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Daily Quickie: Zest-O SLICE by Zesto

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Waking up early and leaving for school wearing a jumper skirt uniform... Oh, I can still remember my elementary years like yesterday! I'd also bring my lunchbox which of course had my favorite treats -- Pacencia, Oreo, Roller Coaster, Moo and Zesto. And no, it's not just my age pushing me to walk down the memory lane. If I have to put the blame on someone or something, then I blame Zesto's new product, Zest-O SLICE!
Zesto Slice

Zesto has played an important part in my childhood. Aside from being a mainstay in my everyday baon, I can still clearly remember those times when I'd drink Zesto upside down, as well as those momentous instances when I'd successfully stick the straw to the white dot of the doypack. Now that I'm older though, Zesto still plays a part in my journey to adulthood but as Zest-O SLICE -- 355ml bottle of thirst-quenching goodness that comes in four different flavors, and costs only about P18 each. Every bottle is also a good source of Vitamin A, C, E and Zinc that help boost the immune system.

Zesto Slice Orange
Zest-O SLICE in Orange
First among Zest-O SLICE's flavors is the classic orange that I, and probably most of you too, have grown to love as a kid. Although it doesn't taste as citrus-y as real orange, it doesn't taste too artificial as well. But my most favorite part about the classic Zesto orange is its sweetness level. It's not bland, but not as sweet as sugar. It doesn't stick to the throat too, making it a light and refreshing beverage when drank chilled or iced.

Zesto Slice Dalandan
Zest-O SLICE in Dalandan
Another straight fruit flavor is Zest-O SLICE in dalandan, which like the orange, has been formulated basing on Zesto's 30 years of experience in providing quality fruit juices. Every sip gives off a refreshing citrus-y hint. It's light on the palate and doesn't sting, so both adults and kids will love this. I for one, found this the most fitting for summer.

Zesto Slice Grapple
Zest-O SLICE in Grapple
Aside from coming in two straight fruit flavors, Zest-O SLICE also carries mixed fruit flavors. The first of which is grapple, a light and refreshing blend of grapes and apple -- two of my favorite fruit flavors in juices. And while I love grapes and apple as two separate flavors, I can't deny that I loved this grapple combination even more! It's subtly sweet, with the grapes taking the spotlight and the apple providing perfect harmony.

Zesto Slice Mango Burst
Zest-O SLICE in Mango Burst
The other mixed fruit flavor is mango burst which is an exciting blend of mango and strawberry. Compared to all the flavors, this one is slightly sweeter. This is my most favorite in the lot too. The mango provides a comforting sweetness, while the strawberry gives every sip a twist. While all the other flavors are refreshing, thirst-quenching and really good, I think this is the one I'll grab from the grocery shelves again and again.

Zesto Slice Ad Zesto Slice P18 each

From doypack to bottle, from straight flavors to mixed fruit flavors... Zesto has really brought up their game with the introduction of Zest-O SLICE. And while I'm still in love with the nostalgia my doypacked Zesto-sipping childhood brings, I sure am ready to move on to the more exciting Zest-O SLICE.

How about you, have you tried Zest-O SLICE? What's your favorite flavor?

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  1. This is cool. I also remember having Zest-O as part of my baon back in Elementary. Haven't given this a try yet. Will def check this out soon ;)


    1. Go, Gellie! :D I think this Zest-O Slice is a perfect fit for us, yuppies!

  2. Classic talaga 'yang Zest-O. Mainstay din 'yan sa baon ko nu'ng elementary days ko (mango ang madalas kong favorite), at ipina-pares ko pa siya sa Chocolate Wafer.

    This new product right there is a welcome change of image. :D

    Off-topic: A colleague mentioned me you knew Kyo (kyoyagami)? I'm not sure. :D

    1. Haha.. I like mango flavored Zesto din! Teka, yung chocolate wafer mo ba is Monde Nissin? XD Part din ng baon ko yun dati. Haha!

      Yup, I know him through the local cosplay/anime/J-music community. :D

    2. Yep, Monde Nissin. 'Yung dalawahan tapos halos pareho ng size ng sa isang matchbox na toy car, Tapos meron pang isang chocolate wafer na tig-apat yata, na may golden color ang wrapper tapos may naka-drawing na sort of English house ang motif.

      Isa ring malupit na juice drink dati 'yung Zip. 'Yung triangular. Hindi lang masyadong nag-hit.

      Well, naging kaopisina ko rin si Kyo for some time. I also knew him and Toya from the local J-community circles. :D

  3. You piqued my interest a. Lalo na if the orange tastes really like the ones in the tetra packs. They're my favorites. =)

    1. Yes, it's the same orange-flavored classic Zesto in doypack! :D Try it, lalo na you're back in Pinas na. Welcome back!!! ^^

  4. I first tried this last month during Canon Photomarathon dito sa Cebu.
    Ang sarap ng Dalandan at Mango burst. ^_^
    Hindi siya yong water plus sugar.

    Laagholic Buyog

  5. Water and juice are my fave beverages. I have never tried this kind but I'd like to.

  6. Until now I still love the Zest-O in doypack :D But I am interested on the Mango and strawberry flavored Zest-O slice, both are my fave fruits!

  7. I really like zest-o,, even before.It was my baon too during my school days..

  8. my kids loves zest-o,good thing they are store in bottles now

  9. Hihi! Childhood and party memories. I think kids parties then as well as children's events like halloween parties and school parties always had Zesto around. I'd like to try the dalandan. Mango would have been my last choice but after you said you liked it best, I might give that a try. Only thing I don't like is the packaging though---or rather the label on these bottles.

  10. At first I thought, this was just another juice drink produced just to be in the conversation with other drinks already out in the market. I was wrong. This actually is a good product and I am very fortunate that the cafeteria at work is selling this! I have easy access to the drink anytime :)

  11. A favorite childhood drink :) Good thing, they already have it available in plastic bottles :D

  12. favorite ko yan nung nag-aaral p ko sa elementary,.

  13. everyday kong baon ang zesto pero hindi nakakasawa samahan mo ng biscuits solve na ang recess

  14. Recently got a hold of these zest-o slice and I have to agree with you, mango burst is also my favorite :)

  15. lahat ng anak ko napagdaanan ang pagbaon ng Zesto

  16. This is one of my favorite drink ever way back on my childhood days! Now that they come in bottles I have loved them even more! I loved all the flavors of Zesto slice! :)


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