Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Review + Giveaway

As frugal as I try to be, I can't deny my belief that "a girl can never have too many lipsticks." Granted, I only have a pair of lips. BUT, who wouldn't wind up being a lipstick hoarder with all these beautiful shades of pinks, reds, mauves and more, around?

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks

At the moment, I have about 16 different lipsticks, ranging from shades I religiously use, to colors I still haven't had the courage to show off. But I'm glad Maybelline New York perfectly understands my sentiment... When I was at my lowest point about a month ago, they knew how to cheer me up without offering unsolicited advice, nor even knowing what I was going through. All it took was this special bouquet of lipsticks that did wonders in uplifting my mood.

So today, I want Maybelline New York Color Sensational's newest power lip collection -- the Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks, to be in the limelight it so deserves.

The Product

Maybelline's new Rebel Bouquet lipstick collection comes in 11 different vivacious shades of pinks, reds and mauves, all inspired by the blooming flowers of the spring season.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet

They're infused with Color Bloom Technology that ensures every lipstick in the collection will give off a bright lip color that's never dull, washed out, nor too shy. And unlike other bright lipsticks that leave the lips dry, the Rebel Bouquet lippies are charged with honey nectar that promises to leave a rich, sumptuous and enjoyable gliding feel on the lips with every swipe.

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet

Packaging is pretty simple, with the removable plastic covering bearing a floral "REBEL" sign and the product's label. The actual packaging itself when the plastic is removed, leaves the lipstick very straight-forward -- translucent red cover with a reflective silver base.

Maybelline ColorSensational Rebel Bouquet

I've been curious why this new collection is called Rebel Bouquet. But the answer has been pretty simple... All these new shades are inspired by floral pastel colors. However, they're not the typical soft and dainty, but bright and also fierce, screaming a floral rebellion.

The Swatches

As much as I wanted to take photos of my face wearing each and every one from the 11 lipsticks in the Rebel Bouquet collection, I've been having problems taking my own photos using my blogging slr camera. #NotSelfieFriendly My phone camera is out of the question too, since its combination with my room's lighting condition couldn't accurately transfer the colors.

So for now, I hope arm swatches will suffice, while I work on better swatches next time.

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Swatches
Top: Under indoor fluorescent lighting | Bottom: With flash

All these lip shades were swatched using two to three strokes. All were very pigmented, especially the first four shades. I've also tried wearing a couple of them out, and they were bright and moisturizing on the lips. They didn't easily fade even when I ate. However, as expected, they faded more when I drank liquids from a glass.

It's a little curious how they named the shades for the Rebel Bouquet. I like that they went with numbers, but my OC-ness is acting up since the number "11" was skipped. Haha!

So far, my personal favorites have been: REB 01, REB 03, REB 06 and REB 07.

The Verdict

Maybelline CS Rebel 01 on Sumi
Here's my alter-ego trying out the REB 01 shade.
Floral hair wreath from Moonbeam by Polina

Comes in 11 wearable shades
Bright and pigmented
Silky and creamy formula moisturizes the lips
Doesn't have a sticky feeling
Generally unscented (very faint smell)
Reasonably priced at P299

Lipstick can easily transfer
Has average staying power (about 3 to 4 hours)
Packaging becomes too simple without the plastic cover label

Would I (re-)purchase?

YASSS! I love how the colors are bright, yet not too loud. You can wear them a little sheer with just a single swipe, or layer them on to make the colors more opaque. They also have a slightly glossy finish that I love so much. No need to put a layer of lip gloss on, since these don't only have the look of gloss, but also the moisturizing benefits.

ColorSensational Rebel Bouquet

Overall, I'm very happy with the Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet collection. Several shades have already made it to my core collection of makeup for regular use. The colors are beautiful, the formula's perfect for everyone, and the price is just right. ~(≧∇≦)b

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipsticks
are available for P299 each at all Maybelline New York counters nationwide.


The Rebellion Giveaway

Now that I've shared my love for the new Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet, I want YOU to experience this beautiful rebellion too. And thanks to Maybelline Philippines, one super lucky winner will get to take home a whole collection of the Rebel Bouquet!!! Yup, that's 11 gorgeous shades you can wear, or share with your friends and family! ☆*.・(๑’ᗢ’๑)ฅ

Maybelline CS Rebel 07 on Sumi
My alter-ego again wearing REB 07 this time.

I rebel against conformity. #MNYRebelLips

Do things because you want to and you love to, and not simply because everyone else is doing it. Don't let the tide dictate everything you do. Break away from the norm and celebrate your uniqueness, your individuality.

I've always considered myself weird, usually out-of-place, even. I've tried to "do as normies do," but things never fall in place for me. I find it hard to follow the bigger group's beat, so I finally accepted that I need to create and follow my own. And I've never been happier. So long as you don't hurt yourself or anyone, just DO YOU.

So what are you waiting for? Join the #MNYRebelLips movement! Here's how...
Wear your favorite MNY Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet lipstick, take a photo, and share it with your own beautiful declaration of rebellion -- either against blending in or breaking away from stereotypes, or whatever you want to rebel against.

Make sure to include the lipstick on the photo, the hashtag #MNYRebelLips, and follow the guidelines below.
Prize: (1) Winner of the whole MNY Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Collection

Guidelines to enter the this giveaway contest:

  1. Open to all Philippine residents.
  2. Like the Facebook pages below.
    FB: The Purple Doll | FB: Maybelline Philippines
  3. Follow us on Instagram below.
    IG: @sumirehana013 | IG: @maybellineph
  4. Share your #MNYRebelLips photo with your rebel declaration either on Facebook or Instagram, or both. Make sure your account is public so I can see your entry.
  5. Make sure the lipstick is shown on the photo, in whichever creative way you prefer.
  6. Include the hashtag #MNYRebelLips. You can also tag our FB Page or IG if you want.
  7. Also include this link at the bottom of your caption:
  8. Lastly, leave a comment to this post with the following info:
    Link to your #MNYRebelLips entry:
    (You can leave just the link, or talk about it more on the comment.)

    FB Name:
    Instagram ID:

The giveaway contest will be open from today until August 19, 2015. I will be judging the entries, and will personally pick the winner based on the creativity of the photo and the impact of the caption. So join this beautiful rebellion now! Show off your #MNYRebelLips with the new Rebel Bouquet and win the WHOLE REBEL BOUQUET COLLECTION! “ヽ(*^ワ^*)ノ”

Disclaimer: The prize is graciously sponsored by the good folks from Maybelline Philippines.



    I hope this will help. Its my favorite shade from the Rebel Collection. Reb04

    FB Name: Kris Santos
    Email Add:
    Instagram ID: imkristelleann

    Here's the link of my entry 😊

    FB Name: Karah Mae Ü
    Email Address:
    Instagram ID: @karahmaelicious

  3. IG Entry:

    I rebel against trying to please everyone. We might not admit it, but sometimes we do something / act out in a certain way / buy stuff not because we want to --- but simply because we want to impress others. In this world, majority of the population DO JUDGE us on the way we present ourselves, the way we look or the stuff we have. More often than not, we do behave “in a certain way” when in front of our friends which is rather different when we are just at home. Let us STOP doing that. It is tiring and constricting. STOP TRYING TO PLEASE EVERYONE coz honestly, you can’t please everyone. Be yourself, act normally around everyone, wear what you want to wear and the real peeps a.k.a. REAL FRIENDS would love you still. ���� #MNYRebelLips #REB09

    FB Name: Jan Karen Ku
    Email: jan.karen.ku (at)
    Instagram ID: @kaarrreen

  4. IG Entry link:

    I choose to rebel against body shaming because I have been experiencing it until now. But i'm not letting it define me! I hope others who are going through the same thing would rebel against it too.

    FB Name: Rhen Estillero
    IG: @praisingbutter

  5. Link to my #MNYRebelLips entry:

    FB Name: Ericka Sallador
    Instagram ID: @erickasallador

    Good luck to us! :)

  6. IG Link:

    RED the color associated with courage. The color of determination. Red means power and authority. I'm wearing REB01 shade from #MNYRebelLips Collection by @maybellineph. I am proudly wearing a red shade for it matches my declaration of rebellion against the society.
    I rebel against the society for accusing women who wear make-up of objectifying themselves. I want to let them know that not all women who wear make-up wants to be an object of desire of men in particular. Women should not be judge because of their choices to become presentable. It is stupid to say that women only wear make-up to please men, it never works that way. Women are not wearing make-up not for anybody else but for themselves. Women wear make-up because they want to look good and feel good about themselves. They feel confident, pretty and in-control with the help of make-up. I want the society to see clearly that women are not object. What women do were not imposed and dictated by the society, they do it for their betterment.

    Women are not sex objects, they are created equally with men. As what I've always say before men has their own toys so as women, make-ups are one of our toys. "We have fun by playing with colors." Make-ups are considered as an extension of a women's personality. It only enhance what we already have. It is never about how the world perceived women but it is always about how we see the world, happiness is a choice. We choose to be happy with wearing make-up and the society doesn't have the rights to meddle with our business, with our own happiness.

    Being a rebel means being:


    I'm inviting everyone to join the rebellion. I really want to win this collection so I can write about it and share it with my mom as well.

    FB Name: Monique Lugtu
    Email Add:
    Instagram ID: amerisiania_12

  7. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  8. I love the way you describe the rebellion of these lipsticks, how they are inspired by floral color pastels, not the typical soft and dainty, but the bright and fierce.

    It gives a deeper meaning to this article and gives a new perspective to buying these lipsticks.

    Thank you for such an amazing article!

  9. I really do love REB 03 too. I have one and planning to buy more shades. Thanks for the review and more power to you! :)


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