#PiattosTime: My Chicken Katsu with a Twist

Like many young adults from my generation, I can't deny that I'm more dependent on the internet than other mediums for both information gathering and entertainment. However, it's nice to take a break from the usual routine from time to time, and enjoy something different -- something that destresses and inspires at the same time.

In my case, you can probably guess it. It's mostly food.

PiattosTime Chicken Katsu

The few hours a day that I don't work or sleep (or waste away on the internet), I'm either cooking, eating, or watching food-related shows. And while I love watching cooking videos on Youtube, there's something more special when catching a show on the television.

I have a pretty long history with the Food Network, and it's actually one of the pivotal factors of how I started my relationship with food. I've enjoyed watching many shows from the channel -- features on manufactured food products, peeks into how chefs prepare a feast in their homes, missions to save failing restaurants, and more. But so far, my favorite titles include talented cooks battling it out in the kitchen.

Though I like a lot of cooking competition shows on Food Network, one I'm always excited to catch is Chopped. And just like many of us who really get into a show, it's impossible to not want to munch on something -- in my case, a bag or two of Piattos. And this is actually how I mostly spend my #PiattosTime, eyes glued on the TV, mouth nomming, and hands constantly grabbing these hexagon-shaped snacks.

But with Piattos' #PiattosTime campaign of leveling it up, I thought I'd get my hands busier. And what better way than to play it up in the kitchen ala Chopped!

Piattos Chicken Katsu

In the show, the contestants are given a set of mystery basket ingredients per round, which they all have to use and transform while they create a dish that doesn't only look good but tastes good as well. And inspired by Chopped, I thought I'd give it a try with my own set of mystery basket ingredients.

Instead of simply using breadcrumbs for my chicken katsu, I thought I'd give it a twist by using Piattos' Cheese variant. I need not add salt to the raw chicken too, since the Piattos breading is already tasty!

Chicken Katsu with Piattos Cheese

This is a nice little experiment in the kitchen, and have I not attempted to level up my #PiattosTime, I wouldn't even have known that Piattos actually tastes good as a breading! Just make sure to pound it pretty nicely, not too fine and not too coarse.

After getting my fun from this mini experiment, I'd like to invite you to give it a try and see how you can level up your #PiattosTime too!

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