The Coffee Book 2013 from Bo's Coffee

Friday, December 28, 2012
Being a writer and a doodler, I always make sure to have papers or a notebook with me so I can jot down my thoughts, my plans, or just bask in my own cartoon land. I know with cool gadgets in the market nowadays, I'm one of the few old-school folks who still enjoy the use of pen and paper. I'm not ashamed of it though. Actually, I'm even proud.
Bo's Coffee The Coffee Book 2013

These past few days, I've found a new companion with The Coffee Book 2013 from Bo's Coffee. While I've already redeemed my planner from another coffee shop, it doesn't hurt to own and use this limited edition planner, notebook and book-in-one. It has month views and 8 pages of lightly-inked grid papers per month so you can freely write or doodle to your heart's content. You can also keep it even after 2013 as there are beautiful artworks and interesting tidbits about the Philippines and our own home-grown coffee. As a bonus, there are also 8 Bo's Coffee coupons which you can enjoy for the whole year.

Bo's Coffee The Coffee Book 2013

  1. Every purchase of any food or beverage worth P200 from today until January 31, 2013 will entitle the customer to a Coffee Card and one sticker.
  2. Customers must collect 14 stickers to redeem the Coffee Book 2013 for free.
  3. Stickers can be acquired if the qualified purchase is made at any Bo’s Coffee outlets nationwide.
  4. Customers must present the Coffee Card when any qualified purchase is made at any Bo’s Coffee outlets nationwide.
  5. Valid stickers are signed by Team Leader on Duty with the date of purchase, transaction number & total amount purchased.
  6. Customers can redeem stickers for dine in, take out & merchandise purchases. Bulk transactions or reservations are entitled to a maximum of 3 stickers only.
  7. Customer may combine a maximum of 2 Coffee Cards with a total of 14 stickers to redeem the Coffee Book.
  8. Customer can redeem the Coffee Book until March 31, 2013.

Here's a preview of The Coffee Book 2013 from Bo's Coffee. Flip the pages to see what's inside.
If you don't have any planner for 2013 yet, then Bo's Coffee's The Coffee Book 2013 might be worth checking out. It may not be your typical planner, but you can do so much with it -- enjoy, plan, draw and create. And if you're a coffee lover who wants to know more about our country and its own coffee, then this is definitely the coffee book for you.

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  1. I never knew Bo's had their own version of a planner. And believe it or not, I've never been and tried Bo's coffee, not once! :p
    My 2012 planner was courtesy of Starbucks.
    For 2013 I gave my Starbucks planner as a gift and opted to use my CBTL planner.
    Maybe 2014 will be Bo's, let's see. :)

  2. If i knew this sooner. oh well there is still the 2k14 aoon? hehe

  3. this is like that of starbucks planner..=)

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