Why Yoga Pants are the Best Piece of Clothing You Probably Own

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Women and girls are wearing yoga pants everywhere you turn. You see them wearing these pants at the mall, at school, and, of course, at the gym and the yoga studio. But what makes yoga pants so popular, and why do both men and women love them so much? Well, yoga pants are probably the best piece of clothing that you can own today, and listed below are just a few of the reasons why.

yoga pants
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They are really comfortable

When you put on a pair of yoga pants for the first time, you will completely understand what all the fuss is about. You simply can’t compare the comfort of these pants to anything else, except maybe your favorite pajama pants or your favorite pair of sweatpants. These pants fit like a glove, they move with you, and they will not squeeze in on your belly like tight jeans will.

They flatter one's feminine shape

Another reason why yoga pants are so fantastic is because they flatter one's feminine figure -- bringing out the shape of the legs, the buttocks, the hips, and making them look beautiful. This means that beyond feeling comfortable in these pants, you will also feel sexy which can give a boost in confidence.

different kinds of yoga pants
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You can wear them while you exercise or while you work

You can wear your yoga pants to the gym (or the yoga studio) with your sneakers and your sports bra and enjoy a workout with clothes that will support you rather than get in your way. But you can also wear your yoga pants to work. If you work in a casual setting, you can dress up your yoga pants with a nice pair of boots and a pretty top. In other words, yoga pants are athletic wear, but can double for something more smart-casual when you need them to be, based upon how you accessorize and what pieces you pair with them.

They can be worn all year

Yoga pants can be worn throughout all of the seasons of the year because you can warm up or cool down your body by wearing the right top and shoes. The fabric used to make yoga pants is meant to be lightweight, so you can wear them even on cooler summer days if you pair them with a tank top and a pair of flip-flops.

They aren't very expensive

Sure, there are some yoga clothing stores that sell really expensive yoga pants and yoga tops, but you really don’t have to spend your entire clothing budget on your yoga pants because there are many other options out there. Because yoga pants have grown in popularity tremendously, you can find them in department stores and other clothing stores at the mall, and you can snag a great pair at a surprisingly affordable price. This means that you can purchase multiple pairs to always have one available to wear.

yoga pants not only for exercising
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When you think about the reasons why yoga pants are so popular, it becomes clear that these are going to become the most important article of clothing in your closet.


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