Lip Pure: Lips #onfleek with new all-natural lipbalm

Thursday, November 26, 2015
Ahh~ The -ber months! To some, it's the perfect time to sport pullover sweaters and boots. To others, 'tis the season for darker, bolder makeup looks. But to a good number of us, this is also the dreaded months of dry, flaky and chapped lips. Just unsightly! ┗|*´゚Д゚`|┛

Lip Pure natutral lip balm

Fortunately, there are heaps of lip care products in the market to combat chapped lips. And one which promises to make our lips always look on fleek is the new all-natural lipbalm by international over-the-counter and health care company Mentholatum, Lip Pure.

As we all know, no amount of makeup can cover up dry, unhealthy-looking lips. In fact, regular use of products like lipsticks and tints can sometimes even lead to dryness. Just imagine a bright pink lippie on cracked, flaky lips... Not a good sight to see, eh? And this is where lipbalms come into scene. They provide the moisture our dry, chapped lips lack -- keeping it well-hydrated and looking youthful. It makes for smoother application of lip products too!

Lip Pure Fragrance Free
Lip Pure Fragrance Free
Lip Pure Orange
Lip Pure Orange
However, not all lipbalms are created equal, like all the other products in the world. Lip Pure for instance, is all-natural and made from 100% food grade ingredients, which assures that it's safer to use. 'Cause hey, it's something we put on our lips and can indirectly ingest.

Lip Pure by Lip Ice

Made from gentle beeswax and 100% food-grade ingredients suitable for delicate lips
Contains royal jelly, Manuka honey, almond oil, aloe extract, shea butter oil and jojoba oil
Also infused with anti-oxidants like vitamin E and grape seed oil
Free of harmful colorants and preservatives
Available in two variants: fragrance-free and orange
Affordable (P129 for 3.5g)

Product packaging only has the brand label (doesn't include variant details)
Limited variants available

Overall, Lip Pure is a perfect lipbalm for everyone. Since it's all-natural, kids, teens, yuppies and overs will find this a product that satisfies the need for healthy, moisturized lips.

If Lip Pure sounds familiar, then maybe you've heard or seen Lip Ice, another lip care brand by Mentholatum.

Lip Ice Tinted Lip Balm
Lip Ice Tinted Lip Balm (P99)
Lip Ice Sheer Color
Lip Ice Sheer Color (P145)
Lip Ice Water Colour
Lip Ice Water Colour (P145)
I was also sent these Lip Ice products, though I haven't tested them out yet. But throwing it out there that these also seem promising, especially the Sheer Color one, which I'm most excited to try. Teehee!

Anyhow, apart from using lip care products to combat dry, flaky and chapped lips, also make sure to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated whether it be hot and humid outside, or cold and damp. 'Cause really, lip care products can only do so much if you're not well-hydrated from the inside. (*^ω^*)

Lip Pure retails for P129 per 3.5g stick, and is available
in all Watsons stores nationwide.


  1. Haven't tried this product before ever since it was launched. It looks like an interesting one so I better check this out when I stumble on the mall.

  2. This product look promising. I have to grab one on my next Watsons visit. I agree, i like the product that is girly and stylish but maybe when they enhanced it, they will mark-up their prize so i think this is good for now since this is affordable and 100% safe. Thanks for the review Sumi, doll. :)

  3. Hi!

    I really needed this post thanks!
    I am now experiencing chapped lips and it hurts..
    thanks for sharing.. very timely for my case. hehe


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