3 Ways to Get Fit That Allow You to Wear Great Clothes

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Do you love the idea of taking up a sport and having fun, but hate the thought of having to be seen in public in boring gym clothes? Do you want to feel fitter and meet new people, but not enough to be caught dead in cycling clothing?

Well, if so, you will want to choose a fitness activity with a bit more style and glamor attached to it, so you can look and feel fabulous while you train! Here are three activities where you can choose some cute new clothes as well as get some great fitness benefits.

Gym Wear
Photo source: www.pinterest.com/beccaberber/gym-clothes

Salsa Dancing

Salsa is a great dance style that offers a brilliant workout, and helps with coordination and balance. Because it is a style of dancing where you dance in pairs, learning it also gives you a great opportunity to dance with different people and make new friends. One of the best things about salsa, however, is that it is a dance style intended for use at parties, so you can do it in heels and sexy dresses if you want to, rather than sneakers and sweat pants!

A lot of people look for Latin inspired clothes to go with the music, and traditional accessories like flowers. But really, anything sexy and fun is appropriate. Many dance schools actually have salsa lessons in a kind of party format, so even the classes actually feel more like a stylish evening out than a trip to the gym. Check out schools that offer private as well as group lessons, like Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Ashburn, to get a chance to really work on your moves and become a great dancer while having some fashionable fun!

Figure Skating

Skater dresses are a great look -- with the flattering shape and the feminine twirl of the skirt, so why not try the sport they originated from? If you have ever tried rollerblading or ice skating in general, you will already know that skating is a great workout for your legs and core. And with figure skating, you also get to learn fun and beautiful looking ice dance moves to music.

While it may not be an easy sport to master, it certainly allows you a chance to look great while you practice, and develop some really breathtaking skills from your hard work.


As more traditional sports go, tennis is easily the most glamorous, allowing you to wear cute skirts and dresses and some nice accessories, as well as pretty, yet comfortable, tennis shoes. Tennis is fun to play and provides excellent cardio. And when you join a tennis club or take lessons, you will also have a chance to socialize and meet new people. It is easy to get started and you'll find your fitness and skill both improve quite rapidly when you play often.

These are just three ideas for fun fitness activities where you don't have to wear ugly sports gear. But of course, you can choose to go with the kind of exercise that you like. Whether it be doing reps in the gym, following home-workout routines, running, sports, yoga, crossfit or dancing -- just do whichever you prefer and whichever makes you feel good!


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