Luminisce was a little something for my face. It involved a soothing facial cleanse, which is also helpful if the patient has makeup on, although I didn't wear makeup that day. My therapist then used sponge-like applicators for a relaxing facial massage. Then, Myca whipped out the oxygenating machine for the O2 Jet facial which releases cool, pressurized oxygen to hydrate, infuse vitamin C, and clean pores.

Facial Hydration

My facial skin is generally oily. But like other skin problems, it also stems down from dryness. When skin is dehydrated, it can react by producing even more oil. So to add more moisture back to my face, I had the Hydration Treatment where a mixture of moisturizer, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial cream was applied on my skin. Myca then brought out the Ionto machine, that uses electric waves through phonophoresis (just like an ultrasound machine) so my skin will really absorb the mixture. She then scraped off the excess cream , and my face was left clean (from the Deluxe Facial), supple and baby-soft! ♡

ionto son machine
Ionto son Phonophoresis

I have to note though that the phonophoresis part was painfully stinging for me. I just wanted the 15-minute phonophoresis session per area to be over! Myca said, it only stings when a particular portion of the skin is very sensitive. My friend who also tried this treatment didn't feel any stinging. So I guess, I really do have hyper-sensitive skin...

Luminisce Coquille Peel Arms, Hydration Arms and Legs
Left: Coquille Peel to treat the Keratosis Pilaris on my arms
Middle: Hydration Treatment for my dry-skinned arms
Right: Hydration Treatment too for my scaly, dry-skinned legs and eczema-prone feet

Coquille Peel

To treat the prominent Keratosis Pilaris on my arms, Dr. Kaycee personally applied the mixture on my skin after it was cleansed. Luminisce's Coquille Peal uses Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) that effectively normalizes the skin's natural exfoliating and hydrating properties, shedding the rough skin while restoring the skin's moisture levels. I was told that there's really no permanent solution for KP. However, regular Coquille Peel sessions can improve my skin's appearance.

Hydration Treatment for Arms

With atopy in my blood and KP on my arms, it was already expected that my skin is generally very dry. And to address this, I had a Hydration Treatment (like that I had for my face) for both my arms. The mixture, I believe, had a different ingredient this time. But process was the same -- application of mixture, then phonophoresis to let the medication penetrate deeper into the skin, before the excess cream was scraped off.

Hydration Treatment for Legs

I had the same hydrating treatment for my legs, which also included my eczema-filled feet. I have to be honest, the phonophoresis on my feet was waaaaay more painfully stinging than that on my face or arms. I'm sure it's because the area with eczema is more fragile and damaged, thus more sensitive. However, I love that the Hydration Treatment promoted more micro-peeling, revealing softer, healthier and less-KP skin on my arms and legs.

Luminisce Therapist Myca
With the very friendly and capable therapist, Myca
Although none of the phonophoresis sessions was painless for me, I have to thank Myca for being patient with all my annoying "owww-ouch" and what-not. She was also very nice to chat with me, so I can divert my attention from the stinging. Haha! Dr. Kaycee said, Myca is one of the first therapists here, and I'm really thankful I was left to her capable hands. I'll definitely be requesting her as my therapist again on my next #SKINvesting episode!

Cream, emollient, shower oil and sunblock from Luminisce
Cleansing shower oil, Tacrolimus and emollients for my hand eczema;
SPF 45 sunblock for the face
After the treatments, I again went to meet with Dr. Kaycee. She further explained the do's and don'ts for my atopic skin, and prescribed me with Tacrolimus. I was really happy that Dr. Kaycee didn't push topical steroids on me, after I shared with her how the overuse and misuse of steroid creams had a backlash on my skin. She also handed me a print-out on Atopic Dermatitis, Hand Eczema and Calcineurin Inhibitors (Tacrolimus), so I can read and know more about my condition and this new prescription.

Now, this is something I really love about Dr. Kaycee. She doesn't just use big words and medical terms that might not make sense to the layman. She takes the time to explain things and wants patients to be educated. This is crucial, especially for people like me who have skin conditions. When you have to live with something like eczema, you ought to know the ins, outs and abouts to properly treat your skin and to prevent avoidable flares.

Skin after Luminisce Facial
Here's a photo of my face hours after the treatment, with no makeup.
Doesn't my skin look healthier? My face didn't get too oily too! Just the right dewy glow.

My skin is currently still on its way to healing, but it has definitely improved a lot! Hand and feet eczema are almost fully healed, and my KP and dry-skinned arms and legs seem healthier (no more extreme dryness and scaling). As for my face, I might just start paying more attention and #SKINvesting on it too. The facial treatments I had were really helpful, and I think I'll have to try the Luxury Facial next time.

Overall, this visit to Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations has left me impressed and loving Dr. Kaycee and her staff. I've never been happier to find a dermatologist that truly cares for both her patients' outer and inner beauty. Other dermas will shove countless products to your face, offer generic, non-tailored treatments, and give prescriptions you know nothing about. But, it's totally the other way around at Luminisce.

Mondays to Saturdays: 10AM to 7PM; Sundays by appointment.

Luminisce Holistic Skin Innovations
2/F Mercury Drug Bldg., (in front of St. Luke's Medical Center)
32nd St. cor. 4th Ave., Fort Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 511-8500; (0915) 979-4661
Official Website | Facebook Page | Instagram | Twitter


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