The #BetterMe: How to Become a Better You

If there's one thing that's constant, it'd be change. Our environment changes. Our circumstances change. The people around us change... And while we may not have total control over most of these changes, there's one thing we're fully in charge of -- the changes in ourselves. We decide if it'll be for the better, or for the worse.


Of course, in the most perfect world, all of us would choose to become a better version of ourselves. Heck, even in our own disarrayed world, we still strive to improve ourselves in whatever way we can! I guess, it's human nature. As long as you don't thrive in masochism and self-pity, I'm sure you'd love to transform into a better version of you too.

SkinWhite Captivate Council

I know everyone goes through a hard time in life. Everyone deals with self-doubt and uncertainties. However, I think many young girls seem to have it rough. There's a status quo she might have to challenge. There are insecurities that start creeping in too early. There's that feeling to conform to whatever other girls her age are doing... And the list goes on.

SkinWhite, the country's leading and pioneer brand in skin whitening, understands this. Thus, they have recently launched and concluded the #BetterMe campaign, which aimed to inspire and empower young Filipinas to improve who they are both inside and out.

SkinWhite Captivate Council

For four months, the young Filipina participants of the #BetterMe campaign, called the SkinWhite Captivate Council, got to know one another and grow together. And to cap off the celebration, they even had a culmination event last April 25, 2015 at Romulo's Cafe in Makati, that recognizes the young girls who shined the brightest during this four-month period.

How I became the #BetterMe

Of course, I wouldn't dare blog about this if I myself don't promote becoming one's better version of him or herself. If you've been a reader for a while now, you might have known that I went through a tough time just last year. And I can say that the experience has definitely let me evolve to a #BetterMe.

Around this time in 2014, I faced one of my long-time opponents in life. My skin. I've always had skin asthma since I was a kid, and have always been embarrassed of the keratosis pilaris all over my arms and legs. But last year was the moment my skin gave me the hardest time; I had a very stubborn episode of eczema (topical steroid withdrawal) that challenged me physically and emotionally.

Since then, I've changed as a person. I'd like to think that I'm already a better version of myself. Not only did I triumph over the condition, I also learned to love myself -- skin asthma and all. I've gained a better understanding of my mind and body, which led me to accept my imperfections, celebrate the things I love about myself, and strive to improve whatever I can.

Unlock the Better YOU

Self-improvement should be continuous. And I don't, in any way, think that I'm already the best version of myself. I still have ways to go, and I'm planning to continue working on it. But I thought, why not share some tips to help others find their better self? You might have known some (or all) of these already, but here's a refresher and a gentle reminder, just in case.

Your New Self Green Road Sign


When you find yourself in an undesirable situation, stop making excuses about why you're not happy or successful. Don't blame your classmate, your teacher, your boss, your parents, your spouse, or anyone else who may have been involved. Suck it up and take responsibility for your own mistakes. When you learn to accept and understand it, you will learn from it.

no excuses

And if there's something you've been wanting to do, or at least try, then go ahead. Stop making any more excuses to yourself, because you'll never know what lies ahead if you haven't even tried it. As Wayne Gretzky puts it, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."


If people have wronged you, hate on the "action" but try to forgive the person. It may be very difficult to forgive a person who hurt you or someone you love, but it's better for you in the long run to let go of any resentment. Harboring hatred against people is not healthy and will only chain you to the negative experiences of the past. Learn to forgive and you will find yourself freed.


Although receiving presents feels good, being the giver feels even better. You'd be surprised how much happier you can feel by doing good. And it's even more surprising how the smallest act can have a positive impact on the person you showed kindness to.


Whether it be signing up for charity volunteering, giving your sandwich and milk tea to a street child, complimenting your friend's outfit, or smiling to a stranger you rode the bus with, nothing beats the rewarding feeling you can get knowing that you made someone smile.


People make mistakes. Even as adults, we still make bad decisions. However, if you make yourself a role model to someone -- say, your siblings, nephews and nieces, or children, you'd be more aware and cautious of the things you do. You wouldn't want the people who look up to you see you throwing a hissy fit, or intentionally choosing the bad decision.

As much as they look up to us, we also learn to control ourselves better because of them.


It may seem petty, but dressing and glamming yourself up have more benefits than you'd think. Not only are you giving people a good impression of yourself, dolling up can also boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. If you want to rock a red lipstick, go ahead. If you want to sport a tan, then so be it. If you want to accentuate your curves with a bodycon dress, be my guest. If you want to try whitening your skin a bit (I suggest SkinWhite's Advanced Power Whitening Lotion), don't let anyone stop you.

girl makeup

Don't think that you're being shallow for loving to look good. You don't dress up to attract attention, or impress the opposite sex. You dress up to express yourself. You dress up because you deserve to look the best you can! You owe it to yourself.


For the longest time in my life, I have been embarrassed of my skin. I have tiny bumps covering my arms and legs, and I would always be too conscious of wearing clothing that would expose them. Even if I wasn't comfortable, I'd wear long sleeves and pants even on the hottest summer days just to hide them. But that life is no more.

By learning to embrace my flaws, I have freed myself from one of my many insecurities. I can now confidently wear sleeveless tops and skirts even with keratosis pilaris on my skin. If people stare, I let them. If people ask, I share them my story. Either way, I feel good for not hiding part of myself anymore. And I'm sure, you'd do too!


love yourself

After accepting your imperfections, it follows to love yourself. Take the time to give yourself a compliment, whether it be your hair, your outfit, or your most recent achievement. Doing so will give you a little emotional boost that will make you feel good. This can also be a stepping stone to build your confidence, as well as celebrating the things you love about yourself.


By embracing your imperfections, and learning to love yourself, you won't feel the need to fit in a certain category. You don't need to have a perfect hourglass figure, nor weigh exactly 100 lbs. to feel good about yourself, as we're all built differently.

getting healthy

However, you need to take good care of your body. Start getting active and exercise. It doesn't only get you in shape, but also helps in your brain's dopamine production -- a neurochemical that plays a role in making a person feel happy. And with this also comes healthy eating. Try to incorporate nutrition-dense food in your diet and eat just the right portion for your body's build and daily activities. This is not to lose or gain weight, but to make sure your body is well-fueled. By living a healthier lifestyle, you're not only making yourself feel good but also treating your mind and body right.


Try a new hobby you're interested in. Learn a new language. Try a new restaurant you've never been to before. Change the way you dress. Get a new haircut you haven't had in the past. Book a vacation to an unknown part of the world. Or even simply trying a new product, like how I tried SkinWhite's Advanced Power Whitening Lotion. (Click for product review.)

Whether it be inside or out, keep an open mind to change. Some people find it hard to break away from what they're used to, but when you allow change to take place, you allow yourself to grow into the person you want to become.

Wrapping it up...


It's nice how brands like SkinWhite has taken it upon themselves to spread a positive message across, especially to young girls. And like how I find it inspiring, I hope you also found this post motivating... Even if just a little bit.

I know change is not something we can achieve overnight. It may take weeks, months, or even years for us to truly build the foundation to transform into a better version of ourselves. However, it's possible. Let's remember that whatever successes, hardships and mistakes we encounter in life will make us grow in one way or another.


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