SeriousTalks: How a Drug Addiction Affects Your Health

Drug abuse and addiction can lead to a number of both short and long term health problems. There are a number of reasons why people begin to take drugs. In some cases, people experiment with drugs simply to see what the drug high is like, whilst other situations are more serious where people turn to drugs in order to try and help ease stress, anxiety and other similar problems. No matter the reason, drug use can very quickly turn into drug abuse, and eventually lead to a chemical dependency and addiction to the drug.

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Physical Side Effects

The physical side effects of taking drugs can vary depending on the type of drug and the severity of the addiction. In many cases, those addicted to drugs can experience a sudden and dramatic weight loss, often due to the fact that many drugs suppress the appetite, or even because the user is not eating properly in order to save money for more drugs. Certain drugs such as cocaine can cause the skin around the nose to disintegrate, which over time could require serious surgery such as a rhinoplasty to correct. Smoking cannabis can have adverse effects on the teeth, skin and nails as it is most commonly mixed with tobacco.

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Mental Health Effects

The adverse side effects of drug addiction are more prominent in mental health than physical health. Those suffering from drug abuse problems often have a number of mental health problems as well. Many people begin to take drugs in order to ease mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and whilst this may work for a short time, it doesn’t cure the underlying issue and mental health problems can begin to resurface and get worse as an addiction becomes stronger. For many drug addicts, the need to obtain and take the drug can take over their life, ruining relationships, jobs and hobbies. This in itself can lead to mental health problems as the user may feel the drug is controlling their life. Stressing about not being able to get hold of a drug can also lead to severe anxiety and mood problems.

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Withdrawal Symptoms

For those who are addicted to a drug, the withdrawal time is when physical and mental symptoms start to really show themselves. Withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, headaches, sweating, and joint pain often put people off trying to get help with a drug addiction. It is these symptoms which motivate drug users to continue taking a drug in order to ease them. However, the withdrawal symptoms are the body’s way of adapting to being without the drug which it has become chemically dependent on. With the right help and support from addiction treatment services such as Beachway Therapy Center, it’s possible to overcome withdrawal symptoms and start to rehabilitate so that the body and mind no longer depends on the drug.

Drugs may give you a short term high, but the long term effects that they can have on your body and mind can be devastating.

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  1. Drug addiction is very bad for all of us i tell you some of the bad effects of drugs .As you saw in the photos on the page for your help. That is also good for you which is best for all the time if you stay away or read the effects which i write on this page.


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