A BIG welcome to 2018!

Being more optimistic, getting to know KonMari, tidying up my life, first overseas trip with just my partner, attending a concert of my favorite band, my sister getting married, and I myself getting engaged. Ahh... 2017 has been a good year. I can still clearly remember how this year started. And just like that, we’re now getting ready to welcome another one. But enough of my being sentimental!

New Year is the perfect time to be one with the merriment -- enjoy the holiday cheers, catch up with old friends, celebrate with family, and eat loads of good food without the guilt. (Yes, we'll deal with the aftermath later!)

Quezo de Bola

We're giving 2018 a BIG welcome, pulling out all the stops and planned a menu that everyone would enjoy. From home-cooked Filipino food and holiday stapes like lechon and queso de bola, to sweet treats like tsokolate and leche flan, it will surely be a big feast that we will enjoy together.

Jack N Jill Limited Edition Party Packs

Something big that will surely be a hit at our celebration is our favorite Jack ‘n Jill snacks -- Piattos, Chippy, and Chiz Curls, in limited edition Party Packs. We discovered these while grocery shopping for our party and thought that these would be super perfect for us to snack on and share. These bigger packs can also mean longer snacking as we hang out and enjoy fun games this New Year’s eve. (I'm already excited for the karaoke and card games!) Hmmmm... Maybe I should buy a few more for the trips that some of us are planning for January 2018?

Jack 'n Jill Piattos Cheese Party Pack 212g is priced at P65. Jack 'n Jill Chippy BBQ Party Pack 200g is priced at P41.90. Jack 'n Jill Chiz Curls Party Pack 120g is priced at P41.90.


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