Maybelline New York: My #MakeConfidenceHappen Story

It's no secret that every person has his or her own set of insecurities. Whether you're a woman, a man, or of other sexual orientation, there's bound to be fears and self-doubts that will haunt us. I guess, it's human nature.

ThePurpleDoll MakeConfidenceHappen

However, I've noticed that as I grew older, I have gained more and more self-confidence. I'm not so sure if it's just me learning how to efficiently turn a blind eye to my previous insecurities. But somehow, I feel like I just learned to embrace whatever flaws I have. In the end, it's not about what other people think about us, but what we really think of ourselves that matters the most.

I have keratosis pilaris...

All my life, I have lived with keratosis pilaris (KP) on my arms and on my legs. It's harmless -- no itching, no anything, but it used to made me wary of wearing sleeveless tops, and most especially any clothing that will show off my legs.

Sumi MakeConfidenceHappen

To make matters worse, I also have bouts of eczema from time to time -- with a special case I've experienced back in 2014. You can read my eczema story, if ever you're interested, whether for information-gathering purposes or if you know someone or you yourself have it.

However, long gone are the days that stopped me from buying cute summer dresses, nor those times I wanted to wear shorts in summer but couldn't because of my skin condition.

While I've somehow cured my eczema, I still have keratosis pilaris. Despite the claims that KP usually disappears when one reaches adulthood, I still have keratosis pilaris. What have changed though is my mindset. Even when people would make remarks about my skin, it doesn't affect me any longer. When people ask what's on my arms and legs, I'm actually more than happy to educate them about keratosis pilaris, and even about eczema.

I am [ur-insecurity-here], so what?

Of course, I don't only have my skin condition as my sole source of insecurity. I have other issues in my bag -- being young in a career-competitive world, being old in hobbies of the young, rapid weight gain over the years, etc.

TPD MakeConfidenceHappen

But you know, so what??? We can only live for so long, and if we let our doubts, fears and insecurities take control, we'll be missing out on a lot.

So, even if I have to take on the role of being the young lackey in the company... Even if I need to take criticisms from people younger than me... Even if I have to buy bigger sizes of clothing to better fit me... Then, so be it. Nothing wrong with them. It's just our old perceptions putting restrictions on us, and on our growth as people.

#MakeConfidenceHappen with Maybelline

In line with this, Maybelline New York relaunches the Clear Smooth All-in-One Face Powder along with the #MakeConfidenceHappen campaign with its new ambassador, Liza Soberano. And like us, Liza also has her own insecurities which she was able to overcome.

I'm no star like Liza is, but I believe, all of us fight this battle with ourselves.

So while I continue to work on building my self-confidence even stronger, I hope you will too. Play with makeup, mix and match to build your unique OOTD, try a new hairdo, find a new hobby, do whatever it is that you want without thinking of what other people will say. Trust yourself and #MakeConfidenceHappen! v(°∇^*)⌒☆

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