Valet Parking Etiquette: Are You Doing It Right?

Sunday, February 28, 2016
One of the most appreciated services businesses can offer is valet parking. Sometimes the weather is freezing cold and other times it is stifling hot or raining cats and dogs. Even when the temperatures are perfect, long walks to and from parking lots can be avoided by taking advantage of valet parking.

But whether the service is free or you have to pay for parking, there are certain rules you should be following in order to observe valet parking etiquette. For those who rarely use this service, a few well-placed tips just might be in order here.

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A Valet's Job

Although the valet is there to offer a service to you, he is also there to provide the very same service to others as well. One of the most important rules to follow when approaching valet parking stands such as those provided by Valet Box is to pay careful attention to what is being said or how you are being motioned to move your car. A valet is concerned with moving cars quickly out of the area to the location where they will be parked. However, a valet is also concerned with bringing those cars back when you
are ready to pick them up. Therefore, the first rule of etiquette in valet parking is to pay careful attention to what you are being asked to do with your vehicle.

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Quickly Mention Any Quirks

Every vehicle has an odd idiosyncrasy or two and your vehicle is no different. Whether the key doesn’t work right in the door or you need to pump the gas pedal a few times to get your car started, these are things the valet needs to know. Even though hundreds of cars pass through the valet parking stand every day, a professional valet learns to hear what you are telling him so as not to have any problems with your car. Don’t be afraid to mention something like your vehicle’s alarm system having valet mode if this might affect how your car is handled.

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Tipping Is Common Protocol

Whether you are charged for the service or get it free with patronage of an establishment, tipping is a common practice and surely appreciated by the valet. How much you leave is up to you. Some people offer a single dollar while others leave $2 to $5, depending on whether or not they have been charged for valet service. A valet with a big, bright smile is sure to get bigger tips than one who begrudgingly takes your keys for you so that you don’t need to walk great distances in oftentimes bad weather. Just as in any other service industry, you should tip according to the service you receive.

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In a day and age when greater numbers of consumers than ever before are complaining about the lack of customer service, it is a nice touch to have valet parking for you to take advantage of. Never take this service for granted, be appreciative and do tip because many of those positions are minimum wage. It’s nice to be able to be met at the door so act like you are grateful and the service will be much better for it. That’s a promise!

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