Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew: Latin American Comfort Food in Kapitolyo + A Peek Inside RM-16 Secret Bar

Kapitolyo has been home to a number of neighborhood restaurants for several years now. And while I don't (or rather, can't) frequent the area as much as I would want to, the few times I've been here, I never failed to leave with a full stomach and a happy foodie smile.

Recently, I found another reason to take a trip to this Pasig neighborhood-cum-foodie-haven. And it goes by the name of Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew

Tucked along East Capitol Drive in Kapitolyo, Pasig, Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew is a fairly new restaurant serving up Latin American comfort food with a Pinoy twist. With a kitchen headed by Chef Jerwyn Rabo, the team prides itself for undertaking a series of research, development and lots of trial-and-error, to put out an extensive menu that will satisfy foodies who are looking for Latin American flavors, while still retaining a sense of familiarity.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew in Kapitolyo Pasig
Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Kapitolyo Pasig
Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Review

Although the restaurant doesn't look all that big outside, I was actually surprised to see how huge and spacious the interior is. Brightly-decorated but furnished with wood and neutral-colored table and fixtures, Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew is a perfect spot for holding celebrations, how ever big or small, over food.

The restaurant has two floors with seating good for either intimate or big group dining. They also have an al fresco area for smoking guests.

Small Plates: Platittos!

To start off our late lunch, we sampled several appetizers on Tittos' menu.

Elote (P245)
✓ Elote (P245)
Char-grilled sweet corn with smoked paprika butter, tamarind spice, mayo lime and crumbled keso fresco

As a sweet corn lover, this corn appetizer is enough to whet my palate. It's heartily spiced with zesty notes of tamarind and lime cutting through the savory goodness. This dish is served either on the cob or shredded (refer to 1st photo on this blog post). So whether you prefer giving your teeth and mouth some exercise, or if you don't want to be bothered to go through the cob, Tittos got you covered!

Nacho el Gigante (Medio P245; Grande P475)
Nacho el Gigante (Medio P245; Grande P475)
Tortilla chips topped with beef barbacoa, tomato salsa, jalapenos, shredded lettuce, trio of cheese, chimichurri and Mexican crema

While I prefer to devour the elote on my own, this serving of nachos on the other hand, is best enjoyed by sharing. The medio size is good 3 to 4 pax, while the grande portion is perfect for a group of 6. And with toppings this generous, no one in the table would be left with topping-less tortilla chips in the end.

Carne Asada Frittas (P265)
✓ Carne Asada Frittas (P265)
Thick-cut fries and grilled skirt steak topped with mozzarella, cheddar, marinated tomatoes and a molten egg, chimichurri and gravy

If there's an appetizer that surprised me, it's definitely this one. For one, it's a dish I'm not entirely familiar with. And secondly, I didn't expect it to be good yet I loved it! Beef and potatoes are two of my favorite foods. Add in cheese and egg to the mix, and I'm sold!

Gambas con Setas (P365)
Gambas con Setas (P365)
Stir-fried prawns, oyster mushroom chicharrones, garlic chips
Churassco Beef Salpicao (P345)
Churassco Beef Salpicao (P345)
Grilled beef cubes, mushrooms, onion crisps, herb butter

On the other hand, the gambas and the beef salpicao are two dishes I'm very acquainted with. Call me uncultured if you will, but I enjoy eating these two appetizers as viands with some rice. Haha! They're just so savory that it's criminal (at least, for me) to not pair them with rice. ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗

Street Tacos & Quesadilla

Though we all enjoyed the meal starters, the Street Tacos are also an excellent choice to whet the appetite.

Salted Egg Shrimp Taco (P145)
Salted Egg Shrimp Taco (P145)
Crispy shrimp with salted egg sauce, curry leaves and slaw
Beef Barbacoa Taco (P155)
✓ Beef Barbacoa Taco (P155)
Slow-cooked beef belly, chimichurri, pico de gallo, pickled onion, slaw and tortilla crisps
Sisig Taco (P155)
✓ Sisig Taco (P155)
Pork maskara, onions, chilis, melted cheese, liver sauce, chicharrones

These three street tacos we tried are all bestsellers at Tittos and for very good reason. They're all hearty multiple-biters, which despite being potentially messy to eat, pack good combinations of flavors! My favorites are the beef barbacoa, and most especially the sisig variant. I just love how the sisig, even outside of being a taco, is really good sisig!

Pollo Pizzadilla (P325)
Pollo Pizzadilla (P325)
Open-faced tortilla pizza, grilled chicken, tomato sauce, pimientos, onions, cheese, chimichurri

For something similar to a taco but for sharing, there's the fun pizza quesadilla which takes all the good things from the Mexican favorite quesadilla and puts it in pizza form. Now there's no reason to hoard a chicken quesadilla for one's self!


To get our fill of carbs, we had paella. And Tittos carry two kinds of paella dishes on their menu, both available in two sizes -- Medio and Grande.

Paella de Carne (P445 medio, P745 grande)
Paella de Carne (Medio for 4-6 pax P445; Grande for 8-10 pax P745)
Grilled chicken inasal, chorizo, sofrito, green peas, French beans, lemon
Arroz Negra (P495 medio, P895 grande)
✓ Arroz Negra (Medio for 2-3 pax P495; Grande for 4-5 pax P895)
Squid ink paella with chorizo, squid rings, prawns, mussels, sofrito, tinapa, French beans, onion crisps, garlic mayo

Ordering the paella definitely makes dining at Tittos more festive! While I like both paella variants, I'd have to be honest and reveal my bias towards the squid ink paella. The combination of squid ink, seafood and garlic mayo with a squeeze of lime was really heavenly! If you love seafood, then I'm sure you'll enjoy the arroz negra a lot!

Main Entrées: Entradas!

Although the appetizers and paella are already good enough as a complete meal, Tittos offers a good selection of mouthwatering main entrées. Here are a few of the bestsellers we got to try.

Pollo Asado
Pollo Asado (Quarter P195; Half P375; Whole P695)
Pollo Asado Whole (P695) comes with 3 side dishes
Roast chicken with side veggies, mango relish and chimichurri
Whole order comes with 3 side dishes, half order with 2 side dishes, and quarter with 1 side dish

For chicken lovers, Tittos carries this juicy and mouthwatering roasted chicken that tastes even amazing with some chimichurri and sweet mangoes. And it goes well with whatever side dish you choose to pair it with, whether it be rice, potatoes, beans or patacones (fried plantains). The latter is my fave!

18 Hours Gaucho Steak (P550)
✓ 18 Hours Gaucho Steak (P550)
Hanger steak with side veggies, chimichurri and gravy; Served with your choice of one side dish

As much as I like chicken, my heart goes out to beef, no doubt! Grilled gaucho-style, an Argentinian way of cooking, this serving of hanger steak is tender, moist and oh-so-succulent! I may not be sure if it was really cooked 18 hours on the gaucho, but I know it does taste like it! (๑♡3♡๑)

Costillitas (P310)
Costillitas (P310)
Baby back ribs with side veggies and house BBQ sauce; Served with your choice of one side dish

Ribs lovers are also in luck as Tittos serves up tender, juicy and fall-off-the-bone Cuban-style ribs. Sweet, smokey, spicy and flavorful, even without using the extra gravy, this is already hearty and perfect to enjoy as it is or paired with a side dish.

Desserts & Drinks

To end our full meal on a sweet note, we closed off with some of Tittos' bestselling desserts.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (P195)
✓ Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (P195)
Buttered grahams, custard, meringue, vanilla ice cream, crushed oreo, whipping cream, blueberries, strawberries
Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (P195)
✓ Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (P195)
Crushed grahams, cheesecake, dulce de leche, caramelized corn flakes, chocolate drizzle, strawberry purée
Tittos Ube Churros (P225)
✓ Tittos Ube Churros (P225)
Ube churros, white chocolate frosting, caramel, chocolate drizzle

These desserts are not just fillers on the menu. Every one of them can really stand on their own. If I ate them without knowing which establishment they're from, I would've guessed they're from a dessert specialty shop! Among the 3 though, my ultimate favorite is the ube churros, which is befitting to include Tittos' name. And I'm not even that keen on churros, mind you! I also really liked the frozen brazo, being a fan of this light and pillowy dessert.

Tittos Iced tea (P95), Tamarind Cola (P95), Almond Cinnamon Horchata (P135), Cucumber Elderflower (P110), Pineapple Ginger (P95)
Tittos Iced Tea (P95), Tamarind Cola (P95), Almond Cinnamon Horchata (P135),
Cucumber Elderflower (P110), Pineapple Ginger (P95)

The beverages at Tittos are also as refreshing and interesting! Even their house-blend iced tea is far from ordinary as it's a concoction of earl gray tea, passion fruit and chia seeds. For something more Mexican, there's the horchata which is commonly made with rice, milk, nuts and cinnamon. Their line of agua fresca or fresh juices are also unique and the perfect thirst-quenchers against Manila's hot and humid weather.

Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew Kapitolyo Pasig Review


We were quite a big group when we dined at Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew. But with over 70 items on the menu, I can say that no group is big enough not to enjoy the variety and quality of food that Tittos serve. If you and your dining party are fans of Latin American comfort food, or if you're new to this group of cuisines, I'm sure you won't get disappointed after a meal here. Whether you're more into small bites and finger foods, heavy and hearty dishes, or even got a sweet tooth, there's definitely something for everyone at Tittos.

And have I not mentioned that the interior at Tittos will surely get you into a festive mood? So if you love taking photos of IG-worthy food and interiors, this is a place-to-be when you find yourself in Kapitolyo!

Taste 4.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3.5/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew, Kapitolyo
16 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City,
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 535-9212
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After getting your fill of good grub at Tittos, you can continue to chill and drink the night away at their hidden private bar called RM-16 located at the back of the restaurant.

Enter the passcode to gain access to RM-16

RM-16 is the newest exclusive speakeasy in Kapitolyo, and there's no signage to point you to the secret bar. When you spot this Coca-Cola door, great things await. You just have to input the passcode on the door, which you can get from the bar or from your friends after you've made a reservation.

RM-16 Speakeasy Bar Kapitolyo Pasig
RM-16 Speakeasy Bar in Kapitolyo Pasig
RM-16 Speakeasy Bar Kapitolyo

Despite being a secret bar, RM-16 can get packed on weekends, so reserve ahead of time to secure a table for your group. There's also no door charge during weekends. However, there's a required minimum consumable amount of P5,000 per table. Not bad if you plan to drink, munch and party the night away!

RM-16 Bar, Kapitolyo
RSVP: 0956-172-9048

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