Speak Up in 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011
The internet has been a tool to make our lives easier. You can search about almost anything. You can find different kinds of online entertainment. And of course, you can easily express yourself thru blogging and social networking. However this 2011, there were a lot of issues which sprouted because of the abuse in the use of internet. People were misinformed, tricked and at worst, hurt. So before we bid farewell to 2011, let us all do our part as bloggers and social networking users to speak up, inform and be heard.

I myself has not really spoken up this 2011. Although I have my own stand, I opted to keep them to myself for fear of my friends' and circles' judgement. However, I have promised to speak up this 2012 to put an end to circulating rumors or false information, and to change things for the better. Let's do our part to:

1. Resist Apathy to Issues
In a world revolving in technology and the internet, it is funny how people still remain apathetic to important issues. We have the courage to post on Facebook our confession to our secret crush, or mindlessly rant about our parents. Yet when in comes to important things such as corruption, cyber-bullying, or even with simply extending sympathy, we don't have the time and courage to give a word about it.

2. Resist Cyber-Bullying and Trolling
Who wouldn't remember Christopher Lao, a law student who received a lot of hate in mid-2011? Although one can laugh about his comments on national television (while he was probably at a bad position due to a mix of emotions), he shouldn't have been subjected to hurtful personal insults. Another is Rebecca Black, a young aspiring artist who was cyber-bullied just because of her song Friday. There is a very thick line between laughing at the incident and throwing personal attacks to the person. Let us remember to be mature individuals.

3. Resist Sending/Receiving False Information
With information presenting itself to us on a silver platter, we have often forgotten to verify if what we are receiving is true and valid. To make the matter worse, most of us would even repost, reblog and resend these false information further making a confusion to our network. So before we announce to our friends that [insert-name-here] is pregnant, let us verify it first.

4. Resist Piracy, Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism
Creative works have been taken for granted for too long already. Yes, there are a lot of illegal downloads available online. But as a blogger, it is just not ethical to support content and media theft by plugging torrent sites or giving out illegal download links. It is also important to always cite the references and give credit if you have borrowed a photo or a line. Be sure to ask permission from the original author/creator first though. (And do not assume that they allow it if they don't reply!)

5. Resist Being Uninvolved!
Do not stay silent for fear of others' judgement. Do not be one of the silent majority. If you know you have something to say, just speak up and be involved. Let us resist mediocrity, limitations and uniformity.

Let us have our own stand, our own voice and let it be heard. Let's speak up this 2012!


  1. Hi Sumi! Love this post! Thanks for this reminder. Though I have stated some personal opinions, I haven't done it very strongly because in the back of my mind -- I really did not want to offend anybody. But I guess there are ways where one can make a stand without being offensive. Just have to find the perfect balance. Hehe. Love your blog being purple and all.. and seriously, we really need to hang out! haha. Your blog always make me hungry.

  2. @Kai Sensei: Hi sis Kai! Actually, that is what I also fear.. To offend some people.. >.< But yes, we can speak up without being offensive.. :) Oh and yes, we should hang out soon! ^^

  3. Learn to speak up and learn to stay silent when needed :)

  4. Love this post, Sumi! We do need to be mindful of the things we say or write because despite having the freedom of stating our opinions (especially since blogging is mostly opinion-driven), the way we phrase ourselves/our thoughts can change the tone of the whole message. Given that we do have a wide reach, being that the Internet is accessible nearly everywhere, it's best to be careful with your words. And if you have something to say, SAY IT PROFESSIONALLY. :) This is a very good list!! :)

    Megann ♥ STYLE SURGERY

  5. I love your post! :) I definitely agree with you that people sometimes abuse the use of the internet. There is a thin line between criticism and just plain rudeness. People should think carefully before they post. As the saying goes, "Think before you click!"

    Happy New Year to you and your family Sumi! ^__^ I wish more nice food trips and adventures for you. :)

  6. what a fitting post to end 2011 and start 2012!

    nice to know you this year! Keep blogging!

    Happy New Year

  7. I adhere to GMA's think before you click campaign. Bullying, regardless of whatever form it comes or age is immature and should never be condoned.

  8. Awesome! An everyday Reminder :) Really did inspire me to blog. ☺

  9. I want to blog too, I mean you have already started a blog since old days. Though, this coronavirus fears arisiing really make people scared.

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