Daily Quickie: PizzaHut Tuscani Premium All-Meat

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Daily Quickie will be a short tag on the title which I'll use for blog entries about food I'm snacking at home, work or anywhere.

In less than 2 months, I can't believe that this is the 5th Pizza Hut Tuscani flavor that I have tried, the Premium All-Meat (P499).

Just a quick rundown of the flavors I've previously had: Supremo, Roast Beef, 3-Cheese Bacon & Spinach, and their newest addition to the Tuscani line, 4-Cheese Lasagna. And if you're wondering.. No, Pizza Hut is not paying or giving me compensation of any kind for this. Since my family and I often avail of their pizzas for delivery, I thought of trying out all the Tuscani flavors just for the kicks. (It would've been a bonus if I'll be rewarded for the free features though. *wink*)

Pizza Hut's Tuscani Premium All-Meat is a semi-thin crust pizza smothered with tons of meat -- bacon, beef, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami and smoked ham. Beneath the seemingly meaty overload is a bed of mozzarella and parmesan cheese, as well as a thin layer of premium tomato sauce.

We ordered this pizza last Sunday. I actually have plans to cook something for merienda, but since it was raining so hard that day, everyone at home including me seemed to be too lazy to do anything. So we ended up ordering for Pizza Hut. Although the nice customer representative over the phone advised that it may take about 45 minutes before our pizzas (Yes, we always get a free pizza thru our Palm Card.) can be delivered due to the heavy rains, it was surprising how the delivery guy got us our orders even a little below 30 minutes!

My sister was excited to try this pizza as she's a full-blown carnivore. And after her first bite, she said she loves it. The pizza was really meaty and cheesy. I liked it too. However, we found it too oily. And although we're still young, we'll probably stay away from this flavor for quite some time if the Premium All-Meat is really supposed to be this oily.

We also noted how the slices were unevenly cut. Some were almost the size of 2 slices, while others are small for a super family pizza. I guess getting your orders fast has its downside too.

Anyway, only 1 more Tuscani flavor to go and I can proudly say I've conquered them all. How about you? Have you given any of the Tuscani flavors a try yet?


  1. I'm salivating. :(

    I'm dieting, you know? :(

  2. sulit ang palm card. still haven't tried any tuscani flavors and one to go ka na lang. :)

  3. Oh gosh! I haven't tried any of the Tuscani Flavors yet..

  4. Yep, tried the lasagna 4-cheese. Loved it! I want to try the one with the spinach on it. And the rest of the Tuscani flavors. :)

  5. Haven't tried any of the Tuscani flavors. I still have to abuse my Shakey's card.

  6. I have not eaten Pizza Hut pizza for a long time. Hayyy, you make me wanna miss it. Haha!

  7. I haven't tried all yet ... so far I like the one with the spinach the best

  8. Can't wait for your next flavor review! :D

    I'm on a diet now, so I will rely on your Tuscani project to satisfy my curiosity (Im stopping on my 4th flavor. Hehehe.) Thanks for dropping by my own Tuscani post. :)


  9. I love Pizza Hut's Tuscani Premium All-Meat. This blog made me crave for more.


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