C2 Classic Cuisine: Filipino Food Fare Redefined

Since it's already the independence week, let me get into a patriotic mode by featuring more Filipino restaurants around the Metro. After a gastronomic journey with Jose Rizal, I got to visit another participant for the Department of Tourism's Kulinarya Kalayaan -- C2 Classic Cuisine.

Tinolang Binakol P295

Owned by the Cravings Group, C2 Classic Cuisine is a casual-dining restaurant offering redefined classic Filipino dishes that exude true Pinoy taste but with a touch of C2's ingenuity and innovation. And to celebrate the upcoming Philippine Independence Day, it is just fitting to savor flavors which are distinctly our own while still enjoying a dash of the contemporary.

For our visit at C2 Classic Cuisine in Robinsons Midtown, we first got to sample a very comforting dish -- Tinolang Binakol (P295). Although light on the palate, the ginger-coconut soup with tender chicken cutlets, diced sayote (chayotte) and coconut meat was sweet and flavorful -- a good first dish to whet our appetite.

Chicharon Munggo with Crispy Paksiw P330

We then got to try the Chicharon Munggo with Crispy Paksiw (P330) -- a light and refreshing mung beans stew topped with pork cracklings, and served with fried mackerel fillets and paksiw sauce on the side. I'm not a big fan of mung beans, but this stew was definitely memorable as the salty cracklings and fried fish siding gave the whole ensemble its needed oomph.

Sotanghon Guisado P265

For carbs, our group had a serving of the Sotanghon Guisado (265) -- rice noodles cooked in soy sauce and chicken stock. Although I'm generally not a fan of sweet Pinoy noodles, I enjoyed the generous portions of chicken strips, local vegetables, peanuts and scrambled eggs sitting atop the sotanghon.

Bibingka Soufflé P165 Bibingka Soufflé

Even in Filipino restaurants, it would be very rude to say no to desserts especially to this beautiful Bibingka Soufflé (P165). And despite getting my fair share of soufflés, it was the first time I've had a bibingka one. C2's attempt to be original may be risky, but was definitely worthy of praises as this light and fluffy coconut custard with salty eggs, quezo de bola (edam cheese) and toasted coconut was nothing short of awesome!

Turon ala Mode P165

We also had a serving of Turon ala Mode (P165) -- crispy spring rolls of banana and ube, drizzled with butterscotch and langka (jack fruit) sauce and served with vanilla ice cream on the side. Although turon is one of my least favorite Pinoy snack items since I had to eat them almost every day back in grade school, I definitely dig C2's sweeter gourmet version.

Decorated Ceiling Maja Mais Con Yelo, Guinumis and Buko Pandan Shake

Although C2 Classic Cuisine capitalizes on entrées, my friend Stacy and I felt as if I was in a desserts place. Even with the beverages, C2 had given a touch of sweet ingenuity. Just look at the dessert-like drinks we had, Maja Mais Con Yelo (P105) -- sweet corn and coconut cream; Guinumis (P95) -- pinipig, sago and crushed ice with panocha (penuche) syrup and coconut milk; and Buko Pandan Shake (P105) -- pandan-blended drink with jelly cubes and coconut meat.


C2 Classic Cuisine in Robinsons Midtown might only house a few tables, but this Filipino food destination can definitely feed a big hearty appetite. Although I honestly didn't go gaga for the main entrées we got to try, I was definitely very impressed with the innovative drinks and desserts -- a feat enough to make me come back for more.

Taste - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 3.5/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

C2 Classic Cuisine, Robinsons Place Manila
G/Lvl. Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place,
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila
(02) 567-2402
Facebook Page


  1. ganda ng plating ng turon ala mode, ate sumi.
    i've eaten quite a few soufflé before but i've never encountered bibingka though. i wonder if it really tastes like the real bibingka.. :o

  2. @athena: The top of the Bibingka Soufflé has a brazo de mercedes-kind of taste and feel, but it does taste like real bibingka because of the salty egg, cheese and coconut.. ^^

  3. Awwww! Favorite ko yung Bibingka and Turon! Meron ba sis malapit na branch yung C2 sa Quezon City! Mukhang masarap yung munggo and crispy paksiw. but the price, hefty ba yung serving? Nagugutom nanaman ako >.<

  4. wow is that buco, really interesting

  5. ang sarap naman, parang gusto ko payday na agad para makapag food trip na hehe.

  6. I love this place! They have the best tinolang binakol and guinumis. =)

  7. @Kath: There's one in Cravings Center Katipunan sis, and the other nearest branch would be in Megamall and Shangri-la. Yes sis, quite reasonable naman ang price for the servings.. ;)

    @chrisair: The first photo is Tinolang Binakol served in a coconut shell.. :) It has coconut meat too!

  8. Grabe, tagal ko nang di naka-daan dito sa blog mo Sumi! XD Been very busy! But just wow, you take such great photos talaga! :>

    I'm not sure if this is the same C2 that I've eaten in before, but the Tinolang Binakol looks very creamy and YUMMY! XD

  9. Oh my God! Delicacies here in the PHilippines are far more mouth-watering ;-)
    I'm sure Tinolang Binakol tastes great ♥

  10. Wow, meron sa Megamall! :) Natuwa naman ako sa Chicharon Munggo, ganyan kami magluto sa bahay eh!

  11. ive heard good feedbacks about them. i wanna try it! esp the Bibingka Soufflé !!!

  12. I love tinola but I don't really know that there is such food like Tinolang Binakol. LOL.

    Anyway, I hope you can also share us a picture of the restaurant. :)

  13. @Dianne: I actually wanted to post a photo of the restaurant, but I wasn't able to take a decent one.. XD The place was quite small, with about 5-6 tables I think. And the place was quite packed that time, so I was hesitant to snap a shot (baka maka-distract ng other diners). The resto is sleek though and quite cozy :)

  14. a colleague of mine is actually their marketing director here in Cebu and she's been telling me about this place. oh my, their selections are ridiculously good-looking! can't wait to visit!


  15. loooks so yummy! :) love the plating! it looks like something western cuisine

  16. missing in action those Filipino foods that I like, i wouldn't pay for a monggo and fish dish worth P330 (kuripot lng po)...but i want to try the sotanghon and turon...

  17. Our family enjoys C2, in Greenhills. I also featured C2 on the blog and my favorite was the crab omelette :)))

  18. the bibingka souffle looks really yummy!!


  19. Just by looking at those photos made me hungry. haha. So yummy! All of them, gusto kong matikman!

  20. Kaka-tulo-laway namana ng mga food. Kaso mukang mahal...hehehe...
    I love Filipino Foods...

  21. mouthwatering foods! i like to have a bite of that turon ala mode...looks super yummy

  22. Wow, now I have to take a break and look for turon...

  23. Their Bibingka Souffle is really my fave!

  24. The thing I like about C2 is that they innovate and improve on classic Filipino dishes and yes their plating is superb. Not to mention how yummy the dishes there are.

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