Kichitora of Tokyo: Authentic Tokyo Ramen in SM Megamall

Thursday, December 13, 2012
After our pampering session at the ChaLife Milk Tea launch in Nail It!, we headed out to SM Megamall to grab a bite. We first met up with Berylle's bf, D, who generously treated us at the newly-opened authentic ramen place in SM Megamall, Kichitora of Tokyo.
Kichitora of Tokyo Interior

Located in SM Megamall's 2nd floor Mega Atrium, Kichitora of Tokyo which restaurant fronts Yabu, brings together the winning recipes of three famous ramen and soba chains in Tokyo -- Kohmen, Kookai and Daijin. And while its interior is generally dark and sleek, the tiger prints on the wall give out not just a pop of color, but even epitomizes what Kichitora stands for, "lucky tiger" (Kichi means lucky, while tora is tiger in Japanese).

Kichitory of Tokyo

Having recently opened, Kichitora of Tokyo was still on its soft opening phase when we visited. It didn't feel as such though as we were welcomed very enthusiastically by the whole crew, as well as Mr. Larson Chan, D's schoolmate and one among the restaurant's owners, who shared with us that they've even flown in chefs all the way from Japan to bring the most authentic Japanese ramen creations here in Metro Manila.

Gyouza P150

To formally start our dinner, we had an order of their Gyouza (P150). Just a single bite from this 5-piece treat and my eyes glistened in pure happiness. Seriously, this is the best gyoza I've ever tasted in my whole life! The pan-fried wrapper was so delicately crisp while still being soft from steaming. And after absorbing how beautiful the dumpling shell was cooked, you'll get to experience an explosion of succulent meaty goodness. We were told that these were machine-made, and you can just imagine my awe after hearing that. I never knew machine-made gyouza can be this excellent! Oishii!!!

Paitan Chicken Ramen P360

A bowl of the Paitan (White Soup) Chicken Ramen (P360) then followed suit. Just like the gyouza, this is also a winner! It has a light, creamy, yet very flavorful broth with slices of moist and succulent chicken breasts and served with thin, firm and chewy noodles, ones which I deem the perfect ramen noodles I've ever had! Mr. Chan shared with us that the secret to such amazing flavors and texture is their 8-hour cooking preparation. Just imagine chicken meat cooking on slow heat for that long... That's just perfection!

Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil P395

If the previous bowl is fit for the ladies, then this one is definitely for the macho diners. The Special Miso Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil (P395), dubbed as the burger counterpart in the world of ramen, is a bowl packed with strong flavors of grilled pork chasu slices. If not for the bamboo shoots and thicker noodles, I'd find the taste too overbearing. However, if you dig super bold meaty flavors, then I'm sure you'd love this!

Spicy Mabo Tofu with Pork Tsukemen P395

Aside from ramen, we also got the Spicy Mabo Tofu with Pork Tsukemen (P395). If you're new to tsukemen, it's basically "dipping noodles," one of my favorites where the cold noodles is served separately from the dipping sauce. For this serving, the sauce is thick, rich and spicy while being equally meaty. Every chopstick-full was so enjoyable as the thick noodles complements its moderately-spicy dipping sauce so well.

Jajamen with Soft-Boiled Egg P395

Our last noodle dish, the Jajamen with Soft-Boiled Egg (P395) was coincidentally our least favorite among everything we had for the night. Being a dry, cold noodle dish, it was quite similar to the Spicy Mabo Tofu with Pork Tsukemen save for the spice. And while the runny egg on top and the slices of bamboo shoots were the only things we found interesting in this dish, I can't deny that it was good for what it is.

Kichitora Tokyo

The serving sizes at Kichitora of Tokyo is generally good for one. And honestly, if you're more of a big eater, a bowl might leave you wanting for more. However, for the prices, it's best and more cost-efficient to order from their set menu where you can get 2 items (ramen + gyouza or rice bowl) at standard sizes for less than P500.


While it was unfortunate that we missed out on desserts, I can positively tell that we'll find ourselves returning to Kichitora of Tokyo again and again. Everything we had was excellent and of top-notch quality. Service was also fast and courteous that you can't even tell they're on soft opening! Actually, the quality of Kichitora of Tokyo's food and service even at this stage, can give more experienced restaurants a run for their money!

Taste - 5/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 3/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Kichitora of Tokyo, SM Megamall
2/F SM Megamall, Mega Atrium, Julia Vargas Ave.,
Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong City
Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 775-1100
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. Haha I feel the same for the desserts. But, its okay wanna go back for the chicken paitan too!

  2. The ramen looks really good. My mom loves ramen, so I'll tell her about this place. I love how descriptive you are about the dishes. Really helpful! P.S. Best gyoza you ever tasted? I'll take your word for that hah! :)

  3. This would be another unique Japanese restaurant and the artworks with tiger prints really depicts a Japanese ambiance. Food looks enticing.

  4. Japan got this trend of naming their restaurants; Back in my research days, I was welcomed by my lab mates at a restaurant named Torikichi, which means Lucky Chicken (Tori). I bet I will love that ramen topped with lots of sesame seeds and rings of spring onion.

  5. Awesome great foods at this Japanese resto. Your photos alone made me salivate. How I wish I can taste some of those posted dish soon.

  6. You had me at Paitan... hehe :) I hope that Ramen tastes as good as it look - but I guess with that price... (oh man, why do all the good stuff cost more than my meal budget hehe) I wanna go NARUTO on that one soon! :)

  7. been here and i like their food. apart from the food, the resto's ambiance is nice as well!

  8. Wow what a day of experience! Starting with pampering and ending with a gastronomic meal. I might check it out as we fancy Japanese food. :)

  9. Your review is so glowing, it seems too good to miss. Hope to be able to go to Megamall one day (probably after this mad December, hehe). The tiger decor looks great too.

  10. Your photos are mouth-watering. Your review made me convinced, this restaurant is a must-try. I will definitely bring my family here.

  11. Japanese cuisine is one of my favorite food. Your review is telling me that I should try Kichitora and I will when I return to Manila. =)

  12. I have to try this when I go back to Manila next time. I will hit it promise… Be ready for me Kichitora of Tokyo!

  13. How nice is it to have friends who owns a restaurant! I'd definitely suggest this place to my friends who are into Japanese cuisine.

  14. The chicken ramen is calling my name! this Asian restaurant is just the perfect place to visit on this cool months. I wish it is just soo near us!

  15. Uy I tried this one, dko palang n share. Love their chicken ramen, as in sooo much! LOL! Even I cannot finish a one big bowl, pipilitin ko kse nga masarap...

    Jinkee of

  16. I haven't tried any of the food above. I just hope to visit this place SOON :D

  17. Yes I will love to try the ramen once I go to Megamall.

  18. Been here :) I do love their Mabo Tofu especially the ambiance of this restaurant.

  19. Good review! Haven't try to go there but I am eager to try the Gyouza :-) looks yummy and affordable...


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