Saint's Alp Teahouse: Milk Tea, White Moustache and More

Monday, December 03, 2012
You all know by now how crazy I am for teas and milk teas. So when Saint's Alp offered vouchers at Deal Grocer, I knew I just had to grab the chance. I got vouchers for P600-worth of food and drinks at Saint's Alp Katipunan which I used up last October. And although I was planning to dine in, the take-away experience was as memorable.
Saint's Alp Katipunan

More often than not, it's the beau who accompanies me whenever I redeem groupon vouchers I buy online. However, this trip was so different since I was with my little sister. Although I enjoy my sister's company, I'm unsure if she feels the same way 'cause she always prefers to avail of food for take-away. But instead of just dismissing the idea, I felt okay since was more surprised that she agreed to accompany me to Saint's Alp located in Regis Center along Katipunan given that it's quite far from our place.

While I planned to trick my sister into dining in at Saint's Alp, my efforts were futile. The place, although cozy and very welcoming, was packed with students (I assume). In the end, there's no choice but to just order food and drinks for take-away.

Green Tea White Moustache P120 Oreo Milk Tea P120

The drinks were the first to arrive. I got myself a Green Tea White Moustache (P120) which has a very refreshing and clean-tasting green tea blend topped with a creamy dollop normally called the rock salt & cheese at other milk tea shops. My little sister on the other hand, ordered the Oreo Milk Tea (P120) -- a black tea concoction with milk, Oreo bits and tapioca pearls. While I loved my sister's drink as it was smooth and not too sweet, my sister felt as if it needed more sugar. Well, in the end, I guess it'll all depend on our own preferences when it comes to milk-tea ratio and sweetness.

Beef Tapa P195

For our food choices, I had an order of their Beef Tapa (P195) -- pieces of Australian beef sirloin served with garlic rice, sunny side up egg, tomatoes and some atchara (pickled unripe papaya). While I have to say, serving can be more generous, I can't deny that this is one beef tapa dish I'd love to order again and again. The beef sirloin pieces were so tender and so succulent, making up for a delicious breakfast ensemble.

Honey-Glazed Coffee Spareribs P195

My sister on the other hand, had the Honey-Glazed Coffee Spareribs (P195) -- pork belly pieces glazed with Saint's Alp's signature sweet coffee sauce and served with white rice. Unlike my order, I believe this one had more meat. The pork belly slices were also soft and succulent as expected. They also taste quite sweet with a rich and savory flavor from the coffee sauce. On my next Saint's Alp visit, I'd order this to enjoy it myself.

Taiwanese Fishball Noodle Soup P185

Since we're thoughtful kids, we ordered the Taiwanese Fish Ball Noodle Soup (P185) for our dad. It had egg noodles, Taiwanese fish ball, Taiwanese petchay, chilli rings and tea eggs. I personally wasn't able to get a taste of this bowl (since I don't like messing with my dad's food), but dad said it was good. The broth was flavorful and he enjoyed the fish balls. However, he personally thought the texture of the noodles can be better.

Although we only got five items, I remember ordering the Half & Half Toast (P75). I guess the crew forgot to punch my toast order. And while it would've been okay to add it after receiving our food for take-away, it took them a while to get the food orders out so we just decided to not mention the toast anymore since we're already in a hurry. (Well, it's a good sign though since it just means they cook the food right after diners order it.)


This discount dining experience at Saint's Alp was quite a success. Other than the missed toast order, everything was more than satisfactory. The place, although packed, was very cozy and spacious. There were just a lot of students that time so we weren't able to get a table. Service was also good as the crew were very courteous and friendly. (I don't take the unpunched toast against them 'cause they might've not heard my order or maybe I was confusing?) And lastly, food and drink quality were great especially for the price. I'd say, a next visit to Saint's Alp is in order.

Taste - 4/5
Ambiance - 4/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 4/5

Saint's Alp Teahouse, Katipunan
2/F Regis Center, 327 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(02) 990-2194
Official Website
Facebook Page


  1. So, starting now, when I think of tea or try to drink tea, you're name will always pop up in my mind...hehehe..just kidding. Beef Tapa is always a favorite and it's a classic already. I like to try the Taiwanese Fish Ball Noodle Soup. Green Tea White Moustache looks inviting -ma try nga pag uwi.

  2. I love their tea and toasts but have never tried their other dishes. Try the green tea toast. =D

  3. This is a nice find Sumi. Thanks! Can't wait to try their Honey-Glazed Coffee Spareribs and Oreo Milk Tea one of these days :)

  4. the restaurant seems complete. it's got milk tea flavors, soups, and meals.

  5. I did not like the drinks I tried before, but that was two years ago. From the looks of it they improved their drinks which makes me want to try again. And that spareribs looks amazing!

  6. I really like the tapa

  7. I go for their Almond or Black Milk Tea --- very refreshing.

    Their store in BGC has the most accommodating people.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. i am really a fan of Milk Teas so i would definitely try that Oreo Milk Tea with pearls!

  10. I've never heard of this shop before. the Honey-Glazed Coffee Spareribs looks very good.

  11. Still haven't tried this place, tsk! They have one at Robinsons Magnolia but I think they only serve drinks there. Will definitely try it next time.

  12. I love trying different milk tea house and I haven't tried this.Hopefully I'll tried it before the year ends. The food looks delicious and is somehow reasonably priced for me hehe! :)


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