Your Essential Guide to Lash Extension Aftercare

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Lash care doesn’t begin and end with your lash extension technician. With these tips you can keep your lash extensions maintained and looking their best between visits.


Correctly use primers, adhesives and removers

Believe it or not, there’s a science to lash extensions. Factors like humidity and temperature have an impact on how long your lashes will last. That’s because certain adhesives respond differently to each of these factors. Luckily, your last technician can choose from adhesives that are designed for high-humidity or low-humidity environments. Make sure to have a conversation with your lash extension technician about which products are best for you and your lashes and be sure that they are using primers and removers that can be used safely with other brands and products.

Give lash extensions time to properly bond

After you get your lash extensions it will take a few days to get used to them, and there are a few things you should avoid during these initial days. Give your lash extensions time to properly bond by avoiding the sauna, pool, spa and hot yoga. Even regular activities like grilling and cooking for a long period of time or blow drying the front pieces of your hair angled toward your lash extensions can negatively impact their retention.

Resist the urge to rub

Our eyelashes shed naturally. And because the way that lash extensions are applied, they will eventually fall out with your natural lash. If a lash extension looks out of place, do your best to resist playing with, twisting it or pulling it off altogether. Let your lash extensions come off naturally and keep them combed with a spoolie brush. You should also reconsider your makeup removing routine if you use cotton makeup remover pads. These pads can leave behind cotton fibers and can weaken your lash extensions if you are using them to rub your eye makeup off. Opt for wipes instead.

Comb carefully

Great for brows and your lash extensions, a spoolie brush will become your best friend. This beauty tool is essentially a mascara wand, without the mascara. These little workhorses can keep your lashes looking great. Just use a spoolie brush to carefully comb through your lash extensions to keep them defined and looking full.

Use cleansers specifically designed for lash extensions

Like combing, you’ll want to cleanse your lash extensions daily, as it’s essential to both the hygiene of your eyes and lashes and the longevity of your lash extensions. A gentle, hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory cleanser like Chrissanthie can keep oils from building up at the base of your lashes. Designed by a pharmacist and ophthalmic surgeon, this cleanser won’t break down the crucial lash extension adhesive.

See a lash extension technician regularly

Each woman’s lash grow cycle is different. Your lash extension longevity will depend on your own lash growth time. Some women can go as long as six weeks without seeing a lash technician, while others go in for fills with their lash artist every two weeks. Full lash extension sets last an average of four weeks. However, waiting too long between fills to the point where your lash extensions are grown out, in bad shape or overall depleted, could mean your lashes are unable to be replenished to a full set. It’s best to see your lash artist when you have 50 percent shed.

From regular combing to routine fill appointments, these tips can not only keep your lashes looking fabulous, they'll give them a longer lifespan, too.


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