The Beehive Pastries: Sweet Holiday Treats and Goodies

The holidays is already here. And if you still don't have an idea what to give to friends and co-workers, this might just be the post you need to read! 'Cause while I love the happy and festive vibe of December, I dread the shopping part. Don't get me wrong, I love shopping in general. However, Christmas gift shopping is another matter. But today, let me help you out as I share with you home-baked goodies you can proudly gift to friends.
Beehive Pastries KitKat Cake (P650 Junior; P1,050 Regular; P1,450 Large)

Gift giving, especially in big quantities, can be problematic. It's hard to think of gifts which can please the receiver yet won't hurt your pocket at the same time. But for a while now, gifting baked treats has become a good solution. It would definitely be special if you made the goodies yourself. But if you don't have the time, the skill, or both, then you're in luck 'cause there are quite a few notable home-bakers in the metro who can help you out.

One of which is Abby of The Beehive Pastries, a really nice home-baker who makes flavorful but not awfully cloying treats you'll surely fall in love with after a bite or two.

Beehive Pastries KitKat Cake
KitKat Cake (P650 Junior; P1,050 Regular; P1,450 Large)
Perfect on the Noche Buena table, a gift to a special someone, or as a birthday cake, this eye-catching baked treat is something that will surely wow the receiver. I know it 'cause I myself was wowed when I saw this! The colorful M&Ms and the KitKat bar fence will definitely bring out the child in whoever you'll give this cake to. It's also Instagram-worthy!

But it's not all looks, if that's what you think! The chocolate base cake is very moist, decadent and chocolatey. The buttercream on it isn't too sweet as well. However, be wary that putting more M&Ms on your slice of cake will definitely up the sweetness. So as expected, I didn't eat my slices with a lot of them M&Ms. Teehee!

Beehive Pastries Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble (P280 Small; P380 Big)
✓ Apple Crumble (P280 Small; P380 Big)
If there's a treat that would make me squeal after receiving, then it would definitely be this apple pie. Recognized even by Spot.PH, this decadent treat is definitely one of my favorite apple pies ever! With thick slices of crispy apples, a good amount of cinnamon, and a buttery, crumby top with lots of walnuts -- 'tis the perfect treat you, your family members, and even your friends can enjoy while cozying up indoors this coming holiday.

Chocolate Revel Bars and Mango Bars (P100 Small; P180 Big)
Revel Bars and ✓ Mango Bars (P100 Small; P180 Big)
If you're not keen on giving out bigger boxes of baked goodies, then you might want to check out these revel and mango bars perfect for gifting co-workers or as giveaways. Both of them were slightly crumbly on the outside, and moist and ooey gooey on the inside. But between the two, I somehow preferred the mango-flavored ones more as you don't normally see sweet, fruity mangoes on revel bars.

Food for the Gods (P180 12pcs; P250 18pcs; P320 24pcs)
✓ Food for the Gods (P180 12pcs.; P250 18pcs.; P320 24pcs.)
Fruitcakes are so last decade! Instead, why not give out this Beehive Pastries bestseller? To give you a background, Abby makes thousands of these bars per day. And for a very good reason. These cute little bars are loaded with walnuts and dates in a light honey batter. A treat perfect to munch wherever and whenever. And I'm warning you, these can get pretty addicting!

Chocolate Chip Cookies (P85 12pcs; P120 20pcs; P180 30pcs)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (P85 12pcs.; P120 20pcs.; P180 30pcs.)
Not really the Christmas-y treat, but who doesn't love cookies? Made with extra chocolate chips and a generous serving of walnuts, every bite off these babies will give you a slight crisp on the outside and a chewy, buttery goodness on the inside. Eat them with a cup of warm milk or hot cocoa and I'm sure you're in for a warm, cozy holiday evening.

The Beehive Pastries have more treats sure to impress your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone you're planning to give a gift to. There are also really sweet promos you can avail of if you buy in bulk.

Beehive Pastries Christmas Promo
Beehive Pastries Pricelist

If you're planning to place an order with The Beehives Pastries, I highly suggest that you do it now as December is a pretty busy month for home-bakers. And whatever you choose to order for gift-giving, I also recommend that you gift yourself a treat from The Beehives Pastries. 'Cause you know, a little self-loving doesn't hurt. If anything, it will make you even happier this season of cheers! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

For orders and inquiries, visit or their Facebook Page.
You may also contact Abby via 0922-822-2399 or 0922-811-1036


  1. fave ng mom ko apple crumble. might give that a try... not soon though high sugar ni mom e haha

    1. Let me know what you think of their Apple Crumble when you get to try it! :) Ako din nga, planning to buy but maybe on January na since I still can't eat a lot of sweets pa din. >.<

  2. Thank you for sharing this gem I think it's really a great source for gift idea this holiday season! A very safe one ;))

  3. each sweets looks very delicious. :)

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