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Clara Olé: The New Quality Cream-Based Sauces

If you've been following me on Instagram, which you totally should, then there's a good chance you've seen how often I cook pasta. And while it does reflect my relationship with this Italian favorite, the main reason why I always make pasta is because it's relatively easy to prepare, especially with ready-made sauces from one of my favorite brands.
Clara Ole Cream-Based Sauces

Whenever I'm hungry and craving for a flavorful and filling food that's easy to whip up, I'd always find myself boiling some pasta and checking the pantry for a pack of Clara Olé sauce. I think I've already tried the majority of their sauces. And let me tell you, they're definitely high quality! Unlike other ready-made sauces that have a chemical taste screaming fake, Clara Olé's sauces taste all-natural. And among pasta sauces in local grocery stores, I can easily say with conviction that Clara Olé is my number one favorite!

Tomato-Basil Spaghetti using Clara Ole Chunky Tomato with Basil Pasta Sauce
Tomato-Basil Spaghetti with Cashews using Clara Olé Chunky Tomato with Basil Pasta Sauce
Before discovering the new line of sauces from Clara Olé, my all-time favorite pasta sauce from the brand was the Chunky Tomato with Basil. I usually put garlic, bell peppers and more tomatoes when I use this pasta sauce, but when I'm pressed for time or just plain lazy, even simply reheating the sauce itself is already good enough.

Clara Ole Quality Cream-Based Sauces

About two months ago, I found out that Clara Olé has released a new line of sauces. Truth be told, it was only then I realized that previously, the brand only carried tomato and oil-based sauces. And while I was already very happy and content with their existing pasta sauces, these new quality cream-based sauces are a welcome addition.
  • Carbonara
    Creamy, cheesy and salty with hints of mushroom and smoked bacon
  • Béchamel
    Mild and creamy with a masterful blend of butter, cream and cheese
  • Creamy Tomato
    Sweet and tangy tomato sauce with luscious cream
There's really no way I can pick a favorite among these three, since every one of them is different. But what I know is that these are all high quality cream-based sauces made from real cream. They don't taste like plastic like some of the "cream-based" or "carbonara" sauces daw that I picked up from the grocery before out of curiosity.

Creamy Carbonara using Clara Ole Carbonara and Bechamel Sauces
Creamy Carbonara using Clara Olé Carbonara and Bechamel Sauces
Fettuccine Carbonara using Clara Ole's Carbonara Sauce
Fettuccine Carbonara using Clara Olé Carbonara Sauce
Since I like my carbonara pasta both a little salty but also really creamy and buttery, I found myself combining the Carbonara and the Béchamel sauces more often than not. The slightly salty, mushroom-y flavor of the former goes really well with the extra creaminess of the latter. But if you like your carbonara sauce less buttery but more flavorful, then using the Carbonara sauce as is would be perfect. And though I haven't tried it yet, I'm looking into topping the Béchamel sauce on grilled fish. Yum yum yum!

Cheesy Macaroni in Clara Ole's Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce
Cheesy Macaroni in Clara Olé Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce
Creamy Tomato Fried Rice with Fish and Bokchoy
Creamy Tomato Fried Rice with Fish and Bokchoy
As for the Creamy Tomato sauce, I found it perfect for coating macaroni! I'm sure it would go with any kind of pasta too. But so far, my favorite use of it aside from my macaroni, is with cooked rice. It just adds the right sweetness, tang and creaminess to fluffy rice, especially when eaten with fish and some leafy greens.

While the Carbonara Pasta Sauce seems fitting for carbonara (duh!), nachos and veggie sticks, the Béchamel White Sauce for baked lasagna, meats and grilled fish, and the Creamy Tomato Pasta Sauce for spaghetti, meat loaf and tomato soup, there's really no certain way you can or cannot use these cream-based sauces from Clara Olé.

Actually, I think it's best to get creative and experiment on how to incorporate them with your pasta and even non-pasta dishes. You might just surprise yourself!

For more information, visit Clara Olé's official website
and Facebook Page, or follow them on Instagram


  1. I'll try these sauces in the future because usually I used another famous brand.

    1. Give Clara Ole a try! I use sauces from other brands too, especially if I'm concocting my own blend of sauce. But for ready-made, I think Clara Ole is one of the best! :)

  2. I love Clara Ole. Sayang lang kasi minsan out of stock sya. Laging nauubos agad?

    1. True! I think malakas talaga Clara Ole! Even sa grocery malapit samen, laging konti lang nakastock sa shelves. I once overheard a staff there talking to a merchandiser, malakas nga daw talaga Clara Ole, especially the Pesto and Tomato with Three-Cheese variants. ^^

  3. I want to try this one out.. I've seen these items in groceries :) I like bechamel sauce too. I guess I could probably like bechamel and carbonara combination

    1. Give it a try, Janine! :) On their own, or combined, they're pretty good.

  4. Cheesy Macaroni, Baked Mac and Carbonara are my faves but I'm thinking of suggesting Béchamel to manang on our next stay-at-home-with-home-cooked meal. :)

  5. Wow it looks so yummy! I love this!!! One of my favorite recipes!

  6. The carbonara and creamy tomatoes are two familiar flavors we also have at home - made from scratch. The bechamel one seems more interesting. We'll try it soon. :)

  7. Approved ako rito.. Clra Ole offers quality products, Eh yan ang brand ni misis when it comes to pasta sauce.

  8. Clara Ole brings us Pasta faster and with a better flavor. It definitely makes cooking easier.

  9. I've never bought Clara Ole' but I will definitely purchase this product. Looks really yummy!!

  10. I've tried Clara Ole' sandwich spread and it taste excellent! I will definitely buy their product again.

  11. I must admit I got hungry when I saw your tomato basil pasta! Ready made sauces are necessary if you have a very busy schedule and do not have the time to create one from scratch. If I want cream based sauce, I buy ready made too. But this summer we have such a huge tomato and basil harvest that I just make my own tomato sauce.

  12. Clara Ole has become a great staple in everyone's pantry. I love that they finally came out with some Bechamel!! This is such a mouthwatering post, too! Haha :)

  13. I have tried Clare Ole's carbonara and the kids loved it. I am an avid of their cheesy pesto too.


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