11 Great Locations to Propose to Your Loved One

Wednesday, May 24, 2017
There are few times more exciting in one's life than the minutes, hours and days preceding a wedding proposal. A combination of anxiety, nervousness and excitement all create an environment where every second seemingly drags by.

There are all different kinds of ways to propose, but for most, you'll only get one chance to do it right. That's why there is so much interest in finding the perfect venue, time and setting for a wedding proposal – and why there's so much interest in those wedding proposals that ultimately go viral.

In order to help you make the most of that special moment, we've put together a list of 11 great locations to propose to your loved one – we're sure at least one of these locales will be perfect for you.

Before You Propose...

While you may be planning how to ask that big question, there are some considerations to make before the big day arrives.

For starters, do you have the ring? If not, consider which kind or style you're going to purchase carefully. There are many trendy options available currently, such as cushion cut diamond engagement rings. You should gently poke and prod to uncover what particular style or color variations your soon-to- be spouse values most: you can then incorporate that into the design.

In addition, you want to be honest with yourself about the potential proposal. Are both of you on the same page romantically at this point in your life? In order to minimize the risk of rejection, be very honest in evaluating the situation. If it feels rushed or too soon, then maybe a bit more time is in order.

Where You First Met

Perhaps one of the most symbolic places to propose is where you first met. Whether it is the site of your first date, or simply the place you two first ran into each other, the thought of remembering this magical moment makes the proposal all that more special.

While not every instance of where you first met might be ripe for a proposal setting, most venues will be acceptable choices for a proposal if they worked for a first date. Your significant other is likely to remember when you first met and where, making this choice a classic and one that shows you are thoughtful.

On the Beach

If you're fortunate enough to be close to the beach – which a good percentage of people are – then consider taking a romantic evening drive to the shore. You can find any number of ways to spice up the encounter and (at least hopefully) hide your true intentions. Many couples first agree to tie the knot during sunset, which tends to be the most romantic time of the day for all things dating-wise.

Just make sure to check the forecasts: you don't want to be caught in the middle of a sandstorm or downpour when making your pitch.

At a Restaurant

Proposing to your significant other at a restaurant can be one easy and great solution, in part because the environment is totally controlled. Many restaurants are more than happy to play a role in the process; if you call ahead and let them know alongside making reservations, they'll usually be able to assist in any way possible.

Besides being able to get a helping hand throughout the dinner, you'll be able to more easily explain why you're insisting on taking this particular date. After all, couples eating out is a fairly common occurrence and will provide you with plenty of cover for what you're about to do.

In the Middle of the Street

If you're looking for spontaneity, then there's no better place to find it than on a leisurely stroll through town. Many people think about the iconic scenery in places like New York City – a proposal among the hustle and bustle of the streets, in all the noise and commotion, can make two people feel as if they're the only ones in the world.

If you can't make it to an iconic city, then consider popping the question in the middle of a street in your local town or city. While you don't want to rush into oncoming traffic, finding the opportunity to propose while you're crossing a crowded street creates a moment of urgency for them to give you an answer.

At Home

Who says that you have to go all-out in order to make a meaningful proposal? A plurality of reported proposals happens while at home, so it's not exactly uncommon for people to pop the big question while being under their own roof.

There are plenty of different ways you can plan for and liven up the event. From an outdoor meal to a special movie night, you can find literally dozens of different settings within the home to accommodate that big question. At the end of it all, it truly is the thought that counts, not the location.

While on Vacation

If you're planning a vacation in the foreseeable future, then that might be the right time to propose.

While on vacation, you'll hopefully be leaving all the hustle and bustle of life behind and back at home, making it easier to relax stress-free and be of a sound mind when asking the big question.

Depending on where you're vacationing, virtually any one of the locales on this list could be a prime spot for popping the question. Just be sure that those classic vacation fights and frustrations aren't on the horizon when you finally do ask.

During a Day Trip

In contrast to an expensive, extended vacation, why not consider proposing during a more modest day out with your lover? Whether you're taking a day trip to the park or visiting friends in another town, there are plenty of opportunities to squeeze in a meal and proposal that's both romantic and simplistic.

Especially true if you've put down a mini-fortune on the ring, finding ways to incorporate a bit of romantic fun into the proposal itself can be a major money-saver.

In a Bar

If you're worried about a negative reaction and/or just want a bit of background noise to take the edge off, then consider asking the big question during a round of drinks at a local bar. This is yet another one of those ideas that can be incorporated into many of the aforementioned locations, whether you're at the hotel bar or a local pub down the street.

If you've planned it all out right and you get a positive response, then you can return to your home or hotel that's adorned with roses, candles, and other memorable, romantic elements (ask a friend for help with this!).

Via the Internet

We've all seen some of those creative proposals involving the internet, tech and social media. You may be able to execute the perfect ask yourself through one or more of these mediums. Whether it's designed to be a custom song added to a playlist, photos of friends asking the question on your behalf, or even a livestream channel that brings all of your friends and family together to watch, the sky truly is the limit when using technology to make your proposal easier and more memorable.

Additionally, this method can be a great way to create a very memorable proposal without spending a fortune.

At Their Work

Depending on where you and your hopefully-spouse both work, you may be able to surprise them during the middle of the day. Again, a bit of assistance from fellow co-workers may be in order here, but the preparation will more than be rewarded with the presentation.

Whether you're sneaking into their office and waiting on them to show up, or tricking them into coming in for one last-minute meeting before heading home, there are many different avenues available when utilizing the workplace for such a proposal.

More Outdoor Ideas

With every season comes the opportunity to use the great outdoors for an awesome proposal.

During springtime, you can take your partner to a beautiful botanical garden or picnic. During the heat of summer, consider heading outdoors for a bit of stargazing after hours.

In the fall, take advantage of the falling leaves and bright outdoor colors to set the perfect scene for your proposal (and hire a photographer). For wintertime, nothing beats a Christmas time proposal; with all the festivities and decorations afoot, it's really easy to customize your own seasonal proposal scene.

While not all of these locales will be ideal for every couple, we're sure that you'll find at least one of them that is appealing to you. Whether you want to go big or (literally) go home for your proposal, remember that the thought and meaning trump everything else. By taking the big plunge, you're signifying that you're ready for a lifelong commitment: that speaks for itself!

If you play your cards right, however, then both of you will be on your way towards a meaningful new relationship that constitutes the journey of a lifetime. How you set the scene for that big ask can definitely have an impact on the answer.


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